With grace and compassion, may I suggest an avenue for your giving this Christmas

This Christmas, as every other, there are hundreds of women and their children who have already fled a violent domestic situation, or will leave during the holidays. Sadly, Christmas is a busy time for those work with victims of domestic abuse and assault, as financial and family related tension often leads to incidents of violence.

This year, the Surrey Womens Centre has a list of over 300 women who have fled violent situations and are not able to provide gifts for their children. The period after one leaves this kind of situation is often as difficult to deal with as the violence itself, and the Surrey Womens Centre provides free counselling, advocacy, and other services to these women and children. Often, the emotional support and strength of their workers in dealing with the justice system and other agencies is the cornerstone that allows a woman to have the courage to rebuild a life  and move on.

If you are interested in helping these women and children out, the Womens Centre is looking for toys, gift cards and cash to purchase gifts. And while the innocent children are most important, we must not forget their mothers, who will benefit from knowing a stranger cared enough to make the difference.

For more information about their services, or to assist in donations for the 300 women who have left a violent past behind, please  visit www.surreywomenscentre.ca or contact Sheena Edgar at 640-589-1868, ext. 237 or se@surreywomenscentre.ca


5 Comments on “With grace and compassion, may I suggest an avenue for your giving this Christmas

  1. Good thoughts Ms. Yuile!!
    and further I, for one. would like to see a society where this no longer is a necessity
    (Who would have guessed “Billy” to have harboured such thoughts?)

  2. Food banks are in a very bad state. They say they don’t have enough food, for the hungry. What I do, is all through the year, I buy toys and clothing on sale, and keep them for x-mas, for the needy children, who too often go without. We are three seniors, we are providing a Christmas, for a family of five. They will get a turkey, with all of the trimmings, for their x-mas dinner. We are baking pies, dinner buns, cookies, cakes, plus a big pail of ice cream, a bag of apples, a box of Japenese oranges, and x-mas candies. They will have presents. It’s an adopt a family for x-mas. I really like this idea, that way they get all the homemade goodies too. I also buy, case lots on sale, and give them to the food bank, because, this is a terrible year for the food banks, they are desperate, for food for their shelves.

    • Bless you, GJW, for sharing and giving with others in the true spirit of Christmas. And yes, the food banks are near empty in some areas, it is nice to just drop in something to the bins at the grocery store doors as you are leaving. You are a gem to be treasured, and an example to all! My best regards and warmest virtual hug for you over Christmas, my dear!