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16 Comments on Post coming tomorrow.

  1. Ok, it is the supper hour and I’m still waiting!


  2. Okay Laila. The afternoon is now evening. lol


    • I am so sorry guys, my teenage son and his buddy have taken me away all afternoon and evening. At this age, I am grateful he still wishes to hang with his mother…lol.

      As above, the post will be definately up tomorrow afternoon. And it is quite the story!


  3. All joking aside Laila. Family comes first. No matter what.


  4. Alright then. You got me at teenager hangin with Mum!
    Who out of the group was first to fall asleep with the Xbox controller in hand?


  5. You chose the one excuse my husband will except when he asks his daily question: “What did Laila Yuile have to say today. ”

    He wasn’t that interested in my political blogs before I started reading your articles on the ” Shadow” tolls to him.
    Now he is hooked.


  6. “At this age, I am grateful he still wishes to hang with his mother…lol. ”

    In this you are Blessed and more than forgiven


  7. There is no way to beat teenage boys and XBox games, lol…..


  8. See, we bloggers really do have the best

    I didn’t play Xbox all day and night, however, this story I was ready to put out suddenly morphed into something bigger, a new lead into a different but related story -and sometimes that is just what happens and you have to go with it to see where it leads.

    I am going to post what I have so far this morning, and then go back to working on this other story immediately.

    Granny- your comment made my heart smile. I absolutely loved the image that brought to mind, for so many reasons. Thank you. That is what it is all about. Tell your husband I am back at work this


  9. Having the best readers is but a reflection being shone back


    • Cute : )
      It is now 11:11 am, and the post is done, however I am waiting for a reply to one last query that is relevent to the story. I shall give a bit more time for the party to respond, than will be posting if nothing is heard back by 1 pm.


  10. “Cute” truth?
    Truth comes in many guises then


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