“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Wise man, that Gandhi…

Well, we bloggers have been ignored, laughed at  and a few times I’ve been threatened – that would be the fight part of the above quote. But, eventually you win. And that is the waty it goes with all the various stories being worked on that only aim to reveal the truth.

I have several developments on the go right now, so here is what you can expect in the weeks to come as the holiday season allows…. well, all I can say is that it is an adventure writing from home with all of my children out  of school or university!

  One  story will definitely be of interest to residents of Surrey,but will also have a provincial importance as well, as we connect some dots involving Surrey mayor ( and possible future Liberal candidate), Dianne Watts.  Some lucrative dot’s, I might add…

Another story is brewing for the Ministry of Transportation… one that again highlights the questionable expenditures of public dollars, and one that related directly to Kevin Falcon’s Northern Prosperity agenda. This man will not become premier on my watch, and at least one of his  federal Conservative backers knows what I know – and  he knows that I know it! ( is that a tongue twister, or what?)

There is more to come than this, but sometimes letting the cat out of the bag too soon just takes all the fun out of it. I would rather let the government stew over Christmas….hehe. ( Don’t worry Kiewit, your story is coming )

While I am working, why not take a look at my Best of, the archives are always fun, and I’ve written so much over the years, you never know what you might find…Sometimes I go back and find old stories that are suddenly new and relevant again. And don’t forget to join me on Facebook, where sometimes items are posted  that I don’t post here, but always a place to engage and chat in a more personal way!

8 thoughts on ““First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

  1. I forgot to mention. I just read, the Conflict of Interest Commissioner, Paul D. K. Fraser stated…Campbell had the right to take tax payers dollars, to pay his Bilderberg trip to Spain. How bad is that? I can’t see any way Campbell’s trip to Spain, did anything for the BC people, what-so-ever. If I am wrong, please correct me. I feel very resentful, about this. It seems, Campbell has thieved most of BC and sold everything, he laid his hands on. And, not sold for the benefit of the people.


  2. Speaking of water rights. I just read in the local rag (The Peak) here in Powell River ( in the classifieds not as news) that a company Has given notice that it is going to remove hundreds of litres of water a day from several creeks in Toba Inlet (yes the same area where Plutonic has their run of the river) to be sold as drinking water somewhere. Is this just the start of a stampede to the Liberal door to buy for favours all our drinking water so we’ll have to pay to drink our own water? If so how many other creeks in BC have already been sold?


  3. Further to my 9:19, I meant to say hundreds of thousands of ltrs/day. Also since these IPP contracts are confidential does that mean that these IPP’s also have exclusive rights to the use of the water for whatever reason they choose besides hydro generation? Why all the secrecy surrounding these contracts? If these contracts where entered into for the” betterment” of British Columbians (and we know it’s just a select few in most if not all cases), shouldn’t we be able to view for ourselves?


  4. Jon,I wonder if you are refering to Alpine creek or one of the other creeks in Toba inlet? Some of these drinking water leases have been in effect for many yearsof(25 +) As far as I know they only alow exports of bottled water,not bulk exports. Low tds (total disolved solids)(salts) .sweet water!


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