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The Harder the Battle, the Sweeter the Victory

*** cross-posted from the group blog created with Norman Farrell

Gordon Campbell must be kicking himself right now.

What welcome news that the anti-HST petition is valid, and can be forwarded to the legislative committee! The judge used Gordon Campbell’s own statement in his ruling ,stating that since the premier had already said that the anti-HST petition was a success for democracy, to deny the people the right to proceed would rob them of that victory.

However, today’s announcement does not mean that we should sit and relax, and immediately forget why this court action was launched,or who launched it.

Not on your life.

This is exactly the moment to put intense pressure on the businesses who support the HST,and support the BC Liberal party who lied and deceived each and every one of us.

These associations drew a line in the sand when they launched this action, a line that put all of us on the the other side.

I won’t tell you who to boycott, because for each of you that will be a personal choice. We have provided you with the lists of the businesses in the BC Chamber of Commerce, and we hope that you think twice about who you are ultimately supporting when you go to buy that new set of tires, or simply go for a burger. Many of the businesses behind the associations that launched the legal review are known Liberal party supporters, and donate regularly to them.

I made a choice long ago, not to support the BC liberals in any way, where possible. But, sometimes there is no other choice of where to do business in small community.

I have created a list of companies that I am no longer supporting with my business,in protest of the HST, and the BC Liberals handling it. Until the HST is gone, this list remains the focus.

Canadian Tire – member of the Western Convenience Stores association,one of the 6 associations behind the legal challenge that fully supports the HST.

7-11 – also a member of the Western Convenience Stores Association, and a large contributor to the BC Liberal Party

Kal Tire – member of the BC Chamber of Commerce,and a corporate contributor to the BC Liberal party

Shato Holdings Ltd.( White Spot and The Vancouver Giants) – Member of the BC Chamber of Commerce and a contributor to the BC Liberal Party.

All Pacific Western Brewing Beers – A member of the BC Chamber of Commerce, and a very large corporate contributor to the BC Liberals, this choice really hurts me because this brewery is from my home town of Prince George.

These are my personal choices, but I also think they make good sense for many people throughout BC,because of many locations in most communities across the province.

I have advised Canadian Tire and 7-11 of my boycott, and warned them they may be the targets of a provincial boycott for the reasons stated above, and I will be sending emails to the other companies momentarily.

I urge each and every one of you to use your power wisely, make the most of it, and let each business know via email, in person, or by telephone, of your choice.

Please feel free to add to this list over at , but again,a small group of large companies that take the brunt of a consumer backlash,will be more effective than small actions all over.

As well, please take time to look at our other site for a full listing of all the businesses behind the associations that support the HST ! I have also posted links to all of this on my facebook, and you can locate more anti HST links and photos from where it all started on my Fight HST page link at the top of this blog.


  1. Great post Laila this is just a small part of a bigger battle Campbell is not giving up not till hes managed to sell our rivers for billions ruin our middle class and line his pockets and his freinds are paid off its why they took us the petitioners to court so they could pillage us even more boycott till its over .
    Recall recall recall do not stop till we get them out.


  2. Laila, Have you ever read, Canadian P.M. delivers Global Governance Plan? It’s an older item in, the Canadian Free Press, in Feb 2010. I didn’t like what I read. I would like to hear, what your and others opinions are. I may not have, fully understood the article, I stumbled on.


  3. SB, on August 20, 2010 at 12:17 pm Said:
    Recall recall recall do not stop till we get them out.
    Mind if I revise this just a tad?
    Recall recall , do not stop till we get them all !!!!!

    Laila ,did you know that Gordon will never need preparation h?


  4. I was chastised about boycotting a burger place. it was said, some of them worked for the anti-HST petition. Being up here in the north, we are away from the main stream in Vancouver. We don’t know, who not to boycott. I still can’t find the list. We are not to boycott restaurants. We were told to, because, restaurants have more clout, than we do. It was also said, not to support any business registered with the C.O.C. So restaurants registered with the C.O.C, are not supposed to be boycotted? We were told, that big chain anything, is big business. I donated to the Anti-HST, to help with court costs and such. However, people in the north, at times, seem to be forgotten. How are we supposed to know, who not to boycott? We are the way, hell and gone from Vancouver.


    • I will reply to everyone shortly, but let me correct Julia on a couple things.

      First of all, I’m not sure where you heard you should boycott all restaurants, but it certainly wasn’t here, or on our new blog. We have been very clear on this site, and the other, about who was behind the legal challenge and the businesses that are members of those organizations. Please go over to that blog and read the posts, which will assist you in determining who you feel you should not do business with.

      I understand that it is not as easy in a small town as it is down here, but it is impossible for me to tell you who to boycott in your town. I chose to take my business away from Canadian Tire, 7-11, White Spot and Kal Tire, because they are all members of one of the organizations that launched the challenge, most are big corporate Liberal party donors, and all have the influence and sway to pressure the premier.

      White spot is in a difficult spot, I admit, because they are a restaurant and do suffer the same HST related issues that all do. However, the parent company is a large corporate donor to the Liberal party,which, IMO, can’t be ignored! In that respect, they did contributed to their own situation.

      If you tell me where you live, I will assist you as best as I can, ok? You can email me through my contact page. Take heart Julie, we are stonger than they are, and we are united.


  5. Not all restaurants. Only the ones, registered with the C.O.C. We have mom and pop restaurants, they get my support, as do, local grocers. The big chain supermarkets, are s.o.l. They jacked their prices sky high, as did the big chain restaurants., just before the HST was due. As far as I am concerned, they shot themselves in the foot. What a tempest in a teapot. I am sorry I donated and got involved. As a senior, I don’t say anything behind peoples back, I won’t say to their face. I am finished, with this utter nonsense, and will never get involved again.


  6. Julie, you have restaurants registered with the C.O.C. , big chain restaurants, big chain supermarkets.
    Additionally you say you have have mom and pop restaurants,local grocers.
    Sounds like a fairly large town. Where are you Pouce Coupe?
    How about churches and J dubs halls must be some of them in your town?
    The churches and holy rollers, their the ones I boycott every Sunday, rain or shine. I heard somewhere God is a COC member. Gordon’s not going make him pay any HST . Julie do you know if the sally Anna belong to the COC?


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