“Truth is not determined by majority vote.” ~ Doug Gwyn

Want to know what I discovered when looking for a quote about truth?

That most of the quotes about truth, also mention politicians…and media –  and neither in a glowing light. Case in point:

“We allow the most atrocious lies uttered by political and moral prostitutes to go unchallenged. These lies are endlessly recycled in the commercial media until they become ingrained in the public conscience as truth. Worse than burying our heads in the sand, we bury them up our collective ass.  How do you like the view?”  ~ Charles Sullivan

After a rather frustrating weekend of dealing with a non-operative computer monitor, I have a new one, but I’m finding that it sucks badly – you get what you pay for. So, I am going to try to tolerate it long enough to get the post done that I had planned for yesterday, but honestly, we’ll have to see. And if anyone has a recommendation for a decent monitor at a family friendly price point – read”cheap” – I would appreciate it!

11 thoughts on ““Truth is not determined by majority vote.” ~ Doug Gwyn

  1. Why is it that everything we HAVE to buy is in made in china at a dirt cheap cost, and yet when it lands here the retail price reflects a price of product that was made here?
    For example,
    A rv equalizer hitch can be made in china for a landed cost of 80 bucks but is sold for 400 bucks at the retail level.


  2. Were not some of our mills sent to China? Campbell loves that cheap labor. Child labor is even more cheap. Citizen’s pay top dollar for “made in China” products. Factories go to China or India, for the cheap labor. I have a hell of a time, trying to find goods, that are not made in China. I refuse to support, child labor.


  3. I can’t help you with this one Laila, good luck! G.J.W. good on you for picking a handle. Your writing style gives you away every time, but you always have great comments.


  4. We got good deals 2nd. hand @ spitfire computers in Kamloops. I’m sure there are reputable 2nd hand places in Van. Spitfire could probably give you a lead. At any rate, with all the comments here, I’m sure you’ll get the lead you need.
    Thanks for all you do.


  5. I am so lucky to have the best readers and friends in the world – and hey, I’m back online right now!!!


    I returned the other crappy monitor, and went over to Future Shop, where they had a fantastic deal on a good LG monitor… only problem was, there was none in stock. However, the salesperson found another LG monitor that was larger, better quality that also happened to be on sale, however not for the price of the other.

    Gotta love Future Shop, because that salesman took another $10.00 off the already great sales price to make sure I went home with something at the pricepoint I needed. AND, it comes with a three year warranty. And…. I love it, and it works superbly.

    I have to thank each of you who posted your suggestions here, as well as those of you who emailed me personally with generous offers that I could not possibly accept. I consider myself very lucky to have the best readers in the world, some of whom have become friends over the time we have connected here on this blog. I really am so taken aback at how wonderful you are, old readers and friends, and new alike. May you all find your best moments this year over the holidays, and may I continue to bring you stories and news that leaves you shaking your head… and wanting more!

    John, you are a sweetie. I couldn’t wait that long with all these stories I’m working on, but how about a round of drinks and some stories while you are in town?..lol.


  6. Just a note that the quotation, although widely attributed to me, was basically just repeating Ayn Rand from many years earlier.
    Best wishes!


    1. Wow… a stunning example of honesty and truth..lol.. Thank you Douglas, for setting that straight. I do try, but every link had your name! Best wishes to you too!


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