Laila Yuile on ‘Meisner’, Monday November 8th @ 9:30 am

It is my privilege to guest on Ben Meisner’s radio show tomorrow morning at 9:30 am, available live from my hometown of Prince George, on  93.1 CFIS FM, as well as  live streaming audio on the internet.  

Of course, you can also listen live from the Opinion250 website. Just click on the microphone to listen in, and you can even participate with a comment or a question, by calling On-Air: 250-645-2347 OR  Toll-free: 1-866-923-2347 

As most of you know, I was born in Prince George, and grew up in a rural area north of the city limits, and Ben Meisner was – and still is – a name synonymous with the city I am still proud to call my hometown. Join us as we talk about … well, you will just have to tune in to find out!


14 thoughts on “Laila Yuile on ‘Meisner’, Monday November 8th @ 9:30 am

  1. Outstanding Laila! I just listened to the program, you explained it simply and honestly. Methinks this can of worms might just blow up, drawing even more attention to a premier trying to run from his troubles. Way to go!


  2. Thanks although you would have laughed if you could have seen what I had to do to hold this cough in!!

    A big thanks to Ben for giving me the opportunity and from the looks of my stats, a lot of people in PG were listening. Thanks for taking the time to check it out Leah.


  3. Well done! I could tell you had a cold, but evenso,I sure as hell would tune into listen to you every day talk about this stuff ! Going back home anytime soon so we can hear you again?


  4. Other than you hearty disapproval of Carole James, I enjoyed your time on Bens show. I think Carole does have what it takes, but hasnt had the chance to show it well yet.


  5. Thank you Red, and anonymous, for the kind words. Nice to have the forum there to get this story out. There are so many questions that have not been answered that need to be.

    Anonymous #2 – Sorry, I have to call it like I see it. Many of you know I have always been a personal supporter of Carol for years, while not supporting those who influence and direct her moves. I met and chatted with her last year, and came away feeling like she had a firm lock on where the NDP went wrong during the last election.

    Sadly, I have not seen anything change since. There have been times where the NDP have been presented with opportunities to make good inroads with the public at large, and Zip. Nothing. You can almost feel the group question of why is nothing being done? There is something to be said for being cautious in strategy, but in my opinion, these are not times for caution and quiet. People want answers, we want solutions and we want a firm plan for the future.


  6. Very well done Laila! It seemed at times to me he didn’t give you the time to get it all out like how long we must pay these tolls and how much the total cost to us would be but you did very well given that situation.
    I agree with the assessment you gave of the NDP and Diane Watt also.
    Another door opened and more people aware!!
    Thank’s for all you do Laila.


    1. Thank you Don, and I want to say that I have read your emails and will be replying shortly- the influx is so great that I never seem to get any further ahead no matter how many I answer!

      I agree, this sea to sky story is one that could easily take an hour, from beginning to end. Wish I had that kind of access down here.


  7. Hi Laila,

    I, too listened and you did an excellent job.

    I also agree with you totally regarding Carole James and I have voted NDP all my life, also agree with you re Dianne Watts.

    Watts is just more of the same we have now. She is so busy spending money we don’t have on growing plants on the side of our library down south ($272,000 that alone would go a long way towards vital services), new library up north, new courthouse up north when we already have one in central Surrey, could be updated when she has the money to do it and also the very large property it sits on affords for ample free parking. Long and short she just doesn’t seem to understand we are all broke. She has given us huge raises on our house taxes, services, etc.

    For anyone who hasn’t read the Peace Arch News, Novermber 3/10, Frank Bucholz….and frankly….says ;

    Watts has not specifically said she plans to run. However, she remains a BC Liberal Party member. Just last week, she was at a large fundraiser (with 500 in attendance) for Fort Langley-Aldergrove MLA Rich Coleman and she regularly appears at Liberal events.

    She also tried a while back to go back into Grandview area before cleaning up the mess she and McAllum and the rest of the councillors created.


  8. Hi Laila,

    I listened in too, this morning. I think Ben had a hard time to get you off the S2S story – but what you said was good and concise and left no doubts hanging.

    Take Ben Meisner up on his offer when you head north for the “silly season” – he sounded like he really wanted you there and wanted to hear what else you had to say. I noticed he gave your “100 reasons” a plug too 🙂

    Keep up the good work – you have hot lots of folk reading these days – probably making the Campbell Circus Troupe green with envy.

    By the way, who on earth would want to take the BC Libs over from Campbell – especially now that the truth is starting to come out. It won’t matter who is leader, the BC Libs are finished – tainted forever by the likes of Pinocchio and his “merry clowns”



  9. I got a chance to listen to Laila. Good to hear you live. I’ve passed on your blog address to my address book for everyone to read.
    You are doing such a service to the citizens of this province.


  10. Mm. Yes,we do indeed need to hear radio like that around here,because Bill and Christy fawn so much it makes me gag. I just can’t take it,Christy and Bill think Gordon created the sun moon and the earth. I even giggled today. Me,a professional man,in my suit,giggled when you said Kevin Falcon had his dirty hands all over this mess!

    Keep it up sunshine!


  11. Sorry I was out of the country and missed this. You can add The Park Bridge in Golden to your list of shadow tolls for which we will be paying for the next 25 years. I notice its getting a big overhaul at ‘someones’ expense already.


  12. “…..with some offset from losses at Transportation Investment Corporation during the Port Mann Bridge construction before tolls can be charged.”

    Click to access bcbudget.pdf

    March 2, 2010

    I didn’t know that TIC was going in the hole, but then again I didn’t know that the BC Liberal would be eliminating the Home Owners grant with this:

    “A Northern and Rural Area Home Owner Benefit, funded by carbon tax receipts, will be introduced, as scheduled, in 2011, applying to regions outside of the Lower Mainland and the Capital Regional District.

    The Benefit will add to the Home Owner Grant, with the threshold for phasing out both grants in 2010 kept at the 2009 level of $1,050,000 of assessed value.”


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