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Berner is back, and better than ever!

One of my favorite bloggers is back, and in better format than ever. From his blog,David Talks/ The Berner Monologues :

Happy New Year All!

Here is my announcement:

This month I am beginning a new television show.

I am partnering with SHAW TV CABLE 4 to launch a half-hour weekly public affairs show that will be broadcast on SHAW TV CABLE 4 four times each week.

We are taping the first show on Thursday, January 20th. I am not yet sure of the first air date, but, of course, I will let you know and here is the tentative schedule for the run:

Tuesdays 10:30p
Wednesdays 8:30p
Fridays 2:30p
Monday 4:30am

As for the name of the show…we hired a dozen focus groups and flew them by private jet up to a remote private fishing resort for consultation. After three intense and sleepless days and nights, we came up with…


That’s how it will be listed in your favorite media.

Here is what the show will look like and what it is about:

“Charlie Rose” style, the Host and one or two guests at a round table before a black cyclorama.

Host and guest(s) dig into the major headline story of the week and get behind the headlines to reveal the as-yet unspoken truths.


Did the Liberal government buy the silence of two felons? Is it credible that these two petty crooks acted alone?

What was the role of Patrick Kinsella, who we are led to believe was, at one and the same time, working for CN Rail, BC Rail and the premier’s office? Is this not conflict of interest?

What of Gary Collins, the Finance Minister at the time, and the boss of Dave Basi? Why did he jump to private industry, working for an airline that went bankrupt only a few months later?

Our guest, [TO BE ANNOUNCED] has been following this story from the beginning.

The show is sponsored by a number of local companies and we have reached a cross-promotional agreement with the Vancouver Courier newspaper.

I will begin posting the blog about a week before we begin the show. The show will also be posted regularly to YouTube and to this blog.

When I left radio in April ’06, I really thought that I had put my broadcast days behind me. So this is great fun and I am very much looking forward to getting back on air and stirring the pot.

Hope you’ll ride along with us.

Health and prosperity!

Ahhhhhhhhh. I can’t wait for this. YOUR MODERATOR


  1. Same here Laila! What a wonderful way to start a New Year!! Some may not be finding it such a “happy” one, but I bet the majority of those who watch this wordsmith/feces excavator sure will. Yay Us!!


  2. Yes, this is very exciting and the very thing that is needed at this moment, like an unexpected gift. Just maybe at the very time Crown is requesting the return of evidence, there will be a way to oppose that and draw much needed attention to the corruption that has happened to mass numbers. Can’t agree more Laila!
    Don F.


  3. Laila,

    Thanks for the good news!

    Those are excellent questions for Dave Berner to be asking … best of luck to him, on that new TV show.

    I was thinking of you a lot, Laila, while I was working on the Ben Meisner posting at my place. The Voice of Prince George, Ben has been working to save BC Rail for ELEVEN YEARS and swears he’s not giving up now. [And I didn’t even realize … !! So it was catch-up time, and it made me feel proud.]

    Ben said it’s people like us — and now David Berner — who have given the BC Rail story traction. Compliments don’t flow often from that tough old newsman, so I really appreciated that.

    I love it, too, that Robin Mathews says in today’s column that if the jury had been allowed to hear the full BC Rail Political Corruption Trial, they would’ve found Basi and Virk “not guilty”.

    And, in a way, I love it that the Big Guns are coming into the battlefield now that the BC Rail issues have hit the streets. The message is: it ain’t over until the people say it’s over.

    No wonder I had to smile when Dave Berner described the TV set as having a “black cyclorama background” … and I immediately thought, “Yes, that would nicely highlight Laila’s blond hair.”

    Well, it would, you know. Happy New Year!


    • Hey Hey, calm down now everyone, no one mentioned me in all of this…. lol…I don’t even know David beyond a couple of emails here and there where I asked him for advice, and he kindly did so. I have great respect for the man, for many reasons. Certainly if the opportunity presents itself, I’d be there in a heartbeat.

      Mary, I have been thinking about Ben a lot as well. As you know, I too was just recently on his show where we talked about the BC Rail relationship to the Sea to Sky highway project and the 2010 Olympic bid, and he said the same thing I realised some time ago but could not prove, that he believed as well they sold the bloody railroad for all these other things. The highway needed to be completed for the bid, I found the first bit of hard proof that the first use for some of the BC rail proceeds went to phase 1 of the sea to sky. From this link :

      ” From the sale of BC’s rail
      operations, the transport ministry is
      investing US$166m in the project – which
      is covering the first phase of the project,the
      traditionally procured construction work ”

      It was inevitable, and when you read this piece here :

      It all comes together. Yes, this is not about Basi and Virk, it was about profit, money and the olympics from the beginning. I have grown up with Ben’s name always being synonymous with Prince George – his history in the city is well documented, as is his background in broadcasting. Political leanings aside, Ben has continually fought hard on this issue, as you have stated, for a long time. Much longer than most people realise. He welcomed me with open arms, and offered his seat as host to me anytime I head back up to my hometown, and we talked openly and frankly on the sale of BC Rail, the shadow tolls, and the connection between it all. I believe that broadcast is available by podcast on the stations site.

      I look forward to hearing David Berners take on all of this. Kudo’s to Shaw for taking this venture on, which is sure to be a hit! Certainly there are thousands across BC who, if they can’t access the show live on TV, will be tuning in on Youtube and his site!


  4. Hmmm….could be the highest ratings in SHAWTV’s history…..

    Note to David Berner: invite on the show one or more of the hack pundits who regularly mouthpiece for the CBC on “At Issue” and grill them as to why they refuse to talk about BC Rail, and have talked about Campbell as prospective prime ministerial material – as they did on last year’s “annual review” show. Ask them why the giving away of a major public asset to an American-owned corporation isn’t a major national issue, nor the outsourcing of BC government services and agencies to American subcontractors? Why are government jobs being moved out of BC, onto American soil?

    And I’d particularly like to hear someone ask Chantal Hebert how she could be so arrogant and credulous as to accuse BC Mary of “making it all up”.


  5. Well, if it isn’t you it must be BC Mary.

    And Hey, isn’t that good news about a female leader for the NDP? Or you could be President! Seems like a slam dunk to me.


  6. I also was furious with Chantal Hebert, for bad mouthing BC Mary. I forget the name of the other idiot, who said, Campbell had been a good premier. Mansbridge said, they got a flood of e-mails, the last time someone said that. The e-mails were very angry ones. There have been, more of Campbell’s dirty tactics unearthed. You can read about it at, The Straight Goods web site. I will look forward to, listening to David Berner, and you Laila. You do very good work, your blogs are wonderful.


  7. Mansbridge is a clod and a propagandfist;. The only worse is Lloyd Robertson, who reminds me of Ted on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, only with less character and more gullibility and faked-up old-fashionedness/grandfatherliness.


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