Information is the currency of democracy – Thomas Jefferson

I am here, but busy with the yearly back to school rush, which in my house is no small thing. This year I have one returning to second year university, one entering grade 12, one starting grade one… leaving me only one here at home. 

So, as I make sure everyone has what they need and are all ready to start a year of education, I would like to direct you to today’s new post over at Honestly Shared Taxation:


One thought on “Information is the currency of democracy – Thomas Jefferson

  1. Campbell and Hansen refuse to resign. What will be the next step taken? The longer he is in office, the more damage, he will do. Campbell and Hansen have some, very scary pollution plans. The both of them, lied and cheated to win. Campbell only has 17% of the citizens with him. Why should, the majority of the people, have to suffer, those two fools?


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