” No. I won’t hold a public inquiry into BC Rail…” ” Yes, I like the HST…” ” Uh,my brother has no formal role in my campaign, but…” ~ Christy Clark, Global news interview with Randene Neil December 08th, 2010

Yes,Christy Clark certainly is telegenic – described as cute in the way chipmunks are often referred to, but like the little rodent, she doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, and appears completely opportunistic. A well known and talked about tidbit among politico’s is that she is only looking to make her way to Ottawa in the easiest way possible and she certainly demonstrated today that she has little new to offer British Columbians who are very tired of the same old Liberal tricks. And one must not forget that she was not only a rabid Campbellite during her last stint in the Legislature, she is also very closely tied to the Federal Liberals – her ex-husband Mark Marissen has been a mover and shaker for years. Her brother, Bruce Clark, has been a well-connected Federal Liberal fundraiser, and his office was searched the same day of the Legislature Raids. While he was never charged with a crime, there have been many questions left unanswered as to his role in the sale, as well as hers.

Today on Global News at noon, Randene Neil,( a favorite anchor of mine ,and one who given the chance,asks some pretty pointed questions) asked Christy Clark the most important questions most of my readers want to hear answered by every candidate in the leadership race.

Q: Will you cancel the HST?

A: I support the HST, I don’t like the way it was introduced. ( went on to state she wants to put it out there that the HST be brought back into the Leg so the caucus members can vote on it. Randene pointed out the government had their chance, and now people want their say, and pointed out that cancelling the referendum only takes the vote away from the people, and gives it back to government. Christy smoothly repeated the same statement that the MLA’s will speak and vote on behalf of their constituents which lets the people be heard…. lol )

Q: Will you call a public inquiry into the sale of BC rail?

A: No, I think the government has had their say on that ( paraphrased – she was unequivocably against a public inquiry)

Q: What about your brother Bruce Clark, who was involved in the sale, there was quite a bit of controversy there( paraphrased) Is he involved in your campaign?

A:  ( this is where Christy starts to lose her slick composure a bit, one can see she is not liking this direction or the questions)  Um, my brother is, does not have a formal role in my campaign, but he is a supporter you know…..

Ah… whatever Christy. We all see that you care not one bit about the public’s interest into this most corrupt sale, and we know why. But thanks for answering the questions a vast majority of voters wanted to hear.

Now, another thing to point out is that in this interview, Christy stated she will not get into mudslinging etc, with other candidates… but when asked why she was shooting barbs at the NDP already this morning, Christy said she will not shy away from reminding voters what it was like, what the conditions were like the last time the NDP was in power… ” We can’t let that happen again!”

Oh no, God forbid !  It’s far better to remain under the power of the Liberals who have continually had the highest child poverty rate in Canada, the lowest minimum wage and the highest cost of living, who have sold the rights to our water, rivers, provincial parks, wood…. well, you know where we are right now. See the 1oo reasons Campbell must go list above, and insert Liberal leadership candidate of your choice.

However, since Christy won’t shy away from reminding people what it was like under the NDP- allegedly – I think it is only fair to remind people what it was like when Christy was still in the legislature, busting balls and knocking over anyone in her way.

If you are a parent of a child who has special needs, like myself, then please pay attention. Christy Clark was directly responsible for making changes to the education system that, to this day, impact greatly children who require assistance in schools. Let me rephrase that, because her changes had a direct impact on all children in school, to this day. She introduced a three-year budget freeze and funding model reforms that left schools, teachers and parents scrambling as services had to be cut back to compensate for the lack of money.I have a child that is partially diagnosed and  while we are waiting for a full diagnosis to move forward, and I am lucky that he attends a smaller school where his teacher and principal are progressive and aggressive in getting him the help he needs to function in a regular classroom setting. The accommodations and efforts these educators have made are astounding, because they are dealing with two sets of systems  that seem to only present locked doors to parents of children with special needs, rather than open them. All thanks to Christy Clarks ambitions to be seen as a radical politician who wasn’t afraid to do what needed to be done, and to make a name for herself.

She managed to accomplish both, proving to be a politician willing to make radical cuts without consultation, and made a name for herself as a ruthless champion for the Liberal ideal that promotes business and does nothing for families.

Take a look at who two of her big backers are : Bob Rennie and Peter Wall. Real estate and development. What does that tell you? Sound familiar…https://lailayuile.wordpress.com/2009/06/29/the-key-to-the-bc-rail-sale-lays-in-premier-gordon-campbells-beginnings-in-real-estate-and-land-development/

Christy Clark is just more of the same Liberal brand in a package that is more palatable to the public visually. Forget she’s a mother now, that means nothing, because she was a mom when she was in the leg. In fact, she went back to work only a few short weeks after giving birth. Forget she has been running an anti- bullying campaign every year she has been on CKNW- she was the biggest bully of all to parents, teachers and sadly enough, children –  while she was in charge of the Ministry of Education. Forget the whitened smile, the perky mannerisms, and look to her actual record during her time in the Legislature, and on air. More importantly, look to the speech given to supporters at her launch today at SFU, and examine what she is really saying here.

I did. This speech is a heck of a lot of puff and fluff, sounds like something ,but really nothing but a stunning example of what life will be like with Christy Clark at the helm. And it sounds just like Campbell. ( red inserts are mine, as I see it.)


Today, I am announcing my intention to become leader of the BC Liberal Party.  And with that honour comes a far bigger responsibility – premier of our province. ( ..”at last I get my chance like Patrick said I would! “)
Why am I in this race?  Why am I asking for support? First, I believe British Columbians are seeking new leadership.  And by that I don’t just mean leadership in the form of any one individual. ( she means”  I just want to get to Ottawa, and this is the fastest way for me to get there”)

I am talking about the kind of leadership that seeks to put more power in the hands of everyday citizens.  One that fosters a more participatory style of government.
And, for us BC Liberals, it’s about rediscovering our roots. ( In the mud) Where people come together to debate, perhaps disagree, and in the end forge common ground to make BC better. To me, leadership is about listening to individual voices – no matter how small, no matter what language, no matter what income – so that people can be included in and optimistic about the future that we all share.  ( Gee,Campbell said nearly the exact same thing)
And this is core of who I am. ( we know, we know, a Liberal federally and provincially)  My mother was a family counsellor, and my dad a school counsellor.  They committed themselves every day to helping people find a way through the turmoil of their lives.
My dad, in particular, worked to help kids stay in school and stay positive – to see the opportunities out there, even if their own worlds were touched by poverty, addiction and neglect.
It was their belief in the underdog that made me so passionate about public service.  And it’s why I entered politics. ( and didn’t complete a degree at any of the universities she ( studied at…)
As an MLA, my duty was to represent my community to government – not the other way around.  To listen to families, to embrace constituents’ concerns as my own, and to help them see a better future. And while I think I did a good job for my constituents over my nine years as their MLA,( your constituents didn’t)  I felt, like many do, that the system was too often, and for too many people and their families, closed and unresponsive. ( like your behavior as education minister)
And I never lost my resolve to work to change that.
As you know, I took time away from politics. ( to try and make people forget about how ruthless I was in politics)   Over the past four and half years, I hosted a province-wide radio program.  From that studio, I connected British Columbians to each other and to the issues that concern them.
We did a lot together.  Listeners and I took a stand against bullying. We challenged the system to respond.  We argued for concerted efforts, in every school, to support kids who are bullied and to make the teaching of compassion an essential part of the educational experience.
On my program, we challenged people to confront issues and hard realities.  And as the success of our anti-bullying programming showed, it wasn’t just talk. ( one of the moms at my sons school asked me if you did that only to remake your image – since you are now using it to campaign, what do I tell her Christy?)
My experience on air, outside the cocoon of Victoria, gave me a fresh perspective.  I learned that government in this province needs to be better about tuning in to the families of BC.
And this is the second big reason for my candidacy – it’s families.  I believe families – big and small – are the foundation of our society. It’s where we learn compassion, kindness and respect – all of the things that are most important for a civil society. ( and a civil government, I might add. Not something the Liberals have demonstrated in the last few years)
Some have said it takes a village to raise a family. I say it takes families to raise a village.
Making sure government establishes a better connection with families is crucial.  But this only matters if it leads to action. And my commitment to you is this: if elected leader of our party and premier of our province, my government will act on a families first agenda. ( sounds familiar…eerily so.. see this interview with Campbell where he says he plans to put Families First…lol http://www.bcbusinessonline.ca/node/4317 )
Throughout this leadership race, I want to connect with party members – new and old, undecided and unsung – on a series of important issues and how they impact BC families.
We’ll talk a lot about the importance of maintaining a strong economy, of innovation and productivity.
We’ll talk about the resource sector – an area of the economy that so many families across BC depend on to put bread on the table.  A sector that relies heavily on government getting the regulatory and financial framework right.  ( yep, she is going to sell everything we have,just like Campbell, just taking a different spin on it here)
We’ll talk about supporting rural communities and supporting the way of life in which so many British Columbians raise their families.
We’ll talk about health care and the fact that our system only works if costs are managed, while being innovative and imaginative about service delivery and, most importantly, if patients remain at the centre of healthcare policy. ( read innovative as private sector, just like Falcon. )

On education we’ll talk about how parents, not government, are the primary decision makers when it comes to their children’s education. And my record here is very clear: ( sure is, all it takes is a quick google to find out all the horrific changes you made )  I believe a strong public education system requires greater choice and control for parents to choose the type of education that works for their kids. ( she really likes private schools)
I will also talk with party members about the diversity of BC’s families.  We are richer for it, and we need to nurture it.  I want the world to see British Columbia as the most dynamic place to be.
Where there’s always something new going on.  Where we don’t just live at the cross-roads of the world, we thrive in it.
And yes, we’ll also talk about the HST. ( here it comes, the spin.. don’t get dizzy! )
Like most British Columbians, I feel the HST process was fatally flawed from the outset. I am very concerned about the implications of proceeding with a tax that the public is so upset about, as well as the implications of killing a tax that is going to cost us billions.
These are huge decisions to make.  And I want deal with them as expeditiously as possible to bring an end to the uncertainty that’s stalling important investments, large and small.
There is no magic wand for the HST.  It is tempting, I’m sure, to put off the day of reckoning until after the referendum or to sell the HST back to you with your own tax dollars.
But that would be repeating the same mistake government already made – to develop an HST position without consulting you.
Over the course of this leadership campaign, I am going to listen to BC Liberals and talk to caucus members.  I am going to make a personal commitment to engage in the type of consultation that we all should have had in the first place.
My view is that the HST issue is less a financial issue and more an issue of public trust. Today there is an opportunity to be different, to set a different course.
The other candidates in this race have proposed moving up the referendum on the HST. I agree that British Columbians want this issue solved as quickly as possible.
But there is another option that I would like to put to party members. One that turns the page on this issue efficiently and democratically. Let’s consider putting the same question proposed for the upcoming referendum to a free vote of the members of the Legislature:
And as you know, it starts like this: “that this House is in favour of extinguishing the Harmonized Sales Tax…
If this motion is successful, we would notify the federal government immediately that we intend to withdraw from the HST.  We would give 18 months notice and negotiate to allow for us to withdraw earlier than the five year agreement currently allows.
This means going back to the PST and GST.  But then I would close this file for at least five years. British Columbia needs certainty.
This option has been canvassed by caucus in the past.  But a lot has changed – both parties are choosing new leaders.  And a lot hasn’t – the public remains firmly opposed to the HST.
Today’s reality is that the HST referendum would fail.  So let’s talk about it and not put our head in the sand.  And let’s consider how we restore certainty to the economy.  And let’s consider how to make the economy more productive AND restore public trust.  This is a debate that is overdue among BC Liberal members.
Let’s remember, a revitalized NDP is not going to give the BC Liberal Party a mulligan on the HST. ( maybe not, but they will give us back our province )
Well before this campaign is over, I will come back to members of this party and lay out what I think is the best option for moving forward – after I have travelled the province and listened to the members of our party and the public. ( yes, after all that ballyhoo above, she won’t commit to crap. She likes the HST )
And, at the end of the day, whatever the decision on the HST is, we have to redouble our efforts to strengthen the economy. It will only be through a growing economy that we can sustain the services British Columbians value and the standard of living we expect.
My government would invest aggressively in infrastructure.( will that be through P3’s Christy, the same ones Falcon has mortgaged the provincial coffers on via the Enron model of book-keeping? )   My government would take a renewed and creative look at investment tax credits. ( yep, foreign investments, my bet)   My government would look to reduce the regulatory burden. ( just so all those big profit making corportation have an easier time making all that money)And my government would work to expand interprovincial trade and cooperation. ( which expands on Campbells TILMA movement … more of the same here)
Just as I’m not going to announce an HST policy formed on the back of an envelope, nor will I do the same with the major challenges facing BC.  I have views on these issues, but I don’t have all the answers. I know the answers are in the hearts of British Columbians. ( in other words, you won’t commit to anything because then you can’t be called a liar, or be accused of breaking promises down the road )
I will tap into the talent that is found in our caucus, riding associations and among our grassroots supporters.  And I will listen to the public, as I have been doing day in and day out for the past four and a half years. ( You mean, of the callers your producer actually let through?)
Our party has tremendous potential to find solutions to complex challenges. ( your party has only a tremendous potential to sell off what is left of our natural bounty) We have a true coalition of people from all corners of BC, and all walks of life.
That’s why I look forward to engaging with our party, our coalition, and will lay out my ideas in the coming weeks.  My ideas can only get better listening to people around BC.  And my vision will be outlined for all to see before you cast your ballot on February 26th.
My vision will be focused on families.  Now, the NDP likes to say that they have cornered the market on the working man and woman.  That only they stand for the average citizen.
The NDP doesn’t stand for families in our province.  They stand for themselves.  They protect their own elite.  And they cannot be given the chance to wreck our province again. ( Gee Christy, protecting our elite? Kind of like the pot calling the kettle black, no? Kind of like Campbell and his buddies, no? Or like why you won’t call a public inquiry into the sale of BC Rail? Isn’t THAT all about protecting your own elite? )
I was in the Opposition trenches in the toughest five years – from 1996 to 2001 – building the coalition one rubber chicken dinner at a time to evict the NDP from power.  And I was in government as Deputy Premier and on the Treasury Board when the toughest choices were made to clean up the mess the NDP left behind. ( false, so false Christy. Let’s chat about facts, shall we, in a future post)
Let’s not forget how our families suffered under the NDP economy of spiralling debt and a collapsing job market.  They ruined our economy once and put our families under the gun — our job is to make sure that never happens again. ( Where have you been all this time Campbell has been in power? Look around Christy, he put every family under the gun, and our economy has only begun to suck – wait until the truth behind these off the book P3 finances is released)
The NDP thinks they can change leaders and change the channel — I won’t let them do it.   This is a time we need to take the fight to them — we won’t let them hide their connections to big unions, hide their agenda to raise taxes, hide their love of big government. ( The Liberals think they can change leaders and change the channel – well I won’t let them do it Christy. This is the time we need to fight you, and the others, and I won’t let you hide your connections to big corporations and businesses, or hide the real reason the Liberals like to cut personal taxes, and I certainly won’t let you hide the fact you love to make decisions without consensus, as your past record most visibly demonstrates! )
I will take the fight to them so they can’t hammer our businesses and stick it to our families.
But, I know that it’s not good enough for us to ask voters in our province to simply vote against the NDP – as important as that is.  We need to give them something to vote for.   That’s our challenge and I know we are up to the task.
Let me conclude with some words about our premier. ( get ready for some MAJOR ass-kissing. She must have had to wipe her nose on this one.)
This is a man who served for 25 years in public life, who did his very best and had tremendous success.  Politics is tough, and most do not emerge unscathed.  Those who do probably didn’t walk the road less travelled.
Gordon Campbell deserves our most sincere gratitude for the incredible effort he made for all of us.  He built the coalition that I am committed to strengthening.
He built a party where people left their federal cards at the door and worked to put power in the people’s hands and keep power out of NDP hands.   He built a modern day coalition through inclusion not exclusion.
In 2001, he and our team were elected with some core principles that sustained us:
Manage costs so that we don’t burden our children with debt. ( again, Falcon ensured all our kids are going to have to deal with a provincial financial burden)
Keep taxes low so that people have more money in their pockets.(and reduce revenue in government, contriving a financial crisis… I already did that story)
Get government out of the way of businesses so they can innovate, imagine and succeed. ( concert properties, and all the other firms he has assisted)
Put the focus of health care on patients. ( at least, the ones not waiting or dying in hallways)
Put the focus of education on students. ( good God, have you no shame Christy? )
That was our formula to make BC better.  And the proof is in the pudding.  BC is far better off today than when the NDP governed this province. ( clearly, she was spinning so much when she wrote this, she lost hold of the truth somewhere….
And I’ll tell you another thing – I would much rather take over from Gordon Campbell than do what he had to do, which was take over from the mess left by the NDP.
We need to build on what the government has achieved and re-earn the public’s trust where trust has been eroded.( not going to happen, mark my words)
And if I’m the chief coalition builder BC Liberals choose, I promise to do that with new leadership and with BC families at the heart of the project.
It’s time to write our own history for BC. ( will it be as fake as the Campbell wrote, or even more detached from reality?)
I ask BC Liberals to join me.  Let’s choose new leadership.  And let’s lead together.
Thank you.

65 thoughts on “” No. I won’t hold a public inquiry into BC Rail…” ” Yes, I like the HST…” ” Uh,my brother has no formal role in my campaign, but…” ~ Christy Clark, Global news interview with Randene Neil December 08th, 2010

  1. Gee Laila, in the blood sport of BC Politics you are not even giving Christy a sport chance to prove she should not be appointed premier.
    Do admit her answer on the trhe HST and BSR leave a lot to be desired.
    We pretend there are free votes in the legislature but the reality is a lot of pressure is applied to the party faithful to be faithful the party – to many politicians do not understand their job, their job is to represent the people and not impose their will on the people.
    On the BCR she is in a conflict of interest situation and any comment to anyone should be challenged.
    As much as the other candidates are unfir for the job Christy LPalinClark is probably the most unfit


  2. You scared me Norm, I didn’t realize you were being facetious at first – let’s face it the bullcrap is flying fast and furious this week from all directions.

    As to Christy’s speech – you’re a stronger man than I Laila (and you’re a woman) because I cannot actually read the whole thing without a fertilizer shovel and a clothes pin for my nose. What an outright pack of lies and bullshit.

    As stoopid as Christy’s imaginary free vote in the Ledge (do they actually still have one, or did they sell the building to Bob Rennie or someone?) the criticism for it from both sides is just as senseless.

    One of the LIbs cries that it can’t be done after three readings and all (right pal) and Ralston calls it gibberish. Actually an early vote in the house with the MLA’s actually voting the way their constituents showed them they felt with the petition would make much more sense than the 30 million dollar referendum to verify what the public has already said. However they would just pretend to actually debate the issue, pound their desks and yell at each other an consider it now implemented “democratically.”

    Revolution draws closer by the day……..

    Cluck Cluck is the female version of Campbell – for sure!


  3. Lol… Norm,I call first blood this time. Anyone who has kids in school and sees the issues with budgets etc… can trace it all back to Christy Clark. That is fact, not fiction, despite the way she likes to recall and spin her time in the ledge on her website. Good comment, you got Koot going!

    Lynn, what more can I add to your statement? Nothing..lol…

    Koot- Had to post that speech passed onto me by a pal at SFU who turned out to see the show. Quite the pile of ballyhoo, especially the bit about the HST that really doesnt even make sense. Back and forth, back and forth, she waffles more than the Eggo factory on how to spin it.

    My readers have consistently asked for a public inquiry into BC rail, the removal of the HST and a full look at the secret documents in Falcon’s pet P# projects.

    I’m going to edit her speech a little…. see you in a bit!


  4. What Christie Clark doesn’t mention nor have any other candidates mentioned is that there is a recall process going on in this province as we speak and the very reason for the recall is that 700,000 B.C. voters took time to sign an anti HST petition to remove this tax. There is no room here to talk about what she should do or research alternatives nor turn it back to the Legislature! They refused! absolutely refused to debate the hst or give it it’s Legislative due so the people rebelled and are not in the mood for more thinking from the likes of Christie Clark about it. That option left the table months ago and the HST is being dealt with.
    No need to deal with a B.C. Rail hearing??
    There is every reason for a BC rail public hearing and I believe any person looking for the Premier’s job in this province is going to have to promise one because as with the HST the people will demand that.
    We don’t want to hear about her Mom and Dad, or her childhood we want to hear about these important issues and what’s to be done about them.
    People deserve to know what went down with BC. Rail and won’t allow that swept under the rug so you better be ready Christie!


  5. Campbell’s corrupt sale of the BCR, absolutely needs to be further investigated. The RCMP were asked, but refused to do so. De Jongs covering up, of the corrupt sale, and, then has the gall to force the bill on to the tax payers?? You dammed right there needs to be a further investigation, of that fraudulent sale. Christy Clark, is spiteful and arrogant. Anyone who did not agree with Campbell, are called the Taliban. She is a clone, of Campbell’s nasty streak. She will be no different than Campbell. I just can’t stomach her.


  6. Great job Ms Yuile! I urge everyone to re-read your June 29/09 blog on BC Rail. It is so apropros at this time when so many are getting diverted by the HST boondoggle. And so current a year later, except the part where you agree to be an MLA. (What happened? You’d wipe the floor with C.C.!) I’m discouraged by the apparent lack of progress – it seems not to have advanced a whit. However its encouraging to see that most, if not all, the protagonists are still on board. “All aboard!” as they used to say.


  7. Dear Laila; Firstly I must say you have proven once again that you are as erudite as you are beautiful,(and I’m not just saying that so this will get posted……OK I am but I used to be a liberal,…and it’s true). I’d like to add something informed and insightful to your comments section but I think you and the other contributors pretty well covered the liberal,neo-con,crisis creating Christy Craps history/agenda. Not that much more can’t be said and should be said.
    Anyway, thank you so much for all your hard work, research, and the even handed way you,(with facts), slag the dirt bags no matter their political stripe.
    Please keep up the peerless work, you truly are a font of knowledge and an asset to humanity.
    P.S. Isn’t unmitigated gall the prime requisite for a lib,baaaa, leader.


  8. Move over Quebec! A Basi/Virk Public Inquiry will prove McLeans Magazine assessment of ‘most corrupt Province’ rightfully belongs here – in Beautiful BC. Hope you don’t have long to wait!


  9. A typo Laila – BC has the highest child poverty rate I believe. Other than that this is your usual well written and enlightening commentary.
    What is particularly scary to me is where she says “…whatever the decision on the HST is, we have to redouble our efforts to strengthen the economy. It will only be through a growing economy that we can sustain the services British Columbians value and the standard of living we expect.
    My government would invest aggressively in infrastructure. My government would take a renewed and creative look at investment tax credits. My government would look to reduce the regulatory burden…” In other words the more things change the more they stay the same. There will be no relief from expensive, environmentally disastorous freeway and other projects. A friend to big business all the way for all her talk of families, and more deregulation to the detriment of environmental controls protecting the interests of those that cannot speak for themselves like endangered species…..


  10. Not trying to monopolize space here but I just got to see the video of Randene’s interview as I had to work today.
    I think Randene did a great job, precious!
    Kind of reminded me of a good ole Clint Eastwood shootout.
    The good/ the bad and ugly.
    Randene Neil/ Christie Clark
    Very sweet indeed!
    Sorry to crowd blog space.


  11. Laila, I found it interesting her talking about how she would listen to people and have real debates… because if you ever listen to her show you would notice that callers who disagree with her, get yelled at and hung up on.

    I also thought her comment on the NDP no matter which leader being just the same old people beating up BC was a farce, since if you said that about the BC Liberal party it would be so much more fitting. The only thing they didn’t beat up and sell out was big business.

    I find her reporting / news talk was a farce too, an obvious Liberal bias to slander the NDP and promote propaganda for the Campbell Liberals.

    Now, if we’re talking which politicians are cute, Christy Clark does not ring my bell (she only makes my blood boil), now let’s talk about Jenny Kwan…


  12. I wont trust any poltician who wont agree to full open public inquiry into the BC Rail case from the sale right into the deal to end it , that and HST is a scam Clarks as bad as Campbell – she just wears skirts and acts pissy .


  13. This from Anu Garg’s A Word A Day list:
    I have known a vast quantity of nonsense talked about bad men not looking you in the face. Don’t trust that conventional idea. Dishonesty will stare honesty out of countenance, any day in the week, if there is anything to be got by it. —Charles Dickens

    My wife and I were just tucking into a salad when Christy started in with comments about how bad the NDP had been as managers of the economy. I hit the mute button and turned away from the television. The disparity between her spew and what the auditor general had to say is too glaring and painful. The willful ignorance of the electorate and the lack of challenge on the facts by Randene and her employers ensures that the Disney interpretation of the Liberal reign goes into the books as the accepted version. Thanks so much for providing a sane alternative based on knowledge of those deeds that would surely end in extended stays as a guest of Her Majesty (gaol, not the Leg) for all those complicit in this decade-long crime spree were the citizenry to truly understand the breadth and depth of the damage.


  14. DonF. – You aren’t hogging anything ,so comment away, please, your views and opinions are important reminders to those who read what people in BC are thinking about and find important.

    I do find it interesting that very few mainstream media with the exception of Randene Neil, have put thes questions to the other candidates.

    Linda- spot on. I do believe Christy’s on air statements and assertions will come back to haunt her, and that she has underestimated the memory of many British Columbians. Taliban indeed! She needs to take a hard look in the mirror right now.

    Mr. Aghast, thank you kindly dear sir. You know I aim to please..lol. The link John refers to is this one in the article above : https://lailayuile.wordpress.com/2009/06/29/the-key-to-the-bc-rail-sale-lays-in-premier-gordon-campbells-beginnings-in-real-estate-and-land-development/

    It is the key to the whole deal. Along with the article I located that states how much of the proceeds were used for the first phase of the sea to sky, it gives you a full look at what happened with that railway, It was a victim of greed and the 2010 olympic bid.

    ( you can read all those stories, the Sea to Sky series, on the best of page)

    Thanks Bernadette, I have corrected it several times actually, the system seems to not accept it. I see it is ok now, but if it reverts back, let me know. Gremlins in the blog, I guess – ( they must be Liberal)..lol.

    I know, she bills herself as the ” new sensation” more like ” The same old song ..”

    Jon, the woman has nothing on her mind but what she can get out of being in the premiers office. She is ambitious, and ruthless when it comes to furthering her own personal goals,which I can guarantee you, have nothing to do with the people of BC. She only wants the fastest route to the Prime Ministers seat.

    Gee Jim glad to hear Jenny Kwan rings your bell…lol.. just kidding. I do find it funny when a woman runs, her looks are always mentioned if she is at all attractive, not so much for men with the exception of Gregor. He is far too pretty for my taste.
    And yes, this speech is strikingly hilarious, in my opinion. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    Crusty old carpenter, thank you for the flattering commentary, but I don’t put much stock in looks!! I am glad you enjoy my writing and opinions, hope to see you more often, and not because of the compliments, but because the more we share our opinions ,the more people in power listen.

    SB, I doubt any Liberal, anywhere, would agree to a public inquiry. Ain’t going to happen. Now, this is why I think we should have a similar version of a Grand Jury here in Canada, to handle things like this. Put everyone involved on the hot seat, compell them to testify, and go from there.

    There are too many careers on the line with BC Rail. And Christy is among those in the line of fire.

    Dan, thank you for sharing- I can see you hitting that mute button..lol.. Talk about ruining a good salad..

    This is why in the end, I feel very confident. Facts speak louder than spin, and there are so many great independent writers like myself who are working with facts, that it is going to be hard for the Liberals to overcome some very inconvenient truths that are coming to light.

    I can’t say much, but I have a big story coming in January that has a very good possibility of ending at least one leadership bid. Again, simply dealing with the facts. Can’t lie enough to cover everything up. The fact Patrick Kinsella is one of her biggest supporters- the Sun mentioned that today in a piece by Doug Ward, speaks volumes don’t you think? Is this what the people of BC want, more Kinsella?

    READ THIS story I did last year on Kinsella, a most revealing look at the man, the company, and what I call The Kinsella Connection…. ( still can’t fix the formatting on this one. like facebook, I posted this when updates were being introduced and for whatever reason ,it could never be corrected. )

    What is interesting, is the reaction in the comments. Still is, actually!


  15. Let’s not let Christy forget that she was part and parcel of government when all this was done:

    * $2 billion for a reckless tax giveaway to the wealthy and big corporations
    * $12.2 million for stockbrokers. In mid-December the Campbell government quietly slipped a $12.2 million cut through a fee reduction for the BC Securities Commission
    * $9 million on the unnecessary, regressive and widely-criticized referendum on treaties
    * over $3 million on the largest cabinet in BC history
    * half a $million for a “liberal” pay raise for Campbell’s political staffers in their first week
    * public figures for the Hamish Marissen-Clark taxpayer-funded nursery at the BC Legislature not available
    * $30,000 on perqs for Liberal MLAs ($6000 for each chair of backbench committee)
    * over $500,000 and counting in Patronage appointments for BC Liberal Party president Andrew Wilkinson and Campbell transition team chair, Larry Bell
    * $300,000 and counting for one single severance package – with thousands more to come
    * $275,000 and counting on the scripted PR events called “open cabinet meetings ($27,500/meeting)
    * over $400,000 to outside consultants Western Management Consulting for “expert advice” on how to treat all the public service employees they’re slashing
    * $108,000 per year on the Wastebuster website that is yet to bust anything and is merely a glitzy version of a pre-existing NDP government site. ADD the cost of handling each Wastebuster submission at $300 to $500 per submission and it’s its own boondoggle
    * over $100,000 to some lucky company for Campbell’s PR drive to “brand BC”
    * priceless: Before slashing BC’s civil service, Gordon Campbell gave the top managers, deputy-ministers, a 32 per cent raise and raised the pay for chairs of crown corporations by up to 750% — on top of the raises for their own political hacks and backbenchers.


  16. Righto…. as I just mentioned above, read that link about Kinsella, and you just get more of the same old, same old.

    I would love to hear how Christy plans to do anything different when everything she has preached, stated and planned, is the mirror image of Campbell during his campaigning….. Same names in different places in some cases.

    Christy, as are all the leadership candidates for each party, is always welcome to join me for a one on one chat to address my readers concerns….


  17. Christie Clarke seems to me to be in a cloud about the realities taking place in B.C. She seems to not fit anymore, the used car salesman, seller of wonder oil for our ache and pains. Cheap useless bobbles to offer.
    It’s amazing how the climate has changed in B.C. politics since she has been away, words that would have worked four or five years ago are now rendered useless but still she tries to pass them off.
    This change is attributed to one reason and one reason only and that reason is that the people of British Columbia are waking up! It is getting harder to con them with Christie Clark type spin because now people are really listening. They are not only listening they are dissecting every word and discovering the smoke and mirrors that lay beneath.
    Gone truly are the days for the likes of Gordon Campbell and Christie Clark. The interesting thing about all this is that in a way they forced us or enabled the people to wake up by the abuse they put on our children and poor, the arrogance they showed and total lack of consciousness of our sick and deprived, their totally blatant lack of concern for our environment and assets belonging to the people of B.C.
    Today I hear the ICBA [independent contractors business association] is running adds and fighting the Anti HST recall with millions of members dollars, business now fighting the people!!! Couple this with the fact that neither B.C. political party has a standing leader one get’s a vague squint into the picture we are about to see as it all plays out.
    All this because one thing changed in B.C., the people are waking up.
    Politics won’t be the same again here nor will people return to the sleep they enjoyed before, too much is at stake.
    My two cents to Christie Clark would be you are yesterday”s smelly waste and in B.C. people are taking out the garbage.


  18. I only mentioned that I thought Jenny Kwan was more attractive because I keep reading people say well at least Christy is hot (or the cute comment at the top), and I just don’t see where they’re coming from, not to be offensive or anything, it’s definitely irrelevant.

    There was one guy who called in to Bill Goods show and said if Christy become premiere that he will move back to Scotland. I understand his feelings.


  19. I can understand the mans feelings as well (back to Scotland)…I`m trying to decide where to go..maybe Germany. Good God what a goofy place. I don`t mean that old ” Oh it`s just wacky ole B.C. politics” schtick..I`m wondering if the place isn`t a particularly evil and soulless place…a wasteland.


  20. I think Ms.Yuile,that you had better leave Mr.Kinsella out of this completely if you have any brains at all.Who he backs is no one’s business but his and Ms. Clark’s.I suggest strongly that you remove the link to the Kinsella Connection immediately.I’m sure you understand that it is for the best.


  21. Anonymous, I’m only going to say this once, so listen well.

    The link stays for those who are not aware of who Patrick Kinsella is, and what he does – and the media has been reporting he is involved in supporting her campaign. There are still many unanswered questions as to his role with BC rail, and here is another link you might object to, but again, is still relevant http://billtieleman.blogspot.com/2009/03/what-did-bc-liberal-party-insider.html

    I find it very amusing that he is supporting Christy. Birds of a feather certainly do flock together, don’t they?

    Christy definately has a right to have Kinsella behind her…. and the public has a right to know what his relationship has been with the BC Liberals and other agencies and corporations in the past.

    I’m sure YOU understand that is for the best…


  22. Thank you anonymouse!! I never bothered to look at the link until you threatened Laila!

    Now I’ll be sure to share it with others as well. Thanks for your public service.


  23. anon 8:28……hahahaha

    Brace your little self.
    You and your buddies better run out and get some Depends.

    Your new sensation Christy thinks she can see Ottawa from her house…..

    Laila – you’re our hero!


  24. Good on you Laila !

    To Anonymous 8.28 – go and stand in the corner with a “Dunces cap” on.

    Bullying and threats do not go down well on these forums.

    Don’t forget that the your post and threats can be easily traced and the appropriate action taken.

    Leave peace loving and honest people alone – to care about the world we all live in.

    Thanks Laila.


  25. ( “All te snakes crawl at night that’s what they say
    When the sun goes down then the sneaks will play”)
    anonymous, December 10, 2010 , 8:28 am
    Pretty well covers it eh, lowlife?


  26. I disagree firmly with anonymous, it is everyone’s business what Christie’s relationship is with Mr.Kinsella. He is well known for aiding an abetting Mr. Campbell’s agenda and for lot’s of taxpayer’s cash!
    I don’t think the public wants another round of that same agenda from Christie Clarke so it is very reasonable to investigate this relationship.
    The last nine years have been ripe with intimidation and fear tactics. Absolute arrogance an pillaging on the governments part of which Mr. Kinsella has been a major player so the more we know about his involvement in what’s coming the better.
    Intimidation should become a thing of the past so threats on blogs like this have no place. If these people are on the up and up they shouldn’t feel threatened by us.
    Christie Clarke is running a campaign based on families, this relationship makes me question just what she means by that?


  27. 8;28 thanks from me also. I never looked at that link either until you posted. I thought he was just your run of the mill Liberal sleazebag but now I know Kinsella and Christy Clark are at the top of the garbage heap and as far as your veiled threat goes, why don’t you post your identity? What are you a man or a mouse? Squeek up.


    1. See, anonymous, we work as a team here… : )

      Thanks everyone, I’m not worried, the last time I blogged about Kinsella and his racehorse the same thing happened- more targeted to Kinsella than Christy, I believe, but then again we did have some Liberal trolls here last night. Not under a proxy server either, so either not that smart, or very, very confident….
      But… since so many missed that link the first time, let me post it again for you! https://lailayuile.wordpress.com/2009/04/11/the-kinsella-connection-it%e2%80%99s-no-secret-that-patrick-kinsella-is-one-of-gordon-campbell%e2%80%99s-closest-friends/

      As we all agree, nice to know who has Christy’s back… and why. Alex Tsakumis pledges to have the story of the year concerning Christy’s involvement in the BC rail deal… so the timing of this Kinsella reminder has turned out to be quite timely.

      I’ll be around. Right now I am taking a break from researching, and fighting with a string of Christmas lights that seemed to have mysteriously knotted themselves up over the last year…. grrr.


  28. Let me throw this back to Anonymous as a way of explanation, please bear with me!
    You say”who he backs is no ones business but his and Ms Clarks,” I say that is not so.
    There are things, say about yourself that are none of my business, your sexual orientation or preference perhaps, your hobbies, food you prefer etc. However if you are a child molester, rapist, murderer in our society you have crossed a line and now it becomes my right to know so as to protect myself.
    Ms Clark is running for public office, a position that by it’s nature demands transparency and honesty. Ms Clark will be paid by the public dole and paid quite handsomely I might add and for that pay the public have a right to demand that her dealings with the public purse should be an open book there for the public to scrutinize and decide if that elected official does in fact have the public’s interest in mind and is making best use of their money. Too many politicians ignore this fact.
    Ms. Clark has stated that she won’t call for a public hearing of the BC Rail scandal, that the Government has decided this. What she fails to see is that the public will decide that and that the public, very much so, doesn’t feel that scandal has been dealt with at all but that it must be. In comes Mr. Kinsella to the picture, a person at the heart of the BC Rail scandal and a person who has some answering to do for his involvement in not only that scandal but many issues for which the public are now seeking answers. Christy Clark involvement with this person should and does raise many question for those of us trying to get transparency from these people.
    The fact that they and yourself fell no need to explain this relationship and pass it of as none of our business speaks volumes about that relationship and what kind of leadership we can expect from Ms.Clark. The refusal to explain this relationship speaks much louder than any words possibly could in fact! At a time when Ms. Clark should be distancing herself from involvement in the sale of B.C. rail she blatantly draws major players in that scandal into her fold and the message from you is it’s none of my dammed business!
    Of all I have written I would ask that the point you consider most important is that the ‘only’ people who consider BC rail as being dealt with are politicians of the Liberal Stripe. No one else shares this view, we are in fact adamant a reckoning has to and will be.
    Of all what Ms. Clark has to say now or in the future she will speak loudest to me with her silence and the things she won’t address, that is where the real truth will be found!


  29. Words pour from Cristy Clark’s mouth like cheap toilet paper and once used for the dirty deed get thrown away and disposed of. There is nothing to hear in them.
    What screams the loudest and where the truth will be found is in the words she won’t say, the issues she refuses to deal with, that is where we should be listening. There the sound is deafening!


  30. When someone runs for public office or even in a case like this where the winner will be awarded a public office by a private organisation their personal life and connection are important.for the public to know. It called public life for a reason, of course the relationship with Kinsella should be known. Kinsella is known to be a big part of BC politics, if PalinClark wins we will in part also be getting Kinsella. In the same way of course the government/bcr dealings of her brother and who she was married to are important for the public to know.


  31. Just charming….Threats, Laila and I are fighting the good fight and we get hammered on both sides.

    It won`t take long for the public to see through Christy…

    And with Kevin Falcon polling at minus- 23%..De Jong minus -21%..Abbot minus- 2%…Moira Stilwell minus-8%

    See the pattern, repeat those negatives in 85 ridings.

    “I like our Chances”

    Let`s keep our eye on the prize.


  32. I hope the public doesn’t fall for her crap, I really would hate to live in Christies province. Her plan on the HST is just a joke.. I know it’s what Vanderzalm wants, but if they do take it to the legislature they will vote to keep it. Of course, I don’t know that any of the new options will stick with Campbells promise (which isn’t worth much) that it will be a simple majority. I sure hope the BC Liberals are destroyed. They should also be made to change their name to a more suiting name. They aren’t true liberals.


  33. 8:28 – you have got to be kidding! What is this, 1920’s Chicago??? Get a life man!

    Who he backs is everyone’s business, and you have just succeeded in drawing that to everyone’s attention, you dolt! Man, some people’s kids……


  34. There are four web sites that helped destroy Gordon Campbell

    The Story of Campbell’s alleged Mistress and the ten year violation of the Members Conflict of Interest Act


    The destruction of BC lawyer Karl Eisbrenner and his 188 senior citizen clients

    The destruction of Dr/ John david Kuntz


    The Water War Crimes and the secret give away of BC water resources to California

    (edited for libel- Laila)|


  35. Someone said:
    At a time when Ms. Clark should be distancing herself from involvement in the sale of B.C.

    She “should” be distancing herself, but she CAN’T! It is one of the many anvils hanging around her neck. If she were any deeper into the BC Rail Scam she would be tied to the g**D*** track. Her husband was visited the day of the raid, her and Bornmannnnnn are virtually twins separated at birth, she along with Collins and Reid found better things than public life to occupy themselves after the infamous Ledge Raids and she was already lawyered up expecting to be called as a witness at the aborted trial. If a CN train came by I would expect to see her driving it.

    CGHZD, said:

    Christy Clark………. Sara Palin on crack.

    I like it, but may I suggest

    Christy Clark……….an unarmed Sarah Palin
    (except for the perpetually lying mouth, of course)


  36. Today on Global News at noon, Randene Neil,( a favorite anchor of mine ,and one who given the chance,asks some pretty pointed questions)

    Your kidding right?


  37. Now with the courts release of evidence yesterday is seems quite clear that bribes and corruption reigned prior even and in anticipation of the 2001 election. Christy Clarks brother Bruce as a main player?
    Mr. Basi recieving bribes well is excess of what was brought out in trial. And then we were told he had no assets worth recovering!
    There will simply have to be a public hearing given this new development, there simply can be no trust again in BC politics until this occurs. It will forever shadow future administrations no matter who they may be unless this happens.
    It certainly, as is should, is casting dark shadows at this time on Ms. Clark and others.
    Somehow we have to find a way of demanding this review ASAP!


  38. Here is what my narrow focus detractors need to get their pea brains around

    And don`t even start with me with this `start your own blog then crapola |of the other brain-dead reference to `focus` on the local issues.
    The local issues are born from the same parents as the world issues.
    The inabilities of BCers to grasp that they are NOT the centre of the universe is enough to have the god`s weep!

    Good to see the lawyer and friend John Carten posting here

    Libel Hmm?
    The very last thing the Campbell bunch want to do is be faced with yet another public trial
    Ans a person with years of legal experience behind him I see John’s tactics as well thought out strategies .

    When any of us live in fear and label it prudence we have reached the stag prophetised by Eric Arthur Blair’s book, 1984


  39. Billy, I think Lynn was referring to Anonymous 8:28 who was rather threatening in his post as she started her post with? I don’t think she was replying to your post.


  40. Been following Alex Tsakumis’s blog on the BC. Rail information released by the courts. If his information and pleas do not get attention and see a public inquiry of B.C. rail then I assume all MSM and all other authorities in this province to be brain dead or on someone else’s payroll! This is getting absurd now!


  41. anonymous, on December 10, 2010 at 8:28 am said:

    I think Ms.Yuile,that you had better leave Mr.Kinsella out of this completely if you have any brains at all.Who he backs is no one’s business but his and Ms. Clark’s.I suggest strongly that you remove the link to the Kinsella Connection immediately.I’m sure you understand that it is for the best.


    Looked to see if there should another post from the anonymous poster all to no avail

    I and just when I was spoiling for a ground too


  42. Thanks Don.
    My post was directed at the anon 8:28 wanker.
    Sorry, Billy,for any upset the confusion may have caused.
    I am still laughing at anon. Really, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
    I’m sure we could pass the hat around and come up with a enough money to either buy you a soother or a new blankey.
    Or do you want bitty?
    I bet it is bitty.


  43. Oops,
    Anyone interested in a laugh british style and figure out what bitty is, go to you tube and in the search bar key in:
    Little Britain meet the parents.


  44. Thanks to a wonderful BC-owned computer shop, I will be up and running by tonight or early tomorrow morning – I’ll respond to any delayed emails and comments then!


    1. Yes, I am BACK!!!!! (ohmygoshImissedyousomuchyouhavenoidea…)

      Courtesy of a custom computer build by a locally owned and operated BC business- the only way to go, I might add – I will be bringing you more on BC, and Surrey, politics shortly. I am greatly disgusted by the most underreported and commented on story that has implications far greater- SERIOUSLY- than anything else being reported in this preXMAS news lull.

      All I can say is this: Yes, I had my say on Christy Clark. However, while everyone is stuck on Christy, who, mark my words, will never, ever be premier of this province, Falcon is running around like a chicken with his head cut off making plans for the future of BC.

      Consider this. Is all this Christy Clark business about BC rail… or is it about making sure Kevin Falcon makes it to the big man’s seat in Victoria ? Think about it. See you tomorrow!


  45. In my opinion it is not that everyone is stuck on Christy but everyone is stuck and, should be, on BC Rail. BC Rail dominates over the leadership race and all issues and so it should. This was and is massive corruption that all these leadership wannabees are guilty of not just Christy Clark, this will revisit all of them. My take on this is that until BC Rail and all it’s implications are brought forward there stands no chance for trust from the public or business as usual. This was and is the biggest scam ever played on the people of this province and until it is resolved the public will feel, and righteously so, that they are fools and at the mercy of criminals. There is no other issue, and I believe there are many, but no other to compare to the extent of the corruption that was exercised on us from our politicians through to our courts.
    If we should allow this to pass and allow this to fade then we forgo our right to ever speak ever again for then we have set a new precedent, one that we will deserve. This simply must be resolved or we are all tainted forever.


    1. I agree, BC rail is without a doubt, a very important issue to be resolved if there is ever to be any accountability for this- Kevin Falcon is in on this deal too, if you recall. All I am saying is to keep vigil for other things that are are going on under our noses that may very well allow this kind of deal to occur again- Falcon is busy campaigning hard and happy as a pig in doo-doo that all this attention is on Christy. And being blatantly honest with his intentions, building new resource roads with public money, likely in a P3model. This province will fall into irreparable harm with him at the helm, and there will be far more deals like BC rail under his leadership.


  46. None of the major players in the BC Lie-beral party can be trusted – plain and simple. They all lie and deny and point fingers toward the NDP of the 1990’s.
    What a bunch of horse scat ! That is how good the BC Lie-berals are – NOT !

    The BC Rail sale is just the start of all the corruption. What about the BC Hydro, TFL giveaways, BC Medical records being outsourced to US companies – the list is just too long.

    Gonna be a tough go as neither the Vancouver Sun or Province want to even address the latest information on Basi-Virk – which has the potential to be very big.

    What a sorry state this province is in – all for believing that someone had the honourable thing in mind to do his best for British Columbia. Campbell had no intentions other than to literally rape this province of it’s potential wealth. With a bit of luck, this will all come home to roost and Campbell will get crucified – that is what is needed; followed by his henchmen like Falcon, Clarke, Duh Jong, Bond, and others.



  47. All this going on and what does the NDP have to say about it? Instead of getting down to the business of using any means possible to further expose these degenerate SOB’s I guess they all ” settled down for a long winter nap” while it’s “full speed ahead” for the unprincipled, low-life, scum-sucking Liberals and their weasely,subhuman and arrogant ways (sorry about the rant).


  48. I just got an email from the NDP (Jan O’Brien – Provincial Secretary) asking for more money so they can do their work ????? I am retired and trying to live on $13,000 a year !!!!

    I see no press releases from the NDP regarding the latest new info on BC Rail sale – even when the trial was a news item.

    Who does the NDP work for now ????? I have voted NDP for quite a long time, but now am actively looking for a viable alternative to both the BC Liberals and the BCNDP.

    BC NDP have brought this down on themselves – it has nothing to do with what Jenny Kwan did – the public have just lost confidence in the party – and, Moe Sihpta is a liability now.

    Pretty sorry state for the province to be in – let’s hope that some good can come out of this situation. Neither of the two current parties have anything new or positive to offer the voters.



  49. I’m completely onside with workforfun whose side is the NDP on? Are they afflicted with the pig at the trough syndrome also? If not they had better speak up asap and say what they stand for because time is marching on and this is coming from a hell or high water NDP voter.


  50. Laila,
    Perhaps I should apologize for this is your blog and I am only a visitor here.
    I understand that bottom feeders like Falcon are busy as we speak trying to put forward the same kind of deals and further putting the people of B.C. at risk if not at financial ruin! I guess I see BC Rail as important in that if we can push hard enough right now we can bring them all to their knees. It is something all can relate to and all want addressed and all will fall because of it.
    Don’t think for one minute i don’t want to get Falcon but I see this as a way to get all of them. It is happening as we speak so perhaps this is all for naught but just wanted you to know where I am coming from.
    Keep up the good work Laila as I and many appreciate it.


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