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After many, MANY, interruptions this week- monitor woes, roof leak,and then roofers in my attic and on my roof – I have some dedicated writing time. Post hopefully up by this evening, but for now, Blog Borg Collective has some interesting stuff going on over at http://blogborgcollective.blogspot.com/2010/12/cibc-historical-effective-prime-rate.html

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  1. Ms Yuile: I’m sorry about your roof, but I’m so mad I could spit. It dawned on me today that the average working individual in this Province has NO IDEA how corrupt the BC Rail fiasco is. They are too busy raising families, going to work, hockey practices, ball games and all the other things involved in keeping the family together. The vast majority don’t have time to read all the blogs, even after the kids have gone to bed.
    C’mon Ross K, Norm Farrell and now NVD (?). You KNOW what’s happening. Can’t we the people sue for something in order to get this out where it belongs? I’m sure that there would be rioting in the streets if the general public had any idea how serious this issue is.


  2. Sorry, that was NVG, not NVD. And there are a whole bunch of others. Can’t you put your collective heads together? Is there not a higher order that hasn’t been corrupted that we can appeal to? Sorry,…to whom we can appeal?


    1. HA!!!

      I don’t know the answer to that John, I really don’t. I don’t think the legal avenue will ever happen and a public inquiry is something the current government will never allow, and the current opposition appears helpless to do anything about. that would certainly be the first question that should be put to any Liberal leadership contender. Will Falcon call one- never. Christy Clark will never call for one.. and I seriously doubt any other contender will either.

      I say this is a situation an American style grand jury would do well with. Call the people involved, compell them to testify, get to the truth. This needs to be in the hands of the people, and perhaps in the end, it will be the people who solve the mystery. There is much still to be made public in this affair.


  3. What is with the sudden formality? ” Ms. Yuile?” Good grief, you make me feel old!

    Good point, istvan, but I get the feeling many would disagree with you. Ian Reid has a good post today that highlights the massive divide in the party support, based on the comments.


    As for me, still writing…


  4. It seems to me that if someone was to PUBLICLY spell out the criminality behind the BC Rail debacle as eruditely has been done in these various posts, AND could promise a Public Inquiry they would be a slam dunk for the leadership (of either party).


  5. Thanks for the nudge John.

    Putting things together in a timelined narrative is a good idea regardless, if only to give folks a one stop shop to go to.

    For some time I thought the person who would write that would be Bill Tieleman….Clearly, his attention has, for the most part, moved elsewhere.

    I know that Norman has some ideas about how we we can work together….I will give your suggestion some serious thought.



  6. It is interesting to note that CJ has her support circle, firm in their resolve to keep their leader. The so-called 13, want a leadership convention. Can this represent the fact that the supporters (of CJ) are not open to the fact that so many voters in BC want CJ replaced, but still won’t listen to us? That the 13 are the ones who will represent us? I just don’t understand how they can ignore this really loud voice of BC voters and keep on saying that she is great etc. On-line polls suggest that those that would like to see another leader in the NDP is quite a large group, even a majority.


  7. Islandcynic…those that are firm in their resolve are likely quite happy to remain in Opposition until they decide to retire, it pays better than most any other job they’re going to find these days. It doesn’t appear to be much work, lots of travel and perks…what’s not to like?


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