2 thoughts on “Nothin’ says September like a little Earth Wind and Fire…

  1. Call it a guilty pleasure, if you must, but E,W & F is one of my favourite groups of all time…and , yes, I did live through the 70’s and once danced on a translucent, flashing floor in a place called The Noodle Factory.
    Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes was a helluva act too.
    In fact, I loved just about everything that use to fall under the label of the ‘Philadelphia sound’…and I don’t care who knows it.


    1. Ah Dave….. you, you were my guilty pleasure…lol. Seriously though, this video is a fave with the kids, as are most 70’s youtube hits.. I’ve got the only little children who know most of the words to Staying Alive.

      Are your ears burning? You must know that since Global aired Simi’s debut yesterday, there have been a couple thousand hits on the various older blog posts I’ve done about you and Simi! You are clearly still missed and will surely go down in local history as one of the most loved- and missed- on air personalities of all time. Maybe Global will be brave enough to feature you on air once in a while, which would be tremendous and give me a reason to tune into morning tv once again!

      Hope the blogging is going well, as is the sculpting. Happy Thanksgiving!

      ( For all you Dave Gerry fans out there, remember to click on the link on my sidebar to visit Dave’s blog. )


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