Patience is a virtue.

And you have been very patient, waiting for my next story, for which I thank you. Thus is the life of a writer with children. And no nanny. Or My two youngest were hit with the flu on Monday afternoon, literally in a span of minutes they went from fine to full-on flu. The last few days have been spent cuddling, coddling and resting on the couch with one on each side of my body, poor things. However, they woke up seemingly well this morning, so after I take care of household chores and the guinea-pig, who is feeling quite unappreciated at the moment, I will get right back to work. That is just the way it is.

Thank you for the hearty approvals of the new look, I am very happy it works for you and proud to say there has only been one complaint that came my way in the form of ” what was wrong with the old one?”  I am also pleased to see the sudden boost in email subscriptions, which climbed dramatically in the last week since the new design was unveiled. To be honest, there was subscription option on the old design, I fear it simply was lost in the business of the site, yet another reason to applaud this new look.

Now, off to do the chores so I can spend my evening writing after the children go to bed. Enjoy your day!

4 thoughts on “Patience is a virtue.

  1. Hi Laila.Just wanted to say I also like your new site and I’m of those that subscribed via email because of it.Sorry to hear your little ones have got the flu and they get better soon.I like the stuff you’ve been doing on the shadow tolls on the sea to sky.Who says p3’s don’t cost us anything?Keep up the good work!


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