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Welcome to the new

A new look for a new year, with new goals. It may be a work in progress as reader feedback comes in, but the goal was to freshen things up a bit, fine-tune here and there and make the news the focus in an easy to read format. I welcome your comments and criticisms, and of course, your suggestions if there is a way I can make your time here more enjoyable! The story I teased you with is not ready yet as I do a bit more research and wait on some call-backs, but should be up tomorrow as time allows. Until then I invite you to look around, some of the pages are the same, some are different. Have fun.


  1. Laila,

    I like the new look, it is definitely worth a bit of down time. Lovely pic of a lovely lady at the top also!

    So now, back to work, go get ’em!

    BTW – as a resident of the Hurtland, despite what Bob Williams blathers on about, I’m fine with Hulk Horgan and hope to see him in the big chair soon!

    If I was Richard Nixon or Joe McCarthy and was putting together an “Enemies of the NDP” list I would include Bob Williams, Moe Sihota, Ian Reid, David Shreck and Norm………


  2. Whew, this is a relief! Thanks for the approvals everyone, we tried to find the right balance and it wasn’t easy. I have been taking previous feedback and suggestions into consideration and one thing that was clear was that anyone with a vision issue had difficulty reading the old site. It was too busy, too full, and it distracted from the writing. So, this seemed to be clean and modern, but with a larger font and easier to read type, it is a win-win for all of us, I hope! I will be adding some features to the footer and the bottom of the page, which takes the left sidebar off and places the widgets in an area you can still access, but it reduces the amount of ” stuff” on the main reading area.

    Please let me know if you find anything out of sync, or if you notice any errors we missed. After a couple hours messing with this stuff, ones eyes become more than a little crossed…

    Koot, I am reserving judgement on Horgan for now, I have heard he is very much in the vein of Carol and crew with regards to heading towards big business rather than back to the people, but that came from someone inside the party and I don’t know enough about him offhand to say either way. I will be interested as to what he has to say about all the important issues, not just a few.


  3. I was worried when your site was blocked.My old eyes love this new format. I wish you the best Laila. Horgan just might be the one, but he worked for Dan Miller and that raises questions.


  4. Although I had no objections to your earlier website, this one is crisp and fresh. As a keen obsever of your informative site, I look forward to your next chapter.


  5. Congratulations, Laila, on your spiffy new web site. Very sleek and simple, easy to read. Keep up the wonderful work you’re doing.


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