” For a billion dollars, they could have gotten someone with a better attitude! ”

Hey folks, I’m back for a couple of days and then off again to enjoy the sun and fun of summer. I spent 10 days on Savary Island, and a few over in Courtenay, Campbell River and even the legislature in Victoria ( can you imagine, ME, in the leg?..hehe)

 Anyways, I’ll be heading over to the island again in a couple of days to enjoy even more of the mid-island and Campbell River area, but this  video caught my eye over at  A Creative Revolution, and I just had to post it here.  Listen closely, there’s someone off-screen who makes a great comment about how a billion dollars should have gotten a better attitude… Ha!  Enjoy, and beware to all bubble blowers in Toronto.  I

7 thoughts on “” For a billion dollars, they could have gotten someone with a better attitude! ”

  1. Please don’t talk too much about Savary Island and Powell River. Most people think that part of the coast is half a world away instead of about 100 miles on the map. Because of the two short ferry rides (Langdale and Saltery Bay), the trip is not always fast but the rip is always pleasant. There is beautiful country up there and no crowds.

    Were you researching the summit meeting while you are at Savary?

    That short video shows some of the best and worst of policing. The testosterone pumped dude seemed to shock the female cop beside him. Her response had been a smile and a few polite words.

    Actions like that of Ms. Bubbles advance the protesters cause decidedly. I wonder if next time the police will insert their own bubble instigators.


  2. From the same source comes an even scarier documentation of the police stomping of the constitution….
    If this is Canada under a minority Harper government ,I shudder to think what would happen if he ever got a majority.



  3. The testerone pumped dude needs to get another job; preferably one where he doesn’t have to use his superior people skills. The woman cop seems completely embarrassed at his behaviour. We don’t need cops like this in Canada.


  4. What an utter embarrassment. An otherwise vital blog gone to the asses who believe that police baiting and manipulation of the facts are cause for rising up against completely lawful police intervention. Half of what the “lawyer” in video two purports is completely wrong. In video one, the “bubble girl” is not within her rights to be blowing a detergent generated substance towards police. The cop was NOT over the top at all considering the video, and I’ve seen the complete version, where there was pushing a shoving prior to that officer and his RESERVE partner showing up. She was put off by her partner claims ‘cherylb’. That’s nice projecting, but clearly not the case.

    What I find more ridiculous than this post is the fact that anyone could possibly defend what went on in Toronto as a result of illegal and criminal behavior by a group allegedly dedicated to ‘peace’? It’s laughable to suggest that any of these people could possibly have a complaint. They put themselves in a heated situation where they MUST have known anything could transpire. They aren’t bilnd, they saw the comportment of their peers. Would you remain at a protest led by smelly, drugged up, radical, frothy-mouthed indignant assholes? Would you parade your kid on your shoulders at such an event, excepting that nothing could possibly happen? With the police presence so strong and obvious?

    Then you’re an idiot.

    2/3s of Canadians agree with police actions at the G20 because the protesters were not peaceful and essentially incited a riot. Where is your concern for the trashing of public property? Where is your concern for the over 100 innocents who were injured as a result of the violence by protesters? How come the ‘real news’ (what a lark!) didn’t interview any of them?

    Anecdotal evidence is not evidence. That lawyer in the film should be disbarred. Real evidence is documented and with multiple supportive sources. how would you like to be accused of something and not have the benefit of a reasonable doubt. These videos are a breathtaking example of citizen journalism gone very bad.

    They do nothing to further the cause of peaceful protest, which I FULLY support.

    Some unwashed, tie-dyed freak trying to tell the world that the G20 produces “war and poverty”. Flock off. What it produces, unfortunately, is a mechanism for providing an even playing field, such that lawbreakers and criminals are provided a platform from which to lie.


  5. An idiot is one who never asks questions, and thinks that beating, jailing, starving, abusing kids (over 1000) who (some who were singing oh Canada) is Just fine and dandy.
    An idiot, is someone who buys the party line and swallows.

    An idiot is someone who totally missed 90% of what went on.

    Bubbles? Detergent? OH FFS.
    Kids play with bubbles every bloody day. They are Non toxic, and actually will do very little in the eye.
    But that knowledge takes some amount of thought. Police apologists? Just swallow.


  6. What I find so hilarious, AGT, about your comment, is that you have taken the posting of one video, and made it into so much more than I have commented on.

    I think you ASSume far too much and your comment is more insulting to yourself than to me. Have at it. This cop is an ass. His attitude stinks, and that is exactly what I said. It’s a bloody god- damn bubble. I blew them all over the island, and even on BC ferries today and guess what? Not one person suffered an injury or charged me with assault as a result of my blowing a ” detergent based substance ” at them. In fact, they smiled…

    Onto bigger issues, the press has and often is as guilty of selective writing and creative editing as the person generating this video. Enough said.

    Why not address the various situations where officers of law have posed as protestors for the sole purpose of inciting violence?

    I fully support the right to peaceful protest. I fully support and engage the right to be vocal in protest. I do not support violence, injury, vandalism – not by protestors – nor police.
    This officer is an ass, his attitude in this instance stinks. They are still human like the rest of us. Having a badge is no free pass to be a dick.

    Now, I spent hours at the Duke Point terminal today, in the hot sun, and then a couple more on a shaky ferry. I’m off to scrub some of that detergent based substance on my body, Lord help me if it gets in my eyes….lol..


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