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From the Friday afternoon funny file…

Courtesy of a friend.

” With breathless anticipation, the crowd awaits the unveiling of the new Gordon Campbell statue…”

( now that’s a headline…hehe)


  1. Thanks.. lol… I wish I could take the credit for that one, but I do thank my friend for sending it along to me.

    God help him if he does erect a statue. I’ll bloody well breed, raise and train the pigeons to do their duty myself! hehe.


  2. Perhaps, Fadden of the CSIS also knew, Harper is proud to be a part of expanding the rail yard at, Ashcroft, BC. it’s being built to make, much easier access, for China to get their way into Canada. Port Kitimat?? Prince Rupert harbor, expanded to take big “passenger” liners??? Fadden only said about BC, what we already knew, about Campbell. We can see Campbell, is adopting China’s government in BC. His attitude towards the poor children of BC, matches China’s, non caring about the Chinese children, who labor for a few pennies a day. Campbell refuses to raise the minimum wage, as the Chinese, labor for much less. That is why our industry, such as our mills and raw logs were sent to China. Campbell, loves all that cheap labor. I don’t doubt the fact, that Campbell, is a communist dictator. I believe, Fadden thinks so too. Why else would Campbell have pitched a tantrum, his name wasn’t even mentioned. Hmmm


  3. I would like to quote part of Laila’s article of August 4 in a short column I write almost weekly about Mclean Mill, Port Alberni. We appreciate very much her comments of the train trip.

    Thanks. I await your reponse. I am not a paid writer, but I do support the train and McLean Mill.

    Terry Whyte


    • Quote away Terry, and anything else I can assist with, let me know! I have more photos of the mill, the steam donkey in action and the train- all of which will be posted in an online gallery that I am working on currently! And please, leave us your link if you have one! It’s important we maintain the history of this province for those who otherwise will never have an opportunity to see and learn the way things were.


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