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No injuries reported as a result of large cupcake explosion in South Surrey

There is nothing worse than discovering the recipe was published wrong – after y0u’ve placed the cupcakes in the oven.

Apparently someone wrote 4 tbsp when it should have been one, which resulted in a large chemical reaction in my oven, followed by globs and globs of batter rising and falling everywhere…

A quick google of the recipe source online, shows there have been reports of cupcake explosions all over North America as a result – I am merely the latest in a long line of disgruntled bakers.

Check back tomorrow for the regular Bits and Bites.


  1. LOL Laila im glad being male i buy package mixes and follow instructions – very carefully or wait for mom to show up , better luck next time :}


  2. Oops, it was baking powder. Apparently I happened upon the uncorrected version online, and after the mess, I googled around and discovered the original source, where it detailed the horrors of many others who had followed the recipe- only to find out what happens when you mix too much baking powder with a liguid, and add heat.

    Man, I think you could blow out concrete pilings with the ensuing force! Who knew cupcakes could be so deadly- or messy!


  3. Laila one more thing if Surrey fire dept gets called for this they are going to think you are nuts or really have a thing for firefighters you know lol.


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