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” Truth will only make you unpopular.” ~ Wolfgang Borchert

I had my first taste of how true this statement is Friday night, with an incident that happened while I was out enjoying the Stanley Park Christmas train with my two youngest children, and some close friends of mine who joined us. I share it not only because I think it needs to be recorded, but because I fully believe the person behind the incident is a regular reader of my blog.

The evening began in splendour of the astounding light display we all enjoyed on the crisp, wintry evening train miniature train ride. After disembarking the train, a bathroom break was in order and one of our party left us in the central courtyard to wait for them. Being women, my girlfriend and I noticed a tall woman with a stunning cashmere style long coat, reminiscent of another era, walking past us with her boyfriend/husband. To be honest, her coat was the only thing at that time that grabbed our attention, as we admired it from our stance. In a moment they were gone, and our attention was directed by the children elsewhere.

Suddenly, with no warning, I was shoulder-checked by a largely built man hard enough I was nearly knocked to the ground, and with enough force that my shoulder and neck are still sore today. I looked up to see the same couple that had just passed us moments before as my friend and I admired his companions coat! There was no one else close by, and this area was not at all crowded enough where this could have  occurred by accident, but had I not had my two young sons at my side, I would have gone over and pointed out how rude and careless this fellow was to his face.

My girlfriend witnessed the entire thing, and as our other friends joined us, her husband mentioned that he had seen the entire thing as he walked back from the bathrooms, and he said it was intentional. I believe it. The force this fellow used to knock me was strong,  and at 5’10” , I am hardly one to be knocked over easily.

As he went to find this guy and his companion, we moved closer to the crowd for safety because suddenly everything  just felt really weird about the situation. Moments later, my friend grabbed my attention and alerted me just as this man was about to go for a second shoulder-check, his companion holding his hand the entire time like a normal couple!

I whirled around and ended up face to face with the man, and we stared right at each other….before he narrowed his eyes at me, smiled with malice and gave me a look of steely intention before he turned with his companion to walk quickly towards the exit.

I turned to my friend and said: ” This was no accident.” She nodded in agreement and her male friend walked after the couple wanting to know what the hell this was all about since the children were with us during all of this,although unaware of what was going on.

As he caught up with the couple, he walked by and shoulder checked the man to get his attention, and he turned around to face my friend with a look of malice. HE asked him what the hell this was all about. The man’s companion grabbed  his arm and cautioned him: ” Don’t say a thing… ”

The couple left, my friend watched to make sure they weren’t coming back. Both were well-heeled, yuppie types, not people one would expect to initiate this kind of behavior, which was clearly intended to intimidate. She was an extremely average looking woman, tall about 5′ 8″,a mid-length mousey brown bob, wearing a long, camel coloured coat that came to well below her knees, Burberry style. He was shorter than her, short dark brown hair, dark rimmed glasses, definitely pudgy but strong nonetheless. He wore a dark green outdoors type jacket, likely a North Face brand or similar.

It is expected  that when researching and writing the kind of stories I do, that enemies are made. There have been occasional veiled threats over the last six months since I started working on the Ministry of Transportation stories, emails, comments, that kind of thing. Other writers and bloggers have had similar issues at times.

 However, making a point with children around is crossing a line, and I don’t take that lightly, nor did the people I was with, or the people who support my writing. Whether this particular incident was related to one of the recent stories on Christy Clark and Kinsella, Kevin Falcon and the SFPR, or the ongoing investigation to a story I am keeping under wraps for now, I don’t know.

But I can say this. These are two people who I won’t forget anytime soon, and someone who is reading this will know who you are, and what that was all about. You can bet on it.

Now, for some more interesting reading, I was chatting back and forth with North Van Grumps today about the Sea to Sky, and a little something-something he found that I find extremely interesting……check it out, and remember this. With the BC Liberals, it is all the same names, in many different places…

How many consultants did the Government need to start building the Sea to Sky Highway Improvement project on February 6 2004?


* I will be responding to emails and comments shortly, swamped with Christmas coming!


  1. Laila, what happened to you was assault – intimidation/threatening also at your friend who confronted him. It would have been a good idea to get one of your number to tail them and get the license plate number (presuming they drove there and didn’t ome in, say, a limo).

    I’d think also that the Georgia Straight should be told about it – “noted blogger assaulted at Stanley Park Xmas train by unknown couple”, including your belief that it was a a regular reader of your blog. And, to me, somebody whose interests weren’t party or company directed, but personal towards your coverage of something do with them….and yeah, could have been anything from BC Rail to highways contracts to redneck asshole-ishness. Well-dressed rednecks – BC abounds in them.

    If you’d had the license number, the cops should have paid a little visit to the guy; but there’d be ways for you to find out, from that license number, which “cause” it was that he represents, or embodies. Even so, the VCP should get a report, and a description….in case anything further happens.

    You’re an extremely high-profile political blogger, and this was a deliberate attack. The alternative media should pick it up, even though the Big Press likes to pretend you don’t exist. And let the alternative media say the magic words – “dressed like archetypal BC Liberal yuppies”…..might be worth having some eyes at the Liberal convention, in fact, to see if the same thug shows up, with his obedient, tolerant wife.

    Consider; if he’d get physical with a woman like that, she’s probably familiar with – and cowed by – such treatment herself.

    Bullies are bullies. One way to get even is to make the story public. Very public. Even call up Mark Hume and tell him about it……


  2. Well, well, well. A bully indeed. Where do people get off doing things like this? Do they not see that it only makes us even more determined to get the facts out. Laila, sorry this had to happen to you and when your kids were present, as well as you friends. These two individuals are scum. Dirt. May I suggest a cell with camera if you don’t have one already. Start taking pics of anything unusual.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Laila, and all the best in the New Year!


  3. To the asshole who assaulted Laila:

    You are NOTHING! Real men do not hit a woman or try to censor the truth you fucking loser!


    (To the asshole’s partner: You obviously lack a healthy self image to be with such an asshole. But then again, you are probably in perfect company. I hope karma is a bitch when she bites the both of you and that neither of you have had your fucking shots!)


  4. Oh my Goodness, Laila! Please tell me you called the police and reported it – if only to start a paper trail. I think you are a very courageous woman – and they know you can’t be bought off. But actions of this type make me even more sick of politics than I already am. I pray for your safety and for your family.

    I hope this won’t spoil your holiday festivities. Know that you have a loyal readership and we will be watching.

    Many blessings to sustain you,

    Beryle Chambers


  5. I didn’t make a report that night because at the time it was getting late, and the kids were getting cold from waiting so long in the line prior to our ride time. When it was all said and done, we never thought to do anything other than make the long drive back through traffic to the burbs with cranky, over tired and excited children desperately in need of bed!

    Ironically, I had my trusty Nikon with me as I always do – I never leave home without, but with keeping the kids close by and holding onto them, I didn’t have a chance to take a photo.

    As I mentioned, I have no idea what the motive was behind the incident and can only assume it was because of something I have written here, or something I am working on – I have one story that will come in the new year that is rattling some cages, as we speak. If anything I know I must be right on the mark with whatever it is that pissed this fellow off. That being said, messing with me is one thing, messing with me when my children are with me is another thing entirely. Rest easy, I live with doors of several RCMP members and in clear view of many neighbours. The reason for the blog is that with everyone who reads this, surely someone associated with two people of such well-heeled appearance will know who I am speaking about. Her coat in particular stands out for it’s style and cost, that is, unless you live in a neighbourhood like Kerrisdale or perhaps West Van, or the higher income area of Yaletown.

    As well, I do not think it was premeditated- there is no way anyone could have known I was heading there with my children, I think that likely they recognized me either the first time they walked by, or perhaps earlier, and took advantage of the situation on spur of the moment.


  6. If you got the licence number or even if you didn’t it is assault, and since you have witnesses, it is not too late to report it Laila, just to be on the safe side. Also in case the violence escalates it establishes some history.
    Take care and thanks for your courage to keep writing the truths that you do.


  7. This incident is very disturbing. It is also very telling.
    The beneficiaries of Gordon Campbell’s profligacy(is that a word?) are coming unravelled and as a last gasp are stooping to even lower treacheries than we might have imagined.
    They thought they had all of the necessary bases covered by having Campbell manipulate the MSM, and their reign of rape and pillage would go on indefinitely and unreported.
    Now they realize they have overlooked the blogosphere and cannot exert financial control so they hire thugs and assorted lowlifes to try and intimidate you into submission.
    Stay visible and vocal Laila, we have your back. They are not going to succeed.
    I hope you are confident enough to trust a police officer you know and give him or her the information.
    A good detective may find a trail to the perps via the coat.


  8. I`m so sorry this happened to you, especially with your children present.
    I agree that the coat will be the tell tail piece of information here. I agree with fellow posters, you should start a police report for the paper trail…perhaps someone got a picture on their cell phones. We can only hope.
    Take Care and Happy Holidays


  9. A similar thing happened to my wife while marching peacefully up Howe Street (yes really Howe St.!) with the B.C.T.F.
    social justice delegates…a suit in an overcoat appeared out of nowhere and did the hard shoulder check… (she`s 5` 3″) hissing “Get back to work!”
    She didn`t quite go down but felt the effects in neck and back for a few days. I had wished I`d been there but on further reflection was glad I wasn`t..I`m sure I`d still be years away from parole eligibility.
    Best to you Laila over the Yuletime. I looked up the name Yuile as it seems unusual…Jol (Norse)..Yul Yuill .Scots/English..Yuille Yuile…meaning..Yuletime!
    Peace to you and yours
    (maybe you`ll find a can of mace in your stocking)


  10. Sheristy, I don’t twitter, sorry! It is enough to blog and facebook,maybe one day I will twitter too, but only stories, not every teeny detail of my day like

    Thank you Ron, and George for your words of support. I have discovered my readers are very protective and appreciate the many emails and messages I have received.

    Erik, Same exact m.o. , wow. I am glad to hear she was ok, it is scary nonetheless. Like I said, initially I didnt think it was anything more than a really ignorant ass of a man,who just was careless. But with the observations of my friend, and then the second attempt and encounter, the intent was clear.

    Thank you for the kind wishes Erik and the little bit of name history….lol.. A happy Yule to you as well, and hopefully yuile be back for more in the new year! hehe.
    I am ok, my neck and shoulder are fine today,and I have taken additional steps to protect myself and my family if need be. workforfun, we call that .. ahem dog spray or jogger protection spray in the and it can be hard to get.

    May I take this time to wish those of you who may be leaving in the next couple of days for holidays, a very Merry Christmas and New Year to you? I have enjoyed getting to know all of you over the year.


  11. I am so sorry that happened to you Laila! I agree, you need to file a police report, just to start a paper trial. If they catch them later at something you don’t want to be accused of making up a previous experience ‘in retrospect’.


  12. I’m sorry to hear about your incident. I’m glad your okay.

    FYI, I’ve been under police surveliance 24/7–14 years and counting–it’s CREEPY!

    It was suggested to me, as of late, that I ignore certain politcal blogs therefore this will be my last reply but not my last read by any stretch of the imagination.

    I’m glad you’re okay. Season’s greetings and best wishes for the new year.


    • Olga, may I ask who it was that suggested you avoid certain blogs? I have heard the same from several readers who have also been told to avoid my blog along with a few others, since I am ” a dangerous blogger” – what that means, I have no idea, but apparently someone has an axe to grind. Just curious, you can email me privately, you know I keep everything confidential. : )

      Joe, Bc Tea girl, thank you for your concern, I am totally busy working on several stories that are just as provocative as the Sea to Sky and Tercon series. Back to business as usual!
      Best to you both over the holidays!


  13. Thank you for the great work you do. I am sorry and angry to hear about this and I agree with everyone asking you to file a police report. It really would be best to start the paper trail now. It may have been a spontaneous incident, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t serious.
    Looking forward to reading about whatever it is you are keeping under wraps at the moment.


  14. Hi Laila,
    I understand that wasp spray is just as effective. Also it shoots straighter and further. Is there any chance there were surveilance cameras anywhere near where you were assaulted? Perhaps the police would know of their location.
    I told you time and again to be careful — I want to know the end of the story!


  15. Kim, yes, my relationship is controlling; I’ve ignored him up until now.

    Skookum1, he’s not the only one. My sister, not too long ago, emailed me these words out of the blue with no explanation, “Are you looking for trouble?”


  16. Hi laila,
    I guess we have to be realistic, Mr. Campbell and friends have attracted many sleazy and unscrupulous people to our province. The tension in the air with the political turmoil here is very thick and the stench of corruption is rabid. We all are targets for speaking our minds but you especially so for your stature and your hard work. It may be a good idea to contact authorities and just make them aware of what has happened.You know the bear spray or wasp spray may not be a bad idea as one has to consider how handy they can be in a situation. We can’t walk around paranoid but we can take some steps to help if something should arise.
    All the best Laila, I hope from your description someone comes forward to identify these creeps!


  17. Lodge an official police complaint and then check with the Parks Board for their videos. (If they have videos that is) These two folks are rather conspicuous in the way they dress and should be easy to identify with videos. Worth a try.


  18. “I was brought up to believe that the only thing worth doing was to add to the sum of accurate information in the world.” Margaret Mead

    Maybe you should have AGT on your arm next time you venture out — he knows what to do when his space, and more importantly his children’s space, is violated by an anus horribilus.

    All the Best to You ‘n’ Yours this Christmas and in the New Year.


  19. Oh dear. Be safe, Laila. I think this is a pretty clear indication that you have struck a nerve, and that you are on the right track as far as what the people of BC REALLY need to know. Keep us all apprised of this kind of thing, I know your readers would do a lot to keep you safe.
    Merry Christmas from a fellow Prince Georgian, to you, your family and your readers, I cannot tell you how much hope I feel knowing that you are all out there, feeling the same outrage as me.


  20. RS,no offence, but why the hell would Laila would want someone who constantly slanders her on his site, refers to her brain as a pea,among other things, on her arm for protection.Actually,this is what he said in the comments section of his first whoknowsiftheyarereallytrue basi files ” she’s done about a half dozen really good stories the whole time she’s been blogging and then spent the rest of the time allowing crackpots like Kook, Goof and Gary (who writes like he’s constantly on ‘E’) free licence to make all sorts of grotesquely offensive intensely personal smears about me on her blog-or when they do on theirs, she applauds like a dimwit.”
    oh, no, there is more.

    “The people you refer to as bloggers or citizen journalists are nothing but cranks with political agendas deep and wide. ”
    “2) Laila Yuile, on both knees, suggests to her cadre of NDP wingnuts that I’m a shill for Falcon because these memos, in her pea, translate to no northern strategy (she hates Falcon, so this is her motivation–to lie)–when I have been critical of Falcon’s messaging”
    “Do you understand why these insignificant people are dangerous?”
    His comments are vicious,bullying,and uncalled for. I read Laila’s blog every day, she has never spoken ill of Tsakumis here, in fact she has always been a professional. She had told readers to take their beefs elsewhere,I have seen that several times when other people have brought up Mr. Tsakumis’s sick rants.
    She does not need to belittle her readers by telling them who to believe or not believe, or slandering other writers. Her facts speak for themselves.

    Let me point this out to you. Laila has always had the same people on her blogroll, and has always allowed anyone to comment, no matter how nuts, or sane,how left or right. I have been a reader since she began, that is one of the many things I like about her. She lets people make up their own minds about stuff, she just provides the facts behind the myths.Mr.Tsakumis used to talk glowingly about her,online on his own blog,onPuget Sound Radio forum and elsewhere.He called her lovely and talented on Frances Bula’s blog, said she had one of the most enjoyable and well written blogs around.
    How about you think about this.

    Her writing hasn’t changed,her blog hasn’t changed, she is who she is,so it seems to me that he is picking on things he used to have no obkjection to,otherwise he would not have openly promoted her( and BC mary, who he used to talk well about too).

    IMHO, his continuing nonsense has nothing to do with her talent,or writing,because he used to admire both.

    For the record, RS, this is from the link above:

    ” Reach behind my seat and pull up George’s baseball bat. Funny thing that son o’ mine, he keeps forgetting it in here, really funny thing that….I get out of the truck, bat in hand, fixing in on his back wheel…that’ll be first strike, so he has nowhere to go…remembering first time I saw ‘Shock and Awe’ offensive on cable news, the explosions on the tube will seem like a flick of a Bic here…thinking about beautiful choke hold I learned in Osaka years ago…,goddamn it, parked too far back and Maj. Chickenshit recognizes me and the truck as I’m fast approaching him…keep thinking about Gina crying…arms now feeling like they’re made of steel…Christ I hope the wife’s available to bail me out later…Maj. Coward Cyclist says something quickly to girlie with extremely bad taste in (artificial) men–she first jets into a trail as Maj. Asshole rides away behind her after my first swing knocked off part of his fender…surprisingly his back wheel still works…he speeds off as I address his ancestry, tell him to go reproduce himself and suggest he might be the progeny of a female dog–in that order. “No kids around now you prick, come on back and let me help start your day off right–just like you did for my kids…come back and apologize, you jack off.”

    Even if the biker was wrong for banging on the car window and scaring his kids, do you think going back and getting a baseball bat, and then beating on the guys bike tire is a normal thing to do?

    I don’t. Sounds like someone with a short fuse,someone who would go back and do this for merely frightening his kids.Kinda disturbng if you ask me.

    To end, I just want to say that I work with a major publication in Vancouver, not as a reporter but I am in the newsroom. Mr.Tsakumis has mentioned several times her credibility has been blown,and that these people on her blogroll have ” taken her down”. Not true.Mentioned above she has always had these people on her blogroll and has always allowed everyone to comment whether she agrees or not. Laila’s work, commentary, investigations have increasingly been regarded as exceptional across the board by many in the business.It was remarked to me once by a well-known reporter who had finished reading her shadow toll series that if this is what she can do at home with 4kids,imagine what she would be putting out with daycare and an office! Webster would approve.

    Merry Christmas Laila, and family.Thank you for taking the high road.


  21. Pat, those responses were directed at me. I went to his site from RossK’s link for his “exclusive”, and left a comment that he didn’t need to denigrate other people’s work. He responded with that tirade. After that, I went back and replied. Thanks for illustrating my point, bye-bye! Good riddance! he said. I will never be back. Foul little man! Your comments about Laila’s writing are very true.
    Olga, you mustn’t let him control you. You have every right to read what you want and form your own opinions. It sounds like you are surrounded by people with an agenda. Take care.


  22. This is the way to empowering the very ones that we are trying to overcome. The only people in this province who are truly trying to bring forth important issues and get some honesty and explanations from corrupt Government are us the bloggers. MSM are pathetic so we are left to try and bring this all to the forefront ourselves.Laila is trying very hard to do this and so are others and my respect for them all is immense! I don’t have to necessarily like them personally, though in Laila’s case I can say I do, but I have to admire anyone who gives his time and energy to the purpose at hand and that is to fight the corruption that has landed on us and bring forth the lies and deception told to us everyday. For that reason, and this is only my opinion, we must appear together and strong and a force to be reckoned with by the powers that be and send a clear message to them that we will no longer accept as part of our lives the tyranny they impose on us. I personally post and visit several sites where I think truth is the order and the purpose is to fight this corruption and I don’t agree with everything but see some wisdom in all.
    The stronger and more together we are the more of a threat to this corruption and lying we will be, they are watching obviously lets stick together and give them what they deserve!


  23. I have also been pondering something recently and that is MSM and governments comment that bloggers are fringe people and are trying to give the word Blogger a derogatory meaning. Why would they choose to give people who seek truth here labels?
    Now may be the time to change that and present ourselves as an actual form of Media that deserves respect. Something like “Real Media” or “Truth Media” would be appropriate and force upon them we are a very real entity of quite sane individuals for the most part who are in fact holding them to the truth.
    The names I have presented are just thoughts and perhaps someone may have just the name that will capture what we are trying to do better.
    Just thought I’d throw it out there…..


  24. Anyone who avoids a blog because they think some spook will target them does not understand the concept of defending liberty. I read all kinds of sites that are controversial and have made a point of accessing the wikileaks site and sites like this because I consider freedom of thought and speech to be essential to a true democracy. Never let fear creep in especially when exposing government corruption.
    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin


  25. Don F., on December 21, 2010 at 1:49 pm said:
    Now may be the time to change that and present ourselves as an actual form of Media that deserves respect. Something like “Real Media” or “Truth Media” would be appropriate and force upon them we are a very real entity of quite sane individuals for the most part who are in fact holding them to the truth.
    Don F, What you see and read on these blogs is “real media” as for the”Truth Media” you refer
    to thats a figment of imagination.
    Laila I suggest you follow Burgess, suggestion of December 21, 2010 at 12:46 am.


  26. Anyone who thinks that the coat will lead to anything lives in Hollywoodland. You would practically have to wrap up the perps, deliver them to the station along with hours of video tape of alleged wrongdoing to get anywhere….


  27. I’m very sorry this happened to you, Laila, and especially when your kids were with you. I suspect that wasn’t an accident. These cowards attacked you when they knew you would be most vulnerable, and more concerned with the well being of your children than getting a good look at them (or a photo with your trusty Nikon).

    I’d like to join those who have urged you to file a police report. You never know, you could get lucky. You said your friend witnessed the whole thing from a distance – it’s possible someone else did as well. Someone else might have called the police to report what they saw, maybe a day or two later. Or perhaps even gotten a picture or bit of video with a cell phone. You never know.

    I understand if you would just prefer to put the whole thing behind you, but you were most certainly assaulted by people who apparently knew exactly who you are. That is completely unacceptable. It would be nice to see the cowards punished, although coward bullies don’t seem to be getting their comeuppance these days.

    I’d also like to thank Pat for expressing beautifully the difference between the work Laila (and Mary as well) have done – the commitment they have made to cracking the curtains open and letting a tiny bit of light to shine in areas so many have struggled to keep dark over the last nine years – and the derogatory, defamatory filth spewed by that self-aggrandizing blowhard.

    I am disgusted by what he writes about Laila and Mary, people who have devoted years to documenting the things the pro media are either too lazy or too corrupt to report on. He is only concerned with shameless self-promotion. Laila is not only showing up the pro media with the excellent work she has done on stories like shadow tolls on Sea to Sky, she is also setting the standard in our local blogshpere for professionalism, diligence and simply letting the story speak for itself, without having to put EVERYTHING IN CAPS with EXCLUSINVE BREAKING NEWS above mundane rehashes, and breathless reveries about daring encounters with ferocious cyclists.

    Laila, you are a treasure to those of us who are tired of being lied to, and just want the truth about what is happening in (to) our province (and how much it’s going to cost us).

    I hope you have no further encounters with scum bags in fancy coats or any other apparel, and that you have a happy Christmas. I’m looking forward to reading you in what’s bound to be a fascinating 2011.


  28. Laila, I think you should have someone shadowing you, to watch your back. They are low enough in character to attack you with your children present. They will do it again, or perhaps there are others in this gang, who are just as deranged, as the first attacker. You are a smart girl, have a good line of defense in place. This province is a huge cavern of corruption. We have seen some very ugly incidents. Canvassers are stalked by people in dark clothing, to menace citizens into, not signing the recall. They also, should be calling the police, they also are not safe. We have Craig James and Campbell, sending the RCMP, to terrorize an elderly lady in her eighties and others, also to scare residents, into not signing the recall. Two people came out of a pub, and screamed abuse at a canvasser. It was said, Ida Chong was spotted across the street watching. That canvasser, should have also called police. All of these incidents, are criminal and dangerous events of abuse. Whether or not the police will look into this is debatable. It was my understanding, the RCMP were asked to further investigate, Campbell’s corrupt sale of the BCR, they refused to do so. Opposing party’s, and the RCMP do nothing. Which means we are on our own. The highly read bloggers, of course are targeted. So, be careful bloggers. Enjoy x-mas with your families. Have a lot of, fun, love and laughter.


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