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Straight from the horses mouth: Premier Campbell and Huggies Hansen tell it like it was – back in 2008.

Watch this video, and listen carefully. Listen to Gordon Campbell talk about how bad the economy is, and how changes will have to be made. Listen to Colin talk about how if a P3 financer can’t get financing, another company can step in because so many are out there waiting.

Now, this is from 2008. Not at all in line with Campbell’s repeated claims post-election that he had no idea how bad the economy really was.

And Colin has some explaining to do now, doesn’t he?

Because in this video he states the taxpayer will never end up on the hook for any P3 project due to financing, because there are so many other companies out there willing to step in and take over….. which is exactly what I have been saying about the failed P3 Port Mann all along. Why did the taxpayers end up on the hook, if another company could have jumped in with financing?  Stinky, stinky, stinky Colin!!! Have huddle with the premier and get back to me on that, won’t you?

But wait… I have more for you.

FROM THE HORSES MOUTH… those organizations who have been lobbying and pushing for the implementation of the HST… and some advice for Manitobans…lol.  Quite a telling sound bite, no?

And while we are still on the topic of the HST… here is a press clip from Harper on the subject. You have to listen carefully as the clip continues  to add in other press bits on the HST..


Last, but not least, the most under reported story of  August was Gordon Campbell’s trip to California to speak to their Assembly. Powell River Persuader was the first to write about it, and a couple other bloggers mentioned it after he did, but there was very little if any real coverage by the MSM.

 Why is this news? Because his address is no more than outright pandering to his corporate IPP friends – a PR promotion for all those horrific run of the river projects.  

Watch Campbell deliver his address, and then tell me he isn’t trying to sell this province down the river… and watch for a cameo of the most gossiped about woman in BC politics at the very beginning   ;  )


  1. WOW ! According to the Speaker of the Assembly in California, BC is in pretty good shape and it sounds like we have nothing to worry about. ( I just love how these politicians love to pat each other on the back )
    All this from a US state that is virtually bankrupt.


    • I always wondered why the hell anyone down there thought electing the terminator was a good idea. I think his new line is… ” I woon’t be baaaak. ”

      But yes, great to know we are doing so well up here !! I had no idea everything was so wonderful. Must have been talking to ” It wasn’t on my radar” Hansen.


  2. By the way, has anyone heard on what the California Committee has decided on the “BC Green Power” – have they changed their minds or are they still saying that they do not agree with what Campbell calls green power generation ???

    I have been on the state website and haven’t as yet, seen any comment re this. I could have over looked of course, but since nothing has appeared in the press, I am beginning to think the Californians haven’t changed theirs minds on the issue.

    The video was hard to watch with Campbell taking part and spouting off about high environmental standards – ha! This is the government that pushed “deregulation” and has allowed industry to self regulate – the government has little oversight ( too much having to be accountable, too much responsibility).



  3. California law forbids the state from doing business with Accenture… do they work around this, given Accenture’s role in power exports via BC Hydro and/or Powerex?????

    Have ANY California media covered Accenture’s role in BC’s power industry?


  4. Hi Laila, a little off-topic here.
    So Elections B.C. deputy CEO Linda Johnson wouldn’t let Campbell send out his $780,000 HST pamphlet during the HST repeal petition.
    Then Campbell appointed – appointed! – a new temp CEO, Craig Jones, who stalled on forwarding the successful petition to committee so that biz groups could contest it in court

    Well that Campbell-appointed temporary CEO has just freaking fired Linda Johnson. Fucking unbelievable. And nothing in the press.


  5. OK, I was wrong. The G&M did cover it last Thursday :

    but I missed it coz I spelled her name incorrectly in my Google news search – duh. Still I don’t see it covered in the BC papers.

    And what is a temp CEO doing “restructuring” Elections BC before a referendum? A restrucuring that just happens to fire someone who was with E BC for 28 years but pissed Hansen off 4 months ago, huh?

    Left same messages for RossK coz you guys is dah bomb on local politics.


  6. ithink camble is buying time to get his record straight.We should have a recall in november one year is too you can still give us all his crap.and hansan finance minister is bosting about economy is going up I don’t beleive him.libral are bunch of liars.we should have a recall in novembe not wait till next year september.


  7. ithink cambell is buying time to get his record straight.We should have a recall in november one year is too he can still give us all his crap.and hansan finance minister is bosting about economy is going up I don’t beleive him.libral are bunch of liars.we should have a recall in november not wait till next year september.


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