From the Friday Fun File,August 13th – 2010: The Gordon Campbell Caption Challenge

‘ Morning everyone! I hope you’ve been thinking of some ways to beat the heat this weekend, because it’s going to be HOT!  And in my house, that equates to 4 fans, a sprinkler in the yard and a boat-load of freezies in the chest freezer downstairs – for the kids of course ;  )

Of course, there’s absolutely no way today could  possibly be  any hotter than our new weekly feature, The Gordon Campbell Caption Challenge!

 It’s where I give you a photo of  The Great One, and you give me the caption you think fits the bill best. And what better way to get you smiling  this morning, than posting  the winner of last week’s contest, who is… our lovely and long-time reader, Kim!!!

Congratulations Kim, for coming up with the caption that fits the bill, to a T !! This is Kim’s winning caption :

            ” B-Bye BC! It’s all mine now!! “


 Now, are you ready to give it another roun ?  Here is this weeks photo!!

Hey, Hey,  that’s a pretty funny photo of our premier, is it not ? Just what is he up to there, anyways?

As usual, leave your comments/captions below, and the winner will be posted next week.

( I’m working on getting a weekly prize for the winning captions, but since my budget isn’t big enough to cover that on an ongoing basis, I’m looking for some donation’s to fit the bill – anybody know a printer who has some funny Gordon  Campbell coffee mugs/ T-shirts? hehehe… )

Happy Friday, and be sure to share and enjoy this post with others!


12 thoughts on “From the Friday Fun File,August 13th – 2010: The Gordon Campbell Caption Challenge

  1. Don’t worry. I told you that all my ministers and mla’s will do as they are told. After all ,”I AM the boss.” Too bad for the citizens of BC. What a bunch of suckers they are.


  2. First of all, blush!! thank you very much for the kind words Laila! I hope you had a great visit with your Dad.

    Now, down to businesss, Lol, here’s my caption,
    “Get out of my way, that’s a bottle of scotch behind you!”


  3. Gord is enjoying his new Posting as the Royal London Wax Museum’s chief Custodian, making sure that the dummy is “just right!”
    Er, that’s Gord on the right…………………….


  4. Gordo says, ” This was a lot easier when I was just down in California, there they had their pants down and I was willing to make a deal for our hydro!”


  5. Now this is just a gentle warning Gordon. If you ever wear those ridiculous red mittens of yours in public again I’m going to squeeze even harder.


  6. Oh my !!

    Frankly, it’s been far too damn hot in my house to even contemplate turning on the computer, but since it’s only 27 in here this morning, I managed a quick peek.

    These are too funny! Henry, once again you prove that short and sweet can be gut busting – Stuart, I love that one!

    Again, going to be a hard choice. But, if you are in an air conditioned office somewhere, what better way to pass the time?


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