From the Friday Fun File, August 6th, 2010…The Gordon Campbell Caption Challenge

What better way to start your Friday  morning than with a Gordon Campbell Caption Challenge ! It’s simple – I give you a photo, and you submit the caption you think best suits it in the comment section below.  Next week, I’ll run the photo again with the best caption below it, credited to your user name. Since I was on the topic of oaths this week, I took a trip down memory lane and  found a really interesting  photo : good king Gordo taking his oath, back in 2001…. note all those glowing, adoring faces gazing up at him in the back ( shudder!)  . And just for a laugh, I have the press release that accompanies the photo below….


VICTORIA – Premier Gordon Campbell was sworn in today and unveiled a structure for government and Cabinet that is designed to make his government the most open and accountable in Canada. 

“I want to ensure that my government is open, accessible and accountable to all British Columbians,” said Campbell. 

“My government is committed to renewing public health care, building a top-notch education system, creating new services and opportunities for First Nations, revitalizing B.C.’s competitive position in the global economy and delivering strong environmental protection. We are also committed to changing the way decisions are made to involve British Columbians and ensure accountability in meeting these priorities. 

“The new government structure we have implemented today will expand opportunities for public input. It will co-ordinate responsibilities in a way that makes services more accessible. And it will harness the broad talents of government members to ensure excellence and accountability in fulfilling the government’s responsibilities.” 

“This new government structure is a crucial first step in providing greater accountability and in delivering our commitments to renew hope and opportunities for all British Columbians,” Campbell said. 

~snip ~ 

Have fun ! 


33 thoughts on “From the Friday Fun File, August 6th, 2010…The Gordon Campbell Caption Challenge

  1. thought of another one:

    ” The crowd looks on proudly as Gordon Campbell takes his oath, proving once again that stupidity and arrogance are not handicaps after all.”


  2. Look at what you can get for lying, being dishonest, untrustworthy, decietful and full of sh*t !

    Sorry – I just could not resist 🙂


  3. “C’mon guys….give em you’re best shit eating grin. The public is stupid enough to believe we’ll actually honor all that crap!”


    1. ohhhhh…. some of you are very, very bad – but in an oh-so good way! Hehehe! Keep them coming, and I think I have a few favorites, but be sure to let me know which ones you think are best as well!


    1. Ha!!! I love that last one, DespisetheHST…. that and Henri Paul’s very simple, but very eloquent ” Hi Lara, Hi!”

      All i can say is, if this is the response to this weeks, clever readers, wait until you see the photo I have lined up for next I’m sure you’ll have a field day with it!


  4. Laila, I know you mean well, but do we really have to have pictures of this despicable, liar every week along with him surrounded by his other liars? I know it’s in fun, but I personally cannot stand the sight of this dictator, nor his followers.

    I do like the oath that he swore too. What a liar he was way back then, but everyone fell for it time and time again. I do not understand people and how they can be brainwashed by our supposed “media”. Sheeple they are.


    1. Curt,it’s nice to see you ! I have to say that while your point is certainly true enough, we never, ever get to write the caption, or headline!! Come on, have some fun with it! At least you know that what we are writing is likely to be more accurate than what comes out of his mouth, no? The PAB have been on this all day,so humour me, and let’s give them something to really monitor. Obviously, his ego and persona are far more important to him than the people of BC, so let’s get him where it hurts.


  5. You’re right Laila. I guess this is a way for the citizens of this province to say what they want about the corrupt bunch, led by their tiny little dictator. How but a few others? But then again, maybe just Gordo is good enough.

    PAB visiting alot? Surprise surprise. NOT. I can just see the upcoming headlines when the time rolls around again for an election. Or would that be byelections after the successful recall in the fall. So looking forward to a vote.

    Anyway, do keep up the good work, glad you’re back at it.


  6. I like it very much that thePAB – Liar Campbell’s “Propaganda and Bullshit” department is having to work overtime to keep up with some of the public wittisisms !

    Yes, one can even draw parallels between the Third Reich Propaganda Department (Goeball) of Hitlet and Campbell’s PAB – and for the same reason, to try and betray the public into an unhealthy and unwise situation! All governments have one – nothing like the BC LieBerals attemps at complete denial.


    RECALL IN THE FALL cannot comes soon enough.


  7. Wondering if the PAB has figured out yet that there is NOTHING they can do to save their boss and/or his minions…..Surely they have. After all, aren’t we paying for the brightest and the best? lol…….


    1. Excellent Gary, simply excellent! My father approves…

      You’ve all come up with some really great ones, and I don’t know about you, but it’s been the most cathartic experience for me, envisioning some real captions and headlines that are – in my eyes- a hell of alot more truthful than the ones the BC gov’t release!!!

      Nice job, everyone, nice job. You’ll have to wait until Friday for last weeks winner, and next weeks Photo – and yes, it will be another Gordon Campbell Caption challenge!


  8. Well, I have just heard the news regarding the FightHST initiative. The count came through with no problem – the number of signature passed muster.

    The dodgy bit is that BC Elections is refusing to go to the next step – obviously at the bidding of Mike Dejong and Campbell.

    I guess that means the efforts to ridicule and demean Campbell and his cronies needs to be more concerted. It is going to make interesting reading overseas – that a Canadian democratic procedure is being stalled by the most corrupt premier in the country – and a Bilderberg attendee to boot !!!!. What does that tell us all ????

    Just had to get it off my chest.



  9. Vander Zalm and Delaney are stupid to call for total recall. Talk about setting yourself up to fail. A really smart group doesn’t talk about what they are going to do; they just do it.


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