Honestly Shared Taxation guests on Public Eye Online

Listen in as Norman and I join  Sean Holman on Public Eye Radio to talk about Honestly Shared Taxation,at 8:45 am this morning.

Public Eye Radio – August 22, 2010 -click here to access the site directly.  You can listen to Public Eye Radio outside of Victoria by logging into CFAX 1070 between 8:00 and 10:00. If you have a question for one of the guests,you can email us or leave a comment below.

Sunday morning, on Public Eye Radio, would-be federal Green leadership candidate Sylvie Lemieux discusses her effort to replace Elizabeth May. United Steelworkers District Three director Steve Hunt talks about bringing the Blue-Green Alliance to British Columbia. Norman Farrell and Laila Yuile share their plan to put pressure on the business groups that tried to legally derail the anti-harmonized sales tax petition. And our rabble-rousing panel – Don Anderson, Eleanor Gregory, Bob Russell and Allan Warnke – debate the week that was in provincial and federal politics.

2 Comments on “Honestly Shared Taxation guests on Public Eye Online

  1. I have one more suggestion to put forward , a blog called Honestly Shared Govt , I doubt Campbell will care he only shares with who greases his palms and fills his wallet but taxpayers might like a voice about what a new govt should look like might be educational for soem future leaders to see .