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” I actually have a responsibility to the taxpayers to protect the integrity of the court system…”

Yes, my friends, this  little gem actually came out of the mouth of our not-so-dearly-beloved premier, Gordon Campbell. In reference to the entire Railgate scandal.

He wouldn’t talk about it before the election.

He wouldn’t  even talk about it during the election, as seen here in this CBC interview.

He still wouldn’t talk about it after the election, and he’s certainly been quiet since.

The question now is, will he talk about it in a court of law? And if so, will he remember his responsibility to the taxpayers to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?  Or will he stick to the “facts” ?

Anyways, this is an oldie, but a goodie. I’m thinking he’s NOT feeling  quite so smug now…


  1. Well Laila, I think if you look back to about 1996, for absolutely everything that has come out of this mans’ mouth, he has done the exact opposite.
    So if as he says he has this responsibility you can pretty much bet the farm that he is messing with it. BIG TIME.


  2. Anyways, this is an oldie, but a goodie. I’m thinking he’s feeling quite so smug now…

    I think you meant to type:

    Anyways, this is an oldie, but a goodie. I’m thinking he’s ‘NOT’ feeling quite so smug now…


  3. Seems the only thing he was up to was protecting himself and his cronies from the integrity of the court system ever since he has been elected and little else.


  4. Right off the hop, I do not support Campbell
    Campbell is nobodies fool while we the electorate appear as fools to the candidates no matter which party those candidates front for.
    Please try and get you heads around this –
    The political system on both sided of the 49th operates not how we believe it does but rather operates for the good of the corporate class: The Plutocracy.
    I use as a signature on one of my email accounts the following wisdom.
    “The Bar, the Pulpit and the Press Nefariously combine To Cry up an usurpt Pow’r And stamp it Right Devine.” -1695
    That class prepares itself for almost any inevitability imaginable and has done so prior to corporations being successful in attaining “personhood”
    I believe “we” get the politicians we deserve.
    The problem is the “we” do not prepare ourselves with the knowledge necessary to stand against the corporate backed political machinery as as a result we loose steadily.
    One only need examine the percent of the electorate who bother to cast ballets to begin to grasp the significance of what I say.
    At my advance age I study at law. I am 70 going on death. For the past fifteen years I have been on line mainly concerning my self with an education from south of the boarder. There I can access information not available to Canadians and crucial to their knowledge of the whos and hows of how “we” got this way.
    Here is the problem that I and those like encounter – too damned few pay attention.

    The great “we” re-act to the politicians “we” elect. And by that time the damage has been done.
    Campbell will leave office far more richer and now with international contacts the will see him well off for the rest of his life and all we get to do is to vote for the next guy to take from us what may be left to take,


  5. I just posted on the original YouTube page, which is from BCLibFan:
    LOL the Patrick Kinsella matter is NOT before the courts, he made a point of excluding himself as a “third party” and supposedly what’s before the courts is ONLY the OmniTRAX tango and the alleged misdeeds of Basi, Virk and Basi. If Kinsella;’s illegal lobbying and dancing with both sides in the sale is actually in court, that’s news. Hiding behind a court proceeding that allegedly – according to Kinsella himself – unconnected with any of his own dealings is…..well, it makes about as much sense as anything else coming out of the squirming lips of the Premier’s mouth. Which is zip, zilch, nada.

    Which is the same point I’d make here. Either this case is ONLY about Basi, Virk and Basi, which is indeed the slant that the Globe and other papers have taken to criticize McCullough’s line of questioning, and all else in the evidence hearings, or it’s also about Kinsella, McLean, Campbell et al. ad nauseam. What they’re saying, if “the matter is before the courts”, is an admission that THEY are before the courts. But then they say only BVB are before the courts. They want it both ways. And as usual the Big Media are happily cooperating with their illogics and their squirming.

    Campbell’s body language in this video is very interesting; as is his repetition of the same meaningless, evasive phrases…..


  6. “When asked why the government had not told the public about the spill, de Jong said the leak is too small to require such disclosure.” – Vancouver Sun

    Typical for the BC Liberals, no wonder they took so long in dragging out the pre-trial disclosure process.


    The (oil) spill in Burrard Inlet took place at the same time that the Gulf of Mexico was hit, continues to be hit, by British Petroleum gusher. What’s interesting is that while Gordon Campbell made much fanfare out of sending a clean-up crew to to the Gulf, that same crew could have been working here finding the source of the Chevron Oil leak, and containing it, but NOOOOOOOOO. HST was hitting Campbell and he had to strike back.

    Campbell goes from bad to worse especially when you find out that a $1.7 million advertisement that the BC Liberals created before the last provincial election was pulled off of television one month after Kash Heed was elected and selected to be the SG, and only after two days of running. What’s worse is the perception of the timing of the ad. According to Election BC PCS records the ad firm of WASSERMAN & PARTNERS ADVERTISING INC. donated $5,000.00 to the BC Liberal Party on January 21, 2009.


  7. ” I actually have a responsibility to the taxpayers to protect the integrity of the court system…”

    Shouldn’t he be saying ”I actually have a responsibility to the citizens to protect the integrity of the court system…”

    I was going to say “voters” but then I realized that Campbell, upon election in 2001, Took The Knife Too Far when it came to children and then Broke the law when it came to giving access to the person in charge of looking after children to ensure that the Knife doesn’t go TOO far again.

    As it is, its readily apparent that Campbell see his responsibility only lies with taxpayers…… but not those taxpayers who are so outraged with his HST shenanigans two days after the last provincial election.


  8. “Campbell’s body language in this video is very interesting; as is his repetition of the same meaningless, evasive phrases…..”

    He has to stay on message Skook! Martyn would be displeased if he actually used words of his own – could be shades of George Bush Jr. all over again, ya know? *laffin*


  9. Today “I actually have a responsibility to the taxpayers to protect the integrity of the court system” – May 6, 2009 on CBC TV

    Whereas “Yesterday”, January 8, 2004, he was busily explaining to the Press that its okay to tell his fellow BC Liberals what went down before, during, and after the raid on the BC Legislature.

    “Premier Scrambles to ‘Restore Trust’

    “Gordon Campbell’s dance with the media yesterday at one point defied credulity, and left all the big questions unanswered.

    By Barbara McLintock, 8 Jan 2004,”

    “…..(Solicitor General) Coleman told him (Gordon Campbell) of the specific search warrants involving the legislative buildings only on the Sunday morning as the police were removing boxes of documents and computer hard drives from the offices of Basi and Virk.

    However, Campbell said, Coleman had also given Brown some type of briefing on the issue, even though Brown is not an elected official and was in fact, Basi’s and Virk’s boss in government, as much or more as their individual ministers.”



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