” 100 reasons Gordon Campbell must go” becomes new feature page

For your reading pleasure, may I introduce you to a new page I have created here on my blog, which will be permanently located on the tab lineup above!  It is a comprehensive and substantial list of the worst of Campbell’s actions and achievements during the past 9 years.

 I welcome all new comments and additions in the comment section on that page, and I am sure Premier Campbell and the BC Liberals will continue to provide us with a host of reasons to get rid of them all. Happy reading!  ( Please feel free to send the link to page, to everyone in your email address book. ) https://lailayuile.wordpress.com/100-reasons-gordon-campbell-must-go/

4 thoughts on “” 100 reasons Gordon Campbell must go” becomes new feature page

  1. It really does not matter how evil a person or party is once you elect them, if you keep them on for a third term you really do deserve your government because by then you will have no government at all, you will have a monarchy and monarchies always end up with the same attitude towards their subjects expressed so succinctly by Marie Antoinette, “Let them eat shit.”.


  2. Mr Beer N. Hockey, on October 23, 2010 at 6:20 am Said: “Let them eat shit.”.
    Shouldn’t that be “Let them eat beer nuts”


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