Back in the saddle again…

Whew… I’ve never been more reluctant to return home than I was today, but here I am none the less. Sunburnt, bug bitten and more content than I have been in months, I’ve been wandering the north central island from Courtenay to Sayward, Comox to Cumberland and everywhere in between. Based out of a home high on the alpine slopes of Mt. Washington, it was easy to fall even deeper in love with this very unique part of Vancouver Island as the kids and I discovered ( and re-discovered, in my case) just how precious and pristine so much of this province still is.

Full story to come sometime this week, after I catch up on laundry, cover all my black fly bites in calamine, and contemplate how BC ferries can justify charging $3.10 for two slices of toast, when I can buy an entire bloody loaf for that price… and that isn’t the only BC Ferries story I have for you – just wait.

10 Comments on “Back in the saddle again…

  1. waiting…okay, I’ll give you time to do your laundry. Welcome back. Maybe one day soon, you’ll get the opportunity to raise the kids island style. You will be required to throw awy your watch though, us islanders don’t need them. 🙂

  2. Haha…. Thanks Kim, Mary. It won’t be long, I’m working on photo editing and details. I have so many great photos that I started an online account so that readers can see them all.

  3. Welcome back Laila. Screw the Island (kidding). You ain’t lived until you’ve tried the lower Sunshine Coast. It’s like being in another world. Now if you only never had to leave……..

  4. thanks Cheryl, I hate being home again in Surrey- hate to say it, but it seems like the rudest place on earth since being with all those super friendly islanders up in the Comox valley!! If I could get work over there, I would be over there in a heartbeat.

    I had hope to have posted by now, but I’ve been having some blog issues that have yet to be resolved.

  5. Ok Laila just so you know south and mid islanders who dont work in the Campbell crew are pretty darn nice too lol, next time try mid island theres some great spots around that as well trust me .

    • Hi SB !! I have done the mid island area, and although I love the whole island, I think I am still very partial to the area I spent my time in this summmer. Overall though, there is so much to do everywhere you go, and everything is a relatively short drive, especially in Courtenay Comox. Perhaps I should try and get a job with the visitors bureau over there so I can move!!!

  6. Wish I’d known in advance you were coming over to the Comox Valley, Laila. ( If you come over again please don’t hesitate to to e- mail us. My wife and I would have loved to have you and your family over for dinner so we could meet you.) Your blog seems to be very genuine, something that’s sadly lacking in our society.

    • Oh, Stuart, how lovely of you and your wife to make such an invitation! I will definately be back in the future, and the kids and I will make sure to stop by and say hello. Thank you for those kind words and I will make note of your email for my next visit!

  7. There really isnt an area on the Island that does not offer some great things to see except maybe a short strip of waterfront in the Victoria region when certain public employess are in town :]