Self-conceit always leads to self-destruction…

By now you may have heard of the days events –  Bill Bennett was kicked out, literally it seems, of the caucus, perhaps even the building. CKNW has been the best source of news on this so far this afternoon, and although I never listen, today I made the exception to hear now, at least one Liberal finally speak the truth.

Gordon Campbell is a bully, a tyrant and from the sounds of it, more than a little maniacal. And I give Bill Bennett credit for speaking so openly on NW this afternoon, pulling no punches when he said all of it was ” bullshit” and that he has seen Campbell run all over other people in caucus.

Bennett also said that there is a PR spin coming out to indicate that it was a cabinet decision, as would appear to be true with this CBC quote from Kevin Falcon:

B.C. Health Minister Kevin Falcon said Bennett violated an important government protocol with his remarks about Campbell.

“It is not appropriate to be making those comments outside cabinet confidentiality of which we all swear an oath when we are signed up as cabinet ministers,” said Falcon. “Bill knows that and was warned after the first time it happened and after he continued, he unfortunately left cabinet no other option.”

Falcon,as we all know, is one of the most likely contenders for leadership of the Liberals, and the one I would least like to see in the Premiers seat since he has spent much of his career modelling himself after the premier. Now that Campbell has been outed by Bennett, Falcon has stood in support of Campbell’s decision, and we shall soon see where the rest of his loyal troupe stand – Mary Polak, Shirley Bond, Rich Coleman.

Will they answer the questions truthfully when asked if they have seen the premier act as Bennett has stated? Will they admit he holds an iron fist on his cabinet, or will they continue to follow along, the blind leading the blind?

Remember, not one of these ministers stood out and told the truth about the HST, none of them. Each and every Liberal MLA came out and publicly declared their support for the HST, and to this day, they continue to push that it is a great thing for this province.

Mary Polak is a nightmare, having done the provinces needy children and families the greatest disservice of all by literally ripping that ministry apart at the seams. Falcon, trashed the transportation ministry and mortgaged all of our children’s futures with these P3 projects that he is now pushing in the health ministry. Coleman? Well we all know Coleman’s record, or lack of it, some might say. Bond is kept busy trying to figure out how the hell to manage the mess Falcon left her.

One of my favourite quotes is by Eleanor Roosevelt:

“When you have decided what you believe, what you feel must be done, have the courage to stand alone and be counted.” 

Bill Bennett finally did it, although it took a long time. It’s just too bad that every time the rest of the Liberals get a chance to be accountable, they fail miserably. You can count most of them in with Campbell.

( I am working on a story that is taking longer than anticipated, with power outages etc due to the high winds today. More on the Ministry of transportation shortly)


19 thoughts on “Self-conceit always leads to self-destruction…

  1. Hope you haven’t spent your 15% cut in Income tax….. the BC Liberals just cut the tax…and after having El Gordo spending $240,000 to tell us that he was cutting our personal income tax.


  2. The Sadist and Masochist joke.

    Sadist: “I will beat you!”
    Masochist: “Yes please!”
    Sadist: “No”

    A fitting description of the relationship between the politicos and the electorate, Is it not?

    Over the span of my lifetime I have seen more and more freedoms eroded, Taxes and all else increase ( actually is the value of the fiat money decreasing) . Will the ever be an epiphany? Not judging by the track record.
    So a leader abdicates the seat of power only to be replaced by yet another puppet of the Power Elite written in 1956, 54 years ago. And the electorate sleep.

    Politicians are not the problem they are the symptom of the problem. First comes the realisation then and only then can the solutions come.


  3. The hits just keep on comin!
    The question is what kind of revenge is little gordie have planned?
    The government’s willful conduct. The lack of courage by all MLAs.
    It all just stinks.


  4. I hate to harp on the BC Rail thing, but is it possible that a new Liberal leader could demand a public inquiry? If we can reverse the 15% tax break and cancel the HST, then shirley we can get to the bottom of that sting?


  5. Today’s developments come as no surprise to honest observers, particularly those who knew the Premier in earlier days. Campbell’s style only worked because the Liberal caucus has been populated by male and female eunuchs. Can you imagine how Liberals selected potential candidates? Clearly, only people without spines were welcomed.

    Abusing backbenchers shows true contempt for democracy. Those people were being ordered around by non-elected appointees of the Premier. And, they took it, up until now.


  6. You’re not going to believe this, but I just did a search for the “barn” sequence on the BC Government website’s photo gallery.

    All traces of any get together between Bill Bennett and Gordon Campbell in the Chilcotin-Cariboo area behind a barn from two years ago, have been wiped out. Deleted.

    There’s a great huge hole in the date time stamped area of photos of Bennett/Campbell. Unbelievable.

    There goes the evidence, faster than a speeding train.


  7. Humour. Before the days pf the politically correct

    What gives government its “legitimacy,” its right to claim obedience from citizens?

    The film the Monty Python and the Holy Grail explains the difference between a claim based on divine right and one that rests on popular consent or sovereignty. Listen to this discussion.

    Here is the transcript in case you can’t hear it.

    Arthur: I am your King.
    Peasant woman: Well I didn’t vote for you.
    Arthur: You don’t vote for kings.
    Woman: Well how’d you become king, then?
    Arthur: The Lady of the Lake, her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite,
    held aloft Excalibur from the bosom of the water, signifying by devine providence that I, Arthur, was to carry Excalibur.
    That is why I’m your king.
    Dennis: Listen. Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.
    Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.
    Arthur: Be quiet!
    Dennis: You can’t expect to weild supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you!
    Arthur: Shut up!
    Dennis: If I went ’round sayin’ I was an emporer just because some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, they’d put me away!.

    * This clip was obtained from The Movie Sounds Page


  8. Is mental illness grounds for dissolving a government and holding an emergency election? If it isn’t, it should be. Scary what’s going on (and not) with those people in power.


  9. I had an opportunity to view the interview with Bill Bennett shortly after his cabinet dismissal. His account or explanation of campbell’s behaviour, attitude or how he is perceived to be a bully makes perfecrt sense to me. He exibits signs of a control freak during his tv interviews. Terse lips, shortness of breath. The anger is floating just below the surface.
    Quite frankly it doesn’t matter who the liebral party select as a leader. We, the citizens,empolyers of government in this province, are done with them all.
    You can save us the trouble gordie, fire them all.


  10. Long has there been chatter about Campbell’s behavior- Bill T. has a great post about another MLA had a run in with the premier, Elayne Brenzinger.

    What I see is a micromanager nut who is rapidly losing it as he sees his little empire crumbling around him. What still amazes me are the supporters who continue to rally around him, effectively slitting their own throats as they do so. He has effectively made a laughing stock out of what barely passes as government right now, which leaves me to ask, who the hell is actually steering the ship right now? Or is the province drifting aimlessly on a sea of righteous self preservation right now?


  11. Campbell a vindicative bully with emotional and personality problems – it is now being publicly stated 🙂

    A couple of definitions describing at least, aprt of Campbell’s makeup.

    Laila – if you think this inappropriate, feel free to delete same.



    1. Workforfun, free speech is the name of the game here, with the exception of explicit or otherwise offensive content : )

      I know my readers are well informed enough to make up their own minds on what they choose to read, believe or talk about! I certainly think Campbell, and many of his core supporters, have completely underestimated the depth of the electorates disdain for him, and the deceptions being perpetuated by them all. Somehow though, the timing of this is all interesting, considering the chatter about the Basi developments and possibly destruction of evidence and documents.

      Certainly, this incident has become the focus, and other issues have fallen to the side. One wonders if copies of those coveted documents dont start finding their way to other safe harbours.

      Also,many readers have already joined me on facebook, but if you haven’t, I am there and often there are some rousing topics of discussion to comment on!


  12. So what is to be done? slap yet another bandage on a gangrenous* appendage: the political system?

    I have made it my duty to take a proactive stance rather than the reactive one when it comes to matters of such great import as how we are legislated to!
    To my mind the “dead horse” remains to be beaten!
    What steps will be taken to prevent the next Campbell from gaining power over the people?

    1540s, from L. gangraena, from Gk. gangraina “an eating or gnawing sore,” lit. “that which eats away,” reduplicated form of gran- “to gnaw,” from PIE base *gras-.


  13. “Politicians are not the problem they are the symptom of the problem. First comes the realisation then and only then can the solutions come.”

    I coudn’t AGREE more! So much dis-info & mis-info EVERYWHERE which is why i dont watch TV at all! I recently became a KEYBOARD WARRIOR leaving behind dentistry! { i also graduated from U.B.C. although that’s nothing to brag about these days}

    I now focus on EDUCATION at the STREET LEVEL which includes campuses and schools. I asked a guy who works at Scotia “in the back offices” with his suit and tie and asked if he believed that banks lend out depositors money and he said YES! {I’m assuming you have seen the blockbuster CANADIAN DOCUMENTARY which is downloadable from that site, and which is ALL OVER YOUTUBE in 12 segments, which i installed on various of my websites}

    Banks actually lend NOTHING! They type zeros into the computer the moment you sign, and they will never give cash {obviously} thus, before the “typing of the zeros” that “money” did not exist! And in reality it does not.

    [1] if we all wanted to pull out our cash,at the same time, only a few percent of us would get any!

    [2] in business TRUTH is SOVEREIGN which means that IF YOU KNOW about the fraud in the bank system, you do not even need to pay back your mortgage, and you can sue them for 100’s of times the balance of your loan! This has been done and is being done as we speak!

    We need to make some noise! Even my mom is in the streets talking to everyone! Anybody reading this that lives in BC needs to step up to the plate and go HEAD-TO-HEAD with whoever is your mla and i will add your name to the website with a link back to your blog, I’m very SERIOUS about this so pleeeease help by getting active, if you are serious then it will require phoning and emailing your mla and recording phone calls and uploading. THAT’S HOW ITS DONE! 😉

    We need to ask them the questions they don’t want to answer! Finally, If you don’t know John Turmel, then you better get googling! He is a banking systems engineer and he is Canadian, and his system has been installed by him in many countries and it was his system that resulted in Argentina going from 1000% inflation to 36% almosdt over night! In summary, as it stands now, the feds are illegally taxing the provinces, we can just say no! And we should, because for every dollar we give to the feds they only give us 4 cents.

    That is a fact! People wonder why there is no money for schools and day care etc. its because of that fact just mentioned. We get fumes to run the country while these idiots make fake wars!

    Umm, I also wanted to mention that I like your blogging style. 😉

    ( Nick, I have edited out your site, and I strongly warn readers to visit these sites AT YOUR OWN RISK – I have received several emails from readers whose systems crashed after going to Nicks sites. Nick, I can’t send anyone over to you until you work on that and figure out what is causing the issue. )


  14. Thanks Nick I sometimes feel as though I’m howling into the wind.
    Re Laila’s Blogging, I am in awe of it, and her
    Let’s clone her LOL


  15. OK! So the reason my name was not clickable was exactly as I mentioned above {my mistake} might need up to 48 hours to default to the home page cuz I changed the “A” record earlier today. But is alive and kicking! And you can click on my name to get there.


    ( Nick, I edited your site link out after receiving several complaints from readers who experienced computer crashes after clicking on your link. I strongly caution any reader attempting to visit his sites, do so at your own risk!! Sorry Nick, you need to work on that before I send anyone over!)


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