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” it would be a serious mistake to allow Kevin Falcon any leadership position over the public trust”~ Gordon F.D. Wilson.

Grave words, to be sure, but exceedingly important ones that should and must be read by all British Columbians before the leadership vote of the BC Liberal Party.

First, please let me thank you for your incredible patience this week. As most of you know, the flu season is upon us a bit late this year on the west coast, however, it is packing a hell of a  punch. Both my younger children had it during last week,and both seemed to have recovered within a few days- a short but intense bout. However,my youngest became ill again within a day, and spent the last part of the week and this last weekend quite fevered.Other than being cranky and tired, he seems to be ok today -knock on wood! Without further adieu, down to business.

It is always an educated guess on prioritizing stories that come my direction. Each is important to all British Columbians, for very different reasons. I consider myself lucky to have reached so many people through this blog, and the tips keep coming. That being said, there is only one me, and at time that means that really good and  really important stories have to sit while a more time sensitive one is brought forth.

Right now, that means as much fact needs to brought forth on a variety of fronts with regards to the many promise making Liberal leadership candidates out there. To be certain, Kevin Falcon is the one candidate who comprises the greatest threat to all British Columbians by those who see the bigger picture, and know the backroom connections. He has made no secret of his love for privatization under the guise of ” what is best for B.C.” or ” making sure British Columbians get the best value for their dollars”. His big push for support in the north is nothing less than opportunistic capitalization on the backs of good people going through hard times, which are about to get harder with the new mortgage rules and sure to come higher interest rates.

Not going to happen on my watch. 

I know all about Kevin Falcon, inside and out.  And that is why I asked Gorden if I could repost his latest bit of stunning insight as I work on the stories that Kevin Falcons team will have a hard time swallowing,spinning or otherwise neutralizing. I bring you this post by Gordon F.D Wilson, who so graciously allowed me to repost it here in its entirety. I would encourage you to visit his blog at , for the unique and valuable insight he brings to current political events. And read the comments, for I often find the comment sections to be equally insightful as to what British Columbians are thinking.

Enjoy. I did! 

It would be a serious mistake to allow Kevin Falcon any leadership position over the public trust.

There have been too many examples of Kevin Falcon’s cavalier use of the truth in his approach to public policy for me to now believe that he will deliver a government that will not be exactly the same as that of Gordon Campbell. Indeed, if one tries to honestly define the Liberal leadership candidates, Falcon is the closes to being a clone of Campbell.
My first memory of Falcon dates back to the late 1990s when he was the spokesperson for Concerned Citizens of B.C. You might remember him from the “Total Recall” campaign which tried unsuccessfully to launch recall against the NDP MLAs. He swore at the time that he was an independent British Columbian who had no connection to Campbell or the Liberal party and no interest in politics, just truth from the government. That proved to be untrue.
As Minister of Health Falcon repeatedly told British Columbians that he did not favour the privatization of the provincial health care system, and yet during his tenure in that portfolio British Columbians have seen a consistent and determined direction toward the delivery of private health care.
More recently Falcon has been touring the province, arguing that Campbell had no choice but to sell off BC Rail. The sale, Falcon claims, was necessitated by Campbell inheriting a Railway that was “virtually bankrupt” from the NDP governments of the 1990s. The problem is that this statement, like so many others from Falcon, is also untrue.
Remarkably, Falcon didn’t even blush when he recently told the Prince George crowds that if he was elected Premier he would establish Prince George as a transportation hub for the province.
What nerve.
Here is an individual who sat in Cabinet and advocated the debacle that was the sale of BC Rail, when at the time BC Rail stimulated and diversified the Prince George economy.
Now, he promises that if premier he will invest public money in transportation in Prince George. But what do his actions say while he has served as a senior member of Campbell’s government? As Minister of transportation, Falcon all but ignored the central and northern communities while overseeing the spending of billions of dollars on the Sea to Sky highway to facilitate the Olympic games, and he pushed through the private public partnerships that will benefit from billions more public dollars for two very controversial projects, the Delta ring road and the twinning of the Port Mann bridge. All his actions have been urban-focused and private profit driven.
Falcon is a devout believer in his version of “private enterprise”. Let’s revisit what he said in Prince George about BC Rail.
“Government is not particularly adept at running businesses. We tend to get our clocks cleaned by the private sector who spend every waking moment on how to run things more efficiently,” Falcon told a Prince George radio audience in defence of his decision to support the sale of their railway. BC Rail was “virtually bankrupt” and required annual operating subsidies from the province, he told another audience.
That is untrue.
The facts on BC Rail are quite different than Falcon presents. The railway, a self-supporting Crown Corporation, recorded 23 consecutive years of operating profits. Far from being bankrupt, the rail company actually sent $137.7 million in dividends to the provincial treasury while supporting the regional economy of BC’s interior and north!
Falcon continues to serve up the ongoing lie about the financial state of BC Rail to try to justify the government’s decision to dump it. When one considers the underhanded and “illegal” activity that surrounded the sale/lease of this public asset, one would think that a candidate for premier of an “open and honest” government would call for a public enquiry into the matter, not continue the misrepresentations, deceit and stonewalling that we have witnessed for years.
What is particularly concerning about the prospect of Kevin Falcon as our premier is contemplating the fate of another multi-million dollar Crown Corporation, B.C. Hydro. BC Hydro the jewel in the crown is critical to control over both production and price of electricity and should be a legacy for our great grandchildren.
Kevin Falcon, who was unequivocal in his view on the sale of BC Rail, seemed less sure about his position on B.C. Hydro when asked in a radio interview.
“B.C. Hydro is an important asset, there’s no question about it, and I think we’ve made a decision that we think it is the public interest that we maintain B.C. Hydro as a publicly owned utility.”
Falcon is absolutely sure that the sale of BC Rail was the right thing to do, but as far as keeping B.C. Hydro public, he only thinks “they” have made a decision to keep B.C. Hydro publicly owned. He claims this decision will result in Hydro “not going to be the height of efficiency”.
If there is one truth about Kevin Falcon, it is his unwavering commitment to the disposal of public assets into the hands of “private” buyers. I await with interest the disclosure of his list of political donors if indeed one is ever released.
Like his teacher and mentor Gordon Campbell, this apprentice has mastered the use of the selective presentation of “facts”, which he repeats convincingly enough to have his audience accept them as true even though they are not. As we have painfully discovered by electing the master from whom Falcon learned his political craft, it would be a serious mistake to allow Kevin Falcon any leadership position over the public trust.


  1. Laila,
    Nice new upgrade to the site and I must say easier on my tired old eyes.
    Very good article by Mr. Wilson. I don’t think Mr Falcon is going to be fooling too many with his shenanigans and fast talk. First of all he’s not sharp or smart enough on his feet and without his mentor I think he will show his lack of adeptness soon enough.
    Hell I know enough about BC Rail and it’s true worth and contributions and profits to make him look like a fool should our paths meet and I am certain there are many out there as qualified as I.
    My fear is the lack of anyone better from the B.C. Liberals as they have all been trained in the Campbell camp so I choose to not look at any of them as a viable answer to the problems facing this province.
    I am so tired of their faces, all of them and their words so hollow and void of any real meaning like entering a space where rap music is playing and every new piece sounds like the one you just heard over and over and being 59 you have to understand my tolerance for it is weakening.
    The Liberals as I see it Laila are history and the sooner they see that the better off our province will be. The stance we have to take here is that if somehow by some twist of fate the are placed in governance then I have to make them understand that the rule of that have changed, and I believe they have, and I personally won’t allow this to continue, nor will you, nor will all the enlightened and wonderful people I meet here and elsewhere because people like you had some foresight and brought all things forward.
    Don F.


  2. Testify by Rage Against The Machine should be the theme song for the BC Liberal leadership race. They’re all the same. I hope the party is completely destroyed whenever we manage to get another election. The sooner the better.


  3. Excellent article… I’ve never trusted him and he never should be trusted with what he say’s about B.C. Hydro…The liberal caucus is like a snakepit! These people have no concern for the average joe, complete disregard for the electorate, and are liars and thieves as far as i’m concerned… We need drastic change in this province and hopefully it will come sooner rather than later…..


  4. Good morning to everyone and yes, Gordon has done an exceptional job on this post. Left to Falcon, he would lead this province to ruin, considering his incredible lack of either understanding, or complete disregard for the massive debtload his tenure in the MOTH has burdened the province with. The corporate friends lining up to endorse him are laughable for their lack of insight into how angry people still are over Campbell’s regime – to think the wrath would be any less for the younger incarnate of Campbell ( Falcon) is naive.

    This is another excellent take on it, from Merv Ritchie of Terrace Daily :

    BC Mary has it posted as well, and it is making it’s way around with net chatter about boycotting any Falcon business supporters province wide. My inbox was flooded this morning with similar thoughts from readers. People really think twice about where they are spending their money in times like these.


  5. We have been reduced from citizens to consumers, our pocketbooks are the only way to get the attention of the corporate class. I’m happy to see Mr. Wilson blogging. Thanks for reposting Yuile!


  6. I thought Gordon’s piece re: Bird Brain was excellent. But then I checked out what the greatest blogger, no make that journalist, no make that intellectual on earth had to say and will have to take it with a grain of salt, I guess,

    (4) An interesting piece written by Gordon Wilson on his blog (yes, that Gordon Wilson) has caught my eye. I’ll unspin it for you and show you precisely why it was a very good thing he never made it any further than he did in government. A shameless display of overstatement and propaganda.

    I have left a question, pointing out how anxious I am to learn why we are so lucky to now have the Gordon we have rather than the Gordon we hardly knew. I’m sure I will feel much better about the last decade of Campbelloid pillaging of the public assets once the wise man has opened my rather retarded mind to the truth of his all knowing and completely free of political axes to grind wisdom.

    Well, I’m off to check out the “anonymous haters” at Mary’s place!


  7. Our ongoing challenge is to have the facts conveyed to sufficient members of the general populace. Main stream media (MSM) have always had an anti-labour bias, and they constantly spew that along with their inaccurate pro-business rhetoric. This is a dilemma for honest folks and many commenters on your site.

    The business elite demand that their declining work force to be more competitive. What we really need is competition in MSM. Oligopolies within the current the 4th Estate are totally undemocratic and they should be broken up.

    Unfortunately most young people do not realize how their rights and priviledges are being eroded. They are too busy with their own self interests to know what is going on around them, and they don’t seem to recognize misrepresentations of the truth. Perhaps this is not a new phenomenon, because many politicians do not care whether the facts are presented as long as their name is in the news. That is the modus operandi of the incumbant BC Liberals.

    Your viral presentation on “shadow tolls” was a very effective message. Unfortunately the message was ignored by MSM, but keep stoking the fires Laila, because we do not have any better messengers than you and a few other very good bloggers. The deceitful spin by todays power brokers must be exposed. Sustaining democracy in todays world requires a vigilance much greater than I ever anticipated.


    • Hi Koot, yes that little blurb found it’s way into my email box last night…taken with a large grain of salt. I have faith in Gordon to hold his own. Truth can be presented in many different shapes and forms, but facts remain constant and unchanging.

      Ron, great comment, on many points. I agree that corporate monopolies have and will continue to lead to degradation of the news we see, hear and read. Budgets are killing newsrooms around the globe. The sea to sky toll series did actually gain national attention in the Globe and Mail with Mark Hume and that story alone I credit with a massive increase in readers and subscriptions, as well as a host of new tips that are piling up…

      The key is to allow more time for research and writing, which I am working on. You are right when you state that sustaining democracy requires a much greater vigilance that ever anticipated, and one that is costly.


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