Hanging with my dad…

Surprise, surprise,a birthday present in the form of my dad showed up on the doorstep yesterday.. hehe… so I’ll be slow in posting this week since I haven’t seen him in over a year. Some things are far more important than politics and current events…

live love laugh, Laila

6 thoughts on “Hanging with my dad…

    1. thanks everyone, I’m one year closer to the big 40 ( ick), and since my eldest is turning 19 in a couple weeks, I’m feeling that much older this year!! I’m just showing dad my blog and what kind of trouble I like…. hehe!

      Let’s just say that he doesn’t like the Liberals and Campbell either, and he’s from the PG area.


  1. Thank you Mary, you have been missed!

    Yes,it couldnt have been a better birthday, between the HST news and my dad coming! Lovely to have him and all my children here together for a few days, although I would have loved him to stay longer. It’s been a long time.


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