Things that make me smile…

…Getting the most beautiful notes and original cards/  mail art from a thoughtful reader in Calgary, Theo Nelson !!  Theo’s art and poetic words always make me smile, and the fact that he ‘get’s’ the summer solstice is pretty darn cool! Hopefully you don’t mind Theo, but I really wanted to share this latest card with all my readers and friends, because it’s just too special to keep to myself! ( check out Theo’s work on his site, , the links to his work and interests are on the left.  A true Canadian talent in my opinion! )

Thank you Theo, for making my day! Now… where the hell is that sun, anyways?

I invite you all to share this lovely gesture with me  by clicking on the following PDF document to see Theo’s wonderful, original card he sent this morning!     

Summer Solstice art Card

3 thoughts on “Things that make me smile…

  1. And to you, my friend, and to you.

    I find it remarkable that throughout history,this day of the year was often celebrated with outdoor festivities and enjoyment far into the night, and yet it merits but a passing notice by most in modern times.

    Every year I think it would be great to throw a large party outdoors somewhere, with a bonfire and music and everyone welcome. Perhaps next year I will actually do it!


  2. Sadly, we are enslaved to the point where we are too tired at the end of the day to properly celebrate. I usually have a bonfire to mark the occasion, maybe I will…


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