Congratulations to the crew behind the Fight HST action, and to all my fellow British Columbians…

And why not make it official by saying I will be signing up to recall my rather hypocritical MLA, Stephanie Cadieux. You better enjoy that rather lush office on 152nd st while you can Steph, because I intend to rally the troops in my hood… he he he!!!

Well done  everyone, well done. I guess even those offices charged with the administration of our voting system are going to fall back on Gordon Campbell’s old stand by phrase:  ” Not while it is before the courts. ”

Recall in the Fall. Recall in the Fall. Recall in the Fall.

I’m loving it!!!

5 thoughts on “Congratulations to the crew behind the Fight HST action, and to all my fellow British Columbians…

  1. I cant beleive the way Elections BC did this over 700,000 of us sign a petition but freinds in high places take precedent , the petition was clear and we just had the Govt spit on us what are we a fascist dictatorship now , i dont know if recall will matter they will challenge it also , we made the people spoke the govt plugged their ears .


  2. I agree Laila. A job well done by all involved with the HST and for all those who signed. The chief elections officer I’d say was warned, threatened, paid, into what he did today. There is no other explanation. The Act is pretty clear. I too look forward to the next campaign. Recall in the fall. I will be helping wherever it is needed.


  3. Thanks Laila. It wasn’t easy to do what was done. But it appears it’s very easy for Campbell to manipulate the system. For the folks reading here, Craig James is the clerk for the Select Standing Committee. It is no coincidence that he was appointed acting CEO. It would be very interesting to hear from Neufeld about his departure from Elections BC.


  4. The upstanding media types keep saying Mr. Neufeld’s “term” was up. ?? Anyway he obviously wasn’t who Camp Campbell wanted in that post. Just in case… know……an issue were to arise that might be sensitive to the longevity of the liberals. (who ironically are also past their “best before” date) Time to put all effort into recall and send the cheque to VZ, Delaney and Tieleman to help out. And it is a company cheque supported by individuals who work and live in BC.


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