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“Bad news Friday” becomes bad news Monday for Campbell and Liberals on November 1st.

One deceit needs many others, and so the whole house is built in the air and must soon come to the ground” ~ Baltasar Gracian

A follow-up to the Sea to Sly highway shadow toll story will be posted for Monday morning, please be sure to check back then for the latest and surprising new developments that will make you ask the question: ” What else are Campbell and the BC liberals keeping from us?”

**** update – What a way to wake up on a sleepy Sunday morning,  thanks to Powell River Persuader, and others, for emailing me the news CKNW was carrying a story on the shadow tolls last night – Midnight news –   in response to the press release issued by BC First  calling on Campbell to come clean about the deal. CKNW audio vault for Sunday Oct. 31st, t the 00:00 mark.  

However, I’ve listened to the news several times this morning, and nada. So you’ll have to go listen to the audio vault I’m afraid!

6 Comments on “Bad news Friday” becomes bad news Monday for Campbell and Liberals on November 1st.

  1. I am waiting for your story with great anticipation 🙂


  2. Heard the report on NW Midnight Saturday….Linked to C Delaney making a fuss…Nothing on their website Sunday at noon.



  3. Oh. My. God.

    Did they sell our railway to finance part of his bloody highway?

    Btw, heard this on News 1130 on the way home last night,–blogger-says-province-is-shadow-tolling-sea-to-sky-highway

    Then found this blog about it already

    Awesome job Laila!! Whoo hooo! Premier has some explaining to do!


  4. I want to hear what Campbell has to say about this, right from his mouth.

    I hope BC First stays on this, and pushes hard because no one else seems to wants to do anything about it.


  5. Great job ! I would say that you should be working for a mainstream nedia outlet, but they either wouldn’t or couldn’t publish what you have to say without consequences. A real shame that our papers and TV stations can’t report the truth any more.


  6. Hi Laila,

    Excellent work.

    So much secrecy and double-talk, it’s no wonder I find politics very confusing (being uneducated only adds insult to injury).

    Thank you for taking the time to explain this issue in simple English.


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