” If you don’t know what your government is doing, you don’t live in a democracy.” ~ Jane Anne Morris

” To break that unholy alliance between corrupt business, and corrupt politics, is the first task of the day.”

My dad left for home this morning, heading back for a planned fishing trip that will occupy that last precious week of his vacation. He’s a relative spring chicken still, at only 58, but I can tell you that he would ” kick your ass to high heaven” if you did him wrong! It’s kind of funny to talk with him now about all the things he used to tell me polite people should never discuss- things like politics, money and religion.  Times change, I guess, and that’s not always  a bad thing.

We covered all three of those ‘forbidden’ topics during the odd quiet moments when the kids were either eating, sleeping or otherwise engrossed in some toys or books that kept their endless chatter to a minimum. It was great, more than great actually, to discover that dad has all the same passion as I do for ousting the Liberals, and being from Prince George, Pat Bell and Shirley Bond is on his hit list. It sounds like there are a hell of a lot of angry people up there, people who feel that Bond and Bell deliberately pulled the wool over their eyes on the HST, and other northern BC issues. Enbridge is not gaining support in Prince George because people are smart enough to know that any jobs that might be created during the construction process, are not permanent ones, and people can’t live on hope and a prayer in these ” tough economic times ” .

I was sitting in traffic on the way to a belated birthday dinner my dad planned for the kids and I when I heard the announcement about the successful HST petition, and the shocking news that Elections BC didn’t plan to do a damn thing about it.

You know what happened when I heard that? Tears actually sprung to my eyes, not of sadness, but from the hot, burning anger that was boiling my blood! I am not joking you one bit. I was so bloody angry – and still am, by the way- that Elections BC seems to have made the  same, serious mistake that I mentioned G0rdon Campbell did a few days ago :  they failed to recognize the importance, and the power, of the people’s vote. Or, to be precise,the extreme importance,and power,  of each and every signature on that petition.

The anger in Bill Vanderzalm’s voice as he belted out his declaration of  total recall over the radio waves made the hair stand up on the back of my arms, and sent goosebumps down my legs.

Just how far will this government go to keep the people from exercising their democratic rights? This entire sham of waiting for the court cases to complete is just crooked, bloody well damn crooked. It’s just coated with Liberal slime, which in my opinion, is not unlike the viscous ooze  slugs leave behind on sidewalks during their nightly travels. 

Bill Tieleman tells us why this lack of action by Elections BC is a joke:

Let’s be clear – there is no legal impediment for Elections BC to proceed – the big business coalition filed an extraordinarily late attempt to overturn the Fight HST petition just one day before it was filed – on June 29.

The big business organizations who all stand to benefit by gaining millions of dollars in HST revenue transferred from consumers to their pockets have never obtained nor even attempted to get a court injunction to stop the Initiative.

Failing that, Elections BC has no reason to block the next step – sending the draft Initiative petition legislation called the HST Extinguishment Act to a Select Standing Committee of the BC Legislature.

The Recall and Inititiative Act is extremely clear – if the petition is verified as having met the threshold, then ” … the chief electoral officer must send a copy of the petition and draft Bill to the select standing committee.”

Not “may”. Not “whenever he or she feels like it”. Not “after business groups take a legal run at the petition” – the Act says the chief electoral offier “must” – no ifs ands or buts.

So, who exactly is this big business coalition who have launched the suit, simply because they are the only ones to benefit from this Hated Sales Tax” ?  Among the participants are the following:
Independent Contractors and Businesses Association
Mining Association of B.C.
Coast Forest Products Association
Here is the issue I have with this truly ridiculous action. I happen to know a lot of contractors who ARE NOT IN SUPPORT OF THE HST – OR THIS ACTION STARTED BY THEIR ASSOCIATION.
Same goes for convenience store owners, and a good majority of the Chamber of Commerce members. These associations would do well to remember who all their members are, not just the large corporates who drive their agenda.
What would happen if we all start a boycott of anyone who is a member of these associations? Everyone has a voice, and the smaller businesses and independent operators need to speak out loudly to disassociate themselves from this action, or suffer the consequences of growing public anger over the HST.
There is something very wrong, and very corrupt when a government cozies up so closely to the big corporate guns who keep filling that lobbyist-filled trough Campbell and his liberal cohorts like to feed at. I can’t even count how many times I’ve read stories about who is lobbying which government minister, for lucrative deals and favours, bids and contracts. No matter where you look in this Liberal administration, you will find, time and time again, the same names involved in many different suspect deals and contracts.
In fact, I recently had a really good chuckle when I saw among the recipients of the Order of BC, some really interesting Liberal movers, shakers, and supporters :  Dan Doyle ( who has QUITE the history in the Ministry of Transportion, as well as other plump and juicy appointments) , John Furlong, Milan Ilich and Brad Bennet .  Things that make you go hmmmmm…
But I digress.
Oddly enough, Gordon Campbell congratulated petitioners today, calling the successful action ” A celebration of democracy.” The Globe and Mail has the complete story here: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/british-columbia/gordon-campbell-congratulates-hst-petitioners-on-win/article1670923/
“B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell is hailing the passage of the anti-HST petition as a good day for democracy.“We should recognize that this really is, kind of, a celebration of democracy. The reason we have an initiative and referendum legislation in place is to give citizens those tools,” the Liberal premier said Wednesday while in California to address the State legislature.

“So to those who felt that it was important enough to motivate them to sign the petition and move it forward, congratulations to them.”


But Mr. Campbell rejected the suggestion that the milestone comes at the expense of his Liberal government, which is already suffering from an erosion of party support over the issue.

“It’s at no one’s expense,” he said. “It’s actually a way that public democracy actually works, and encourages people to participate in public policy and public life. Every time people do that, there’s a benefit.”

He said he expects a thorough debate on the issue when the petition eventually goes to a committee of the legislature for discussion on what happens next.

The news that Elections BC will not act on this HST petition is simply more proof that the idea of political freedom in BC is just that – an idea. You and I – all of us – have been  passionately critical about this HST , and we have all vehemently expressed our dissatisfaction with the way Gordon Campbell and the liberals have repeatedly ignored the demands of those who elected them to office as our chosen representatives. 
   Key words :  Chosen representatives.
We elected you in, and we can kick your ass out. And we will, each and every one of you if we have to. 
Recall in the Fall.  Find your voice. Take action and  Be a part of history.
 More information from another source :
**** The Liberals and this coalitition of businesses would have everyone believe that all business in BC supports the HST, when exactly the opposite is true.
If you are a business in BC, and want to tell  the public your story of how the HST has impacted your bottom line negatively, I want to post your story here! You can email me at lailayuile@live.com, and include your business name, how the HST has impacted your livelihood and if possible, a photo of yourself in front of your business.  I welcome responses from all parts of the province!!

“Democracy is based upon the conviction that there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people.”

— Harry Emerson Fosdick

10 thoughts on “” If you don’t know what your government is doing, you don’t live in a democracy.” ~ Jane Anne Morris

  1. Hey Laila!!

    Can’t wait until the kids start school again to see you, but I wanted to let you know that we were out talking with the neighbours up and down the area, and although most of us voted Liberal last time, we refuse to this time, and we want to know how we can recall Stephanie!! She lost most of our support when she completely ignored the many requests of disabled people relying on Handydart, for her to urge the company to settle the dispute. Our neighbour Margie was left hanging for weeks and weeks until we all started driving here in our vans. I did a bit of research and it appears on every issue involving cuts to disabled peoples services, she has kept her mouth shut. Nothing worse than someone who won’t stand up for others like herself!!

    We are proud that you are now part of our community, and we would love to see you as our representative in the future! Give us a call and we can get the kids together, ok?



  2. We are in support of Mr. Bill and to recall these government people who are killing our businesses. We are working mainly in Surrey and we are not having so much work as we did before this tax.

    I and my brother are wanting to work to this recall too, we can help get signatures to make this mla gone and that campbell liar too.

    Where can we bring money to help with this?


  3. Laila i have that same burning anger we cannot let this govt off i live in a NDP riding but have complained to them as i beleive Carole James has been way too soft on issues time to take this fight into the streets and not be scared who bleeds Carole, next ill travel 2 and 3 ridings away to help with recall actually cant wait to do so and i knwo many who say the same campbell just signed his retirement papers .


  4. I signed the HST and will be getting signatures for recall here in the Okanagan.

    My concern is that we need an alternative! Please NDP and Conservatives….you have a few months to get your acts together and provide us with solid persons to vote for in place of these LIberals.

    Carol James, if you are smart, you will realize that your just don’t have the power to carry the NDP any longer. Please use this time to find a new leader and support them and get a rep for every area that is capable of carrying the riding.

    Conservatives, now is your opportunity to fill a slate with people that can carry a riding. No more “good guy” reps. Find qualified business people like Chris Delany and others that will be able to convince the voters of their strength. Please no bored housewives and retired persons that just think it will give them more pensions.


  5. Hi Nikki, nice to hear from you, and so glad to hear that this highly Liberal area we reside in is turning!! Wonderful news, and I’m sure the Fight HST crew would be glad to hear that news! Give me a shout sometime soon, ok?

    Sangha Brothers, nice to hear from you, and always happy to see more new people commenting. You can send your cheques to the Fight HST crew at the link I mentioned above, and the mailing address is on their site.

    Although Stephanie is not on the recall list, my feedback from the many people I know in all parts of this riding, are telling me they would be more than eager to participate in a recall, and that includes the largely Indian community in the north of this riding. Many constituents within are small business owners and operators,and are taking large hits with this new tax. So, to Nikki and Sangha Brothers, I would urge you to talk to your friends,colleagues and neighbours about how and if they are willing to commit to doing what it takes to get 40% of this riding signed up. Considering the demographics are conservative/ Liberal , I think it shouldn’t be hard if the volunteers are there to beat the streets. This is a valuable riding to recall, one that borders Kevin Falcons riding where I hear he is also in great danger of being recalled.

    SB, I hear you.

    This issue has clearly been one that has created a strong sense of solidarity between many groups that otherwise may not be united because of differing political and religious views. The fight to rid ourselves of both the HST,and Gordon Campbell is a binding force in this province!!

    Gloria, my congratulations to you for participating in an important manner!! You do raise another vitally important issue – who are these recalled MLA’s going to be replaced with? And who will lead them?

    In my opinion, there are far too many candidates out there that are simply not any good to run anything. people need proactive MLA’s who aren’t going to sit quietly and hold their tongues, ones who will speak our and up for their constituents.

    Enough with the endless Liberal MLA photo- ops!!! Great, you appeared at the opening of a new centre, big deal. So you went to a community block party, so what? What has the candidate actually done for their riding???

    I’ve always been a person who supports who leans towards the NDP, and I do like Carol James, but not with the executive group she has dictating what she does. And I do not support Moe Sihota in any way, so where does that leave me?

    All I can say is that it’s going to be history in the making – it already is!


  6. I now have a fear of voting Conservative. Harper and Campbell, seem to have a very close relationship. It’s been said, Campbell is a Conservative, from times back. Harper and Campbell, travel together, have photo-ops. Harper, spoke in the BC Legislature. They did spend more time together, at the BBQ. The other thing, was the BC Liberal Party, is totally different from, the Federal Liberal party. The HST, goes directly to Harper, there is no benefit for BC people. The constitution, is dead. Our Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken away from the people. Democracy and Freedom, isn’t even remotely, adhered to. I feel like I’m living in a Communist country, under a dictatorship. Campbell is forcing himself on, people who despise him, and everything he stands for. I can’t go into, all of the Campbell adjectives I have, that would, be at least a 1000 words. I now believe, I am happy that, Canadian Intelligence is keeping an eye on BC.


  7. well im not any less angry time thinking about what our political system has become and what will happen next leaves me no easy answers , we live in a corrupt system and its got to change Media needs to be cleaned up or cleaned out MSM in Canada is on par with Enquirer level work nowdays no pride in themselves and teh sheeple buy it until they have nothing left and realize they have been had . Recall isnt good enough for Campbell but its what we can do so lets get him.


  8. With other readers, I was almost speechless with anger over the HST slap in the face, from Elections BC.
    After having written to my MLA Shirley Bond (I had no hand in her election success) expressing my opinions I have had time to calm down a little and think more – dangerous I know.

    It is frighteniing with what we do know of Campbells actions in government – it is what we don’t know that is they scary part. Given that Campbell is dishonest and cannot be trusted, there is very little this reckless – and now desperate, premier will do to continue with his pillaging of the BC coffers and democracy.

    The very fabric of democracy is under seige and needs to be repelled and strengthened by the peoples resolve – sounds grand, but we just gotta beat the bastids at their own game. Let’s all talk, communicate, network and advertize the downfall of the corrupt BC Liberal government – so POORLY LED BY THE CORRUPT GORDON CAMPBELL.

    Thanks, I feel better for having said that 🙂



  9. Well it gets even better , yesterday Vancouver Sun editorial tries to slag teh NDP about what they would do while stating how does the ruling Liberal gov replace the revenues for health and education, so PAB does run the MSM gotta wonder what buying an editor costs Campbell and why isnt an editor asking why we were told it was revenue neutral then ?
    Lies Lies Lies the SUN out and out spewing lies now and the NDP is no perfect party but they have had nothing to do with any of the last 10 yrs at least be truthful this mess is engineered and executed by Campbell and crew no one else , i am glad we have people like Laila and others who think truth should be told keep it up we need it more than ever.


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