“The best thing about this group of candidates is that only one of them can win.” ~Will Rogers

As I sat hunched over my computer this morning, weaving my way through two separate stories that have suddenly become rather stunning examples of government malfeasance, I could not help but think about the current stream of candidates for both the Liberals and the NDP. And the quote above this post. It is true for the people of BC that in each party, the best thing about all the candidates is that only one of them can win.

So before I go back to these stories – which are taking a bit more time because lawyers are involved and therefore a certain diligence must be undertaken – let’s talk about the Liberal and NDP candidates right now.

To be honest, one wonders how the NDP are going to convince everyone that they are suddenly working together and moving forward when one candidate flaunts the rules and another threatens to sue over the resulting decision, which is kind of questionable if you ask me.

I’ve received a lot of emails from people asking why I haven’t covered much or who I would like to see as leader and I am going to address both of those queries. To be honest, between bouts of flu and investigating two very large stories,time is scarce. I would rather devote my time to finding the truth than talking about who promised what.

On the second question of who do I want to see as leader, well, that is a tough one.

If I were to advise a liberal on who to vote for leader of their party, I would say look for another party.  Failing that, I think George Abbott would do the least harm to the province overall. Can’t say for sure,but his strategy has been good so far, staying low and letting Falcon and Christy promise themselves into holes so freaking large they can’t possibly climb out. Falcon has done well establishing himself as a mini-Campbell, down to the mannerisms and manner of speech – I’ve always found you can tell a lot about a person by studying their behavior. And by the way, is it just me or why the heck does Christy constantly wear that robins egg blue shirt with a darker suit? Seriously, go back and look at photos of her over the years, and you see the same damn shirt and suit in at least 400 different pics. I’m assuming some image consultant told her once the combination implied power, safety and consistency….

You see? I don’t take her seriously as a politician, I just can’t. It’s like she’s playing politics, she’s practiced the moves, the facial expressions, the gestures and rhetoric, but it still comes across like a little girl playing dress up in the mirror. Except the person looking back this time wants to suddenly play premier.

The NDP is still, in as much disarray as they apparently still are,by far the lesser of the two evils. But I will share my honest thoughts with you, and they are not mine alone. As an observer, I find it remarkable that for as much as Caroles head was called for on a plate –  and I too still strongly feel that she lost the people she dreamed to lead, resignation was inevitable – the so-called front-runners are nonetheless, all strong Carole supporters.

This leads me to wonder, for those people looking for change, demanding change  in a direction away from Carole and the elite within the NDP, how much  ‘change’ will the party actually see with Dix,Horgan or Farnworth, all of whom are considered part of her inner circle? Think about that for a moment.

To be sure, Horgan even publicly blasted the 13 dissidents for their actions, yet claims he can heal and unify the rift. This while he has also said he plans to continue Carole’s work to modernize the party. Sources tell me that Horgan is a favorite of party president Moe Sihota, but again, my fear is that with a candidate who was very much in Carole’s inner circle, how much change in the NDP’s direction can we realistically expect? As much as he says British Columbians are tired of rhetoric, his site is full of it, with very little to offer in actual policy to people who may be stopping by. I have read some of his correspondence to fellow bloggers that have been published,and I stand by my words because of his position, relationships and history within the party, and because some of the responses are very carefully worded. Just as any politicians would be in the same situation – a wise politician that is.

Dix came on strong, and seems to attract controversy as much as black jackets collect white lint. As suspected, the press have rolled out the errors of bygone eras with the zest of hyenas on a carcass, but I think in the end none of it will have much impact on his candidacy. With Dix, you either know how he is and like it, or you don’t. And if that doesn’t mean a thing to you than I suggest you do some research and start asking some questions.

Mike Farnworth is where I see the membership headed based on talking to readers and people in my contacts. His support appears to be strong in the party.

From my view, I am quite disappointed the dissidents did not put forth a candidate that might symbolize some of the much-needed  true change that is deeply warranted within the party. Had that occurred, this might be a very different leadership race. Guy Gentner for example, has been belting out the hits on a variety of issues from his riding in Delta, for years. Frequent press coverage because this is a man who is out there, all the time, fighting for his community and the people who live there. And I know Guy isn’t afraid to take on the big guys, as do all his constituents.

I’ve been doing some asking around on Harry Lali and Nick Simons, and both seem to be well-loved and respected in their communities. Dana Larson, I have heard the same, that the fellow is both very smart and very astute. Haven’t had the pleasure of meeting any of them but to everything there is a season, but I do find it a bit disheartening to see potentially good candidates seemingly go by the wayside for whatever reason -lack of press attention( well Harry had some yesterday,not sure it was good for his campaign or not) location, funds….

One thing that is glaringly absent in each candidates leadership platform was recently pointed out  by Gordon Wilson,and should give each of you something to think about:

We should press every Liberal and NDP candidate to commit to the tabling a budget or counter measure, passing interim supply and calling an election within ninety days.

If we can actually get a commitment to hold an election based on the outcomes of a substantive policy debate on the critical social and economic issues facing British Columbians, then perhaps the selection process that is currently underway to choose our Premier and Leader of the Official Opposition will have a bigger meaning than simply voting the best cheerleader to the top of the heap.

It has been said that in this leadership race there are only two questions that have mattered: Will the candidate call for a public inquiry into BC Rail, and will they rescind the HST?

My view is that if those are the only two concerns you have for a new leader of a political party that may or may not run this province for years to come, you are going to have a hell of a surprise coming after the next election. Yes, those are two very important issues for many British Columbians, but by far, those issues must not be the only consideration for selecting a potential new premier. This province is in a hell of a financial mess, with more to come than anyone might count on right now. We should all know by now, that many politicians will do anything they can to get to where they want to be, and that is the bottom line.

 Personally,  after 10 years of hell from Campbell, and variety of disappointments from the NDP, I am looking for a hell of a lot more than  bleated promises  and vague policies from both parties.

40 thoughts on ““The best thing about this group of candidates is that only one of them can win.” ~Will Rogers

  1. WTF????

    Are you an effing traitor or what? The NDP are the only effing chance we have at getting anywhere and you start this crap?What are you thinking? You are a freaking idiot because Horgan is the only effing guy who has the balls to hit the Libs where it hurts. Go suck an effing egg.


    1. Mr. Smith, I appreciate your viewpoint, but I am simply stating what I think are some important points people who will be voting for the future leaders need to think about.

      After seeing this province reach the level it has with Campbell, Falcon, Hansen and all the others in charge, I would hope that people consider very carefully the power of their vote even in a leadership race. So far none of the candidates from either party have released anything concrete or anything other than the rhetoric we have been seeing for the last decade.

      As I think my regular readers know,my only loyalties in this are to the province of BC, and to the people who call it home. I am not a member of the NDP, yes I considered joining and running for them at one point, but neither happened. I did not see the leadership and action appear within the party that I consider are vitally needed to save this province. And my personal view is that Horgan is not the person who will ultimately pull the party together and get it moving in a direction that is positive for BC. While he has a group of ardent supporters, there are just as many people who are turned off by his manner and background in the party.

      As you are allowed your opinions, I am allowed mine and to voice them as well. I care deeply for this province and would like to see people thinking carefully about what they want and what they are looking for in a leader.


  2. Generally Laila I’m with you on the lack of substance in the leadership campaigns.
    Although BC Rail and The HST are at the top of my agenda right now there are many more items to look at as well as the substance in any new leader. Are they good at debating any subject? Will they listen to the voters? (we know the libs won’t) things like that.
    One thing that has really got under my skin is that Clark resigned in the house to tend to her family. If she reads this blog I have a question for her. How did that work out Cristy? Not too well I hear. Then she goes on to be a wannabe talk show host. These hosts are supposed to generate discussion but she and a few others seem to want to cut off any and all that don’t agree with the subject at hand. What does that say for her running for premier.? It tells me that we will soon get the same treatment from her as we did from Campbell.

    My profile is being moved up Laila and this article of yours seems to be a good place to make a statement. ” I am not a member of any political party but was a member of the NDP way back, in support of Mike Harcourt. My first two elections,one federal and one provincial, I voted Liberal following my parents lead. Except for one year when disenchanted, I have voted NDP. The disenchanted year gave my vote to the Rhinosorus Party. At present I have not decided where my vote will go, although it will not go to the Liberals as they have no hope of changing. I am leaning towards any independents or a new party that will make huge changes in this province (too numerous to mention here)
    The reasons for my making a statement here Laila will soon become clear.
    Thanks, Gary E


    1. Thank you Gary, for speaking your mind and doing it here. Your commentary and viewpoint are always welcome and appreciated,and I do think you are not alone, by far. I have spoken to many who will never vote Liberal, but are very hesitant to vote NDP and are afraid to make that leap from familiarity to the unknown. And to be honest, the NDP in this province are familiar to many of us, like a favoured old t-shirt or jeans that have long gone past useful but are so comfortable you hate to part with them. But do these candidates have what it takes to change what we have seen for so long?

      You raise some good questions, Gary, and that is what I want every member of the NDP and the Liberals to do, ask some bloody questions – and then look very carefully at the answers. Carole James listened to the voters a lot. She listened everywhere she went, was accesible and always had a moment for the people who approached her. But think about this.

      Where did that get us? Where did that get the party? What happened after those heartfelt listening sessions that we could see in actual attempts at policy reform? Hmm?

      If the NDP are to lead this province, the people should be demanding some answers to the most important issues before they choose who is going to do lead the party. What is the candidates plan for the party, and how does he plan to achieve that goal? The new leader is going to be facing a tough audience of hurt, jaded and cynical voters. God help the man who is elected only to show us more of what the people have had from the NDP in the last few years. Silence, lack of action, no vision or solutions.

      It is one thing to say I support this, or that, it is another thing entirely to tell your audience how you plan to ensure it happens, and so far that is all I have heard from the Liberals, and very little from the NDP.

      I too am leaning towards an alternative to hold both the major parties feets to the fire, an alternative that gives people who are disillusioned and disaffected a realistic plan and solutions that are based on experience, knowledge and wisdom, the last of which are very different things.

      Again, thank you Gary for your statement. Feel free to email me directly if you wish to make an announcement which I can post on the main page as a post, rather than a comment!

      John, thank you my dear friend. My thoughts are with you, as you know. : )

      Mike,An astute comment from a valued reader.

      I have received quite a few emails this morning in the line of Mr. Smith, people who feel I personally am now responsible for the downfall of the province for stating what I think. I’m not telling anyone who to vote for as a leader, I am just telling people to think hard and ask questions, and most importantly, don’t be softer on the NDP simply because that is who you have always voted for!! For goodness sakes, these people are all voted in, not assigned, so we have no one to blame but ourselves if we are fooled in the process. Now is the time to be vocal and get a firm understanding of what you are in for. Just like the Liberals, the NDP have little groups within the party, relationships past and present through employment or other avenues that are certainly good to question. And I simply could not be silent about the reality that suddenly we hear so much about how these candidates are going to change, unite and heal the party, when the three frontrunners of Dix, Farnworth and Horgan, have all been in Carole’s inner circle for so long. There is much to be considered in times like we are in, and times we still must face. Serious thought must be given.


  3. You are so tolererant Laila. Some posts make you wonder if there indeed should be a test and passing grade required before being allowed to vote. Keep up the good work.


  4. Do you feel like you are walking on a tightrope Laila?
    For my money, I was originally drawn to this blog due to the courageous truth telling on the serious scandals in BC. Such truth telling leaves no room for pretending or fantasizing. And to simply follow the facts, one has no choice but to conclude that the NDP are controlled opposition. Their silence on big Liberal crimes like the willful destruction of BC Rail and BC Ferries to facilitate privatization is fact. Their continued silence on the current willful destruction of BC Hydro to prep it for privatization is disgusting. Their silence on the Macquarie debacle makes them complicit in that Liberal crime against the people of BC. The rant of Mr.Smith is typical of an establishment bully, and is devoid of truth.

    Passionate debate about what leaders we get forced to accept from the Libs and NDP makes about as much sense as getting all worked up about the next WWF Wrestling match. Who cares who they serve up, the game is rigged.

    The local candidates debates will provide an opportunity for informed BC residents to politely ask serious questions about BC corruption to both guilty parties, the Libs and the NDP. We should not fall into this trap, being forced to line up behind either of two corporatist parties who only pay lip service to the needs and rights of BC residents. They are the white collar criminals, and we are the law abiding good citizens of this province. For those who still think that the NDP are the good guys……….spend more time reading the archives here, and remember how you thought Obama was going to undo all the Bush crimes.
    The NDP/Liberal game is the same as the Democrats/Republicans game. Both play for the same team and serve up different lies to confuse and divide people. That game is getting old, and many of us see it for what it is.


  5. “…the time to hesitate is through,
    no time to wallow in the mire
    try now, we can only lose…..”

    Right or wrong, I am joining with the NDP to help flush the lieberal party out of existence in BC. The lieberals had no right or mandate to subvert democracy in this province, and the havoc they have wreaked may be beyond calculation. It is clear they must not be allowed to continue. It is also clear that they be held responsible for their deceptions.

    As of right now we have no other choice, and until or unless someone or something better magically appears, we must pick a party or candidate we think is best able to extricate us from this lieberal sickness we are mired in.

    After that we will keep their feet to the fire.


  6. From Wikipedia:
    “Leadership has been described as a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid & support of others in the accomplishment of a common task”
    In my view while the majority of citizens in this province were on a drunken spending spree courtesy of cheap credit,and living the false rich life, the current gov’t methodically and quietly were influenced to sell off crown assets or to use a ponzi inspired P3 model to put the taxpayer into the poor house for generations to come.
    The NDP party remained silent while the Liberals skillfully executed their plans. Not one member stood up to expose these Liberal atrocities. Not one member stood to explain the implications of the Ponzi P3 contracts. Not one member stood to challenge the constitutionality of the drinking and driving administrative law. Not one member stood to challenge or expose the sale of BC Rail. Yet some of those silent members wish to stand now and lead the NDP party.
    I am looking for a leader who will refuse to be handcuffed by lobbyists. A leader who will protect this Province’s assets from raiders. A leader who will inspire British Columbians to be accountable to themselves and to each other. A leader who will engage citizens into making British Columbia a leader of fairness and sustainability.


    1. I hear you Ron, and I am by far not saying to not vote for the NDP- I am concerned enough about this province that I do think people need to think hard about what they value beyond the two issues of the HST and the BC rail debacle, and look to the actual and real records and policies of those candidates who have come forward.

      If a person can do that, find a fit for them among the candidates and feel good about it, that is truly a good thing. But ask those questions NOW, not later once the leader is in place and won’t be removed for a while. Because a good number of the NDP have remained silent on many issues for far too long and I would hate to see people going through the frustration that the opposition brought to us over the last year since the election.

      Lynn, that is wonderfully written. And you are correct on many counts. It is time for each of us to decide where we stand and move forward. It is terribly naive for the NDP to expect anyone to believe suddenly they are all moving forward and working well against the Liberals. Partisan divide like this are not easily or quickly mended when there is so much behind what initiated it in the first place. There is a huge contingent who, like myself, can’t stand Moe Sihota. And he is still president, is he not? Certainly not a president in name only, his influence among a certain group in the NDP is fierce. The question is who are the big Moe supporters and friends at those higher levels. Figure that out and it might help to determine which leader you really want to lead the public side of the party.


  7. Hi Laila,
    Salient post; excellent comments too (save perhaps “Mr. Smith”, who sounds like one of the donkeys who got us all in this fine mess to begin with).

    Just looking through, ” A War Against Truth ” by Paul William Roberts – An intimate account of the Invasion of Iraq – I was struck by the obvious : With the mass-media owned and controlled by the powers behind the mega-corps with their ” globalist ” agenda (breaking down the nation-states for easier plunder), there is a a relatively small group of robotic parrot-like citizens that for whatever reason believe that their vocal support for the establishment will somehow assure their safety – or in the least, will allow them to be of the ‘ last sheep ‘ to be eaten.

    The survival of the Province as the rightful guardian of the people’s welfare and well-being is the critical issue before us. By suspending Parliament twice to avoid accounting to the people, Harper’s Regime also suspended democracy in Canada. The dissolution of provincial powers fits into the transnational corporate scheme; in this, “Judas-Goat” Gordon Campbell played his role well. [ He accomplished this by fooling people in that the BC owed genuine businesses, and the predator transnational forces masquerading as “corporations”, belong to the same animal kingdom.]
    The NDP is as culpable in the disempowerment of the province by being “asleep at the switch” – or worst. We have to keep all options open, whether voting for the lesser devil we think we know, or entertaining the idea of a new populist party – in the face of mass-media shut-out.
    Anyway, win or lose, I remain on the side of angels, Laila.


  8. I agree that independant MLA’s are good for the province. I respect your opinion and your thoughtful way of expressing it. I also agree that we must ask the questions now, of all of them.

    I have asked those questions of John Horgan and am confident of his answers and intentions. I did join the NDP with the intent of influencing the future policy decisionmaking. I tell you this not to influence anyone else, but to clarify that I should now be considered partisan.


  9. I know I will never vote Liberal, for the rest of my life. Right now it seems, we have the dictator, the henchmen, the propaganda media, the police state, the lies, corruption and the theft of our assets, their underhanded methods. Ask any WW11 veteran, what Campbell really is.

    The Constitution is ignored. Our Civil Rights and Liberties have been taken from us. Democracy and Freedom, have not been seen, since Campbell came into office. Campbell and the BC Liberals, broke every promise they made. There are hints, there could be a snap election called. I am busy trying to find the party, that would clean up the corruption in BC. Someone who will try and get, our BCR back, our rivers back, and every cent back that was thieved by Campbell, from this province and the people. We want our BC mills back, our raw logs back. We want, the 36,000 mill jobs back, we lost to China. The economy of, central and northern parts of BC, has all but been wiped out, with no industry to take the place of our mills.

    The HST scam, all of the money Campbell and Hansen said we would save, because of the HST was a lie, as we knew it was. Our cost of living, has gone right out of orbit. The HST we were ripped off for, doesn’t even stay in BC…The HST goes directly to Harper, and that’s the last we have seen of our stolen HST dollars. Pffft, gone. Nor, would I ever vote for Harper, come Federal Election time. I will not forget his treachery towards the BC people, regarding the HST either. BC people spend millions, shopping in the U.S.A. because of the HST. People close to the Alberta border, shop there because of the HST. BC had the highest number of job losses, in Dec. Jan, they say, will be even worse, 15000 job losses. We are at the bottom of the heap, of all of the other provinces, because of the HST. Any idiot can see, the HST is killing our province. It is said, Campbell is being paid, by big business to, fight to keep the HST. Well, Campbell was never one, who could ever pass up a buck.


  10. Hey Laila. John Horgan announced “a Fair Tax Commission responsible for examining and reporting on the total impact of the HST, provincial taxation, user fees, licences, natural resource royalties and the range of other government imposed costs on citizens and businesses.“

    Make sense to me.


    1. yes, I saw his twitter earlier today that details would be coming. I think he is the first candidate from both sides to address the questions surrounding finance in this manner, without dodging the bullet. A good start, let’s see what this brings forth from the other candidates.

      Hi Kim! I know you signed up for the NDP, I read your posts..lol.. : ) I wish you the best of luck with your endeavors on that front and I truly hope you succeed, because my sources tell me otherwise and I really don’t want to believe it. Personally, I’m not putting my money on Horgan,Farnworth is who I see as best given the conditions of the party, so we will agree to disagree on that respect, my friend. The backroom politics exist just as much in the NDP as they do in the Liberals. However, friends with a common cause we shall remain in fight and spirit I hope !


  11. Laila…How long has Horgan, Farnworth and Dix been running?..About a week..

    Maybe you aren`t too familiar with politics…As opposition, 2 years or less from the next election…Oppositions can`t divulge ideas of gold or they get stolen by government, that happens all the time…More policy from opposition comes out during the writ period..

    So perhaps you should consider that before blaming the NDP for not showing their cards before the game gets started..

    And as for disappointments from oppositions….What opposition has ever stopped a determined in power government? Exactly…

    720,000 petition signers and public revolt couldn`t stop the HST and Campbell lies…No opposition by two NDPers could have ever stopped the BC Rail theft or ferries…

    You Laila failed on this post!

    And you still like Farrell are still mired in the NON STORY of INTERNAL NDP Strife..

    Thought you could see clearer…I was mistaken


    1. Grant, I’m truly disappoiinted in you. Really, the insults can be checked at the door as can your inability to see more than your own viewpoint.

      Yes, we all know you love and support Horgan as YOUR choice to lead BC, but how about letting the rest of us make up our own minds? Or is the only way, Grant’s way? I prefer to share my thoughts, my research and let people make up their own mind rather than ordering them around and insulting them if they don’t agree. ( Mary Polak lovers and Christy Clark rabid fans exempt )

      You, of all people, are more than familiar with how the NDP failed to show any cards over the last year. I call BS on your thought that opposition can’t divulge any ideas of gold or ” they get stolen”. If the NDP candidates want members to vote for them, one would think the members would want to know what they are voting for, especially with the lack of vision shown by the party over the last couple years. It has been a rudderless ship of discontent and disharmony held together with ropes that finally frayed to the breaking point. You can pretend otherwise, but in your heart you know this to be true.

      ” And as for disappointments from oppositions….What opposition has ever stopped a determined in power government? Exactly…”

      Sounds like excuses to me Grant.Excuses for the lack of action and movement that you, yourself have written about time and time again.

      I for one am tired of sitting around waiting for the NDP to figure out what the issue is, then get someone to research it, then make a statement. Or worse yet, do all that and not make a statement. Unless you are a brand new critic for a ministry you are unfamiliar with, you should know your stuff like the back of your hand, and I have seen otherwise in at least two cases of experienced critics not knowing what the hell is going on.
      Should they come into power I will certainly work towards the betterment of BC as a common goal, bu tyou can also be damn sure I will hold their feet to the fire as much as I have the Liberals. I don’t belive in covering up or hiding the little details like internal strife, which still exists as a dangerous undercurrent ready to yank everyone in again. It is the way it is. This isn’t the NDP PR site, this is a site where I look at truth, transparency and accountibility in government.

      All government Grant, all government, no matter what party or leader is in the fold.

      I see quite clear, Grant, far clearer than you think. This isn’t about the NDP, this is about the province and the people who are tired of being let down by both parties. This is about wondering if there shouldn’t be a hell of a lot more independents out there, enough to give the Liberals and the NDP something new to think about. And from what I hear, there are thousands of people ready to make a move for such a thing, not to mention BC first has been gaining momentum as the NDP and Liberals vied for new members. Don’t discount how upset and angry people are with both parties – new NDP members have been signed up at the door with what promises?Hmm? And if the candidates want to attract more new members, you can bet your behind their had better be something there to show them they are serious about turning this around.

      I didn’t forget this isn’t a general election, you forgot a leadership race is just as important to the people who vote, and potential new members.

      I am like no one, Grant. I’m me, with my own ideas and thoughts of what leadership should look like. Unfortunately, I thought you might have grown as a person to allow others their opinions without the need to denigrate and insult them.

      It appears I have been mistaken as well.


  12. Politics and religion!
    I will talk about issues till the sun goes down, highways,BC Rail, corruption, fish farms etc. but politics is where friends become ex friends, lovers become enemies, they aren’t for the faint at heart.
    I won’t divulge anymore than to say I am listening closely to what Mr. Horgan is saying and less to what all others are at this moment it time. I am keeping what I hope to be an open mind so this is subject to change at any moment.
    The water is full of sharks, eels, stingrays and many poisonous creatures still unknown to man so I’ll step cautiously as I wade in them and give the same advise to all.


  13. Laila, thank you for your compliment.
    Otis Weland- well said!
    Those WW II vets can confirm this:
    Any surviving Nazi sympathizers were rounded up, their heads shaved and paraded through village streets where by citizens threw rotten vegetables and fruit at them.
    The collaborators were the folks who were the cheerleaders for the Nazis.

    Freedom of speech will end when all good citizens stop listening.
    Democracy will become a historical footnote if citizens don’t wake up and wake the hell up soon.
    Kim, I celebrate your involvement, for having the guts to make a decision. For continuing to be engaged. I shant donate a dime to any party lest they get their poop together.
    Mr. Smith, I understand your rage. Keep coming back to us and soon your rage will give room to engaging dialogue and active political involvement, not just here but in your community.
    Mr. Farrell,
    I’m tired of hearing what they are going to do once re-elected, when they sat and remained silent during the process.
    The proof is in the puddin.
    The NDP party is letting the MSM make drama out of the process of sign ups.
    If party leadership hopefuls cannot respect the rules how can I trust them as Premier? If party leadership hopefuls create dramatic deflections over rules broken how can I expect that candidate to stay focus on protecting this Province’s assets?
    And to the person taping Mable stapling money to membership apps, who do you think you are helping? The NDP party or the Liberals?
    I am sick and bloody tired of people protecting what they see in the mirror.
    That dam administrative Law is a tax grab plain and simple with great negative constituionality implications. And nobody said anything.
    There is no democracy if the state can come to your house, arrest you and then take your property. Again, nobody said anything, and yet some insecure leadership hopeful can take his or her smartphone and video tape Mable Elmore staping paper money to a membership app and call that wrong?!?
    To steal Mr.Smith’s words, that is effing wrong. Effing wrong on so many selfish levels.
    I’m sorry, if they can’t stand up and speak of wrongs on behalf of communities everywhere I sure as hell don’t want them anywhere near a chamber of democracy for they are not worthy to walk through the oak doors.


  14. Grant G. Maybe you aren’t too familiar with smart people. You speak like a true party insider………..”before the game gets started”
    Classic view of a partisan who cares more about his precious party than the people of BC.
    Guess what slick. The ‘game’ has been going for decades and many of us are suffering today, and have been for a long time. This is no game, this is an unprecedented rape of a nation by governments who are loyal to globalists, not to the people. Real people are in real pain in this rich province, no games. Some of us who are ‘familiar’ with politics see this very clearly.

    Your incredibly lame pathetic justification for NDP inaction and silence on BC rail gets a big fail. Doing the right thing counts, and trying counts. How can you suggest it is OK to quit or go along with the bad guys if the outcome is in doubt……your words. Some people try to do the right thing for the right reasons and hope for the best. This little blog has integrity, much more than you and your triangulating deal making bunch of sellouts. This blog probably won’t turn this province around, but it keeps chugging along, not compromising truth or principals. Do you even comprehend the appeal of such truth telling? Do you have a clue about how fed up people are with this fake two party system? I wish the NDP was as advertised, but reality and fantasy are two different concepts.


  15. Slow down Grant!Take a deep deep breath and re-read the post. Don’t sh t on your friends,please. Thank you Laila ,once again, for doing the work. Grant ,we know that you work hard brother.We are on the same side.


  16. If only there was some form of proportional representation of our votes, provincially, and federally, what a different world we would live in.


  17. Laila

    As a new regular reader I must thank you for your great words.
    I wish the dinner news hour had someone with your spine.

    Thank you
    Grant D

    p.s. Would the Province be a better place if MLA’s were picked like jury duty ? ?


  18. Grant G:
    To quote your questions,
    “Would the Province be a better place if MLA’s were picked like jury duty?”
    My answer is, a big no.
    The global lobby corp would find a way to hijack that.

    The answer is a citizenry that remains engaged.Democracy is only as goods as the citizenry that upholds it. So if we can’t or refuses to participate than we deserve what we get.
    You cannot buy a new car and expect it to run efficiently forever if you refuse to perform ongoing, regular maintenance.

    The system we currently have works fine-it is the voter who is the problem. Voting in an election is just the beginning. As a voter and taxpayer you must stay involved and help shape policies that will effect you and your family.
    It is amazing how people will spend time discussing the lastest American Idol contestant but doesn’t know enough or wants to know enough about the Ponzi P3 contracts, or the BC Rail asset sell off and then wakes ups one day screaming over how the hell the HST was created by Harper and Campbell, or the taxpayer wondering why Hydro was sold off and how come their electric bill has increased by 200%. Because you weren’t engaged from the start, but hey, Ms. Lohan sure looks good after rehab, right?

    To the other Grant,
    The game has changed, more and more folks have begun to realise we are being screwed over by XYZ political party. If your party wants to form the next government you had all better stop the internal hissy fits and shape up, because we are watching. No more status quo, no more same as usual bullshit. No more keeping your mouths shut for fear of letting loose the playbook of secrets. It aint a game, and you are all f***ing with the future of this province and we aint gonna put up with anymore.
    We will elect independants if you can’t get your policies and future of this province straight. The ownership of this land belongs to us and our grandchildren.Not to plutomic power, not mcquarie, not any global lobby, and not to any political party.
    Get that straight and you might have a future leading this province.


  19. Absolutely, Laila, we are on the same side. We want our kids to inherit a healthy democracy were debate is encouraged to be passionate and informed. Where our assets are valued, treasured and protected for the public good. Where every voice is heard and Justice prevails. Where the police are once again trusted to preserve the peace. Where politicians all recognise what is in the public’s best interest. Together is the only way to get there from here! Thanks for a spirited comment thread, my friend!


  20. What should be irrelevant to our elected representatives is Grant G’s comment that “Oppositions can`t divulge ideas of gold or they get stolen by government….”.

    If the so-called stolen ideas are good for the citizens of BC, let them be stolen and implemented by the government. At least some good ideas might benefit most of our populace instead of the privileged few. The latter, of course, is the modus operandi of the incumbent BC Liberal government.


  21. I have a special fondness for Laila Youile and all she has done in the way of reporting This is my first visit to the new site and I an struck by the closed off from the world opinions I see here
    The overwhelming majority of posters present as thought there are no international interests pulling the strings of British Columbia’s politicians
    It as though some how this province is completely untouched by the very people who own us via law, lock, stock, and barrel

    I doubt I will find an audience in the readership here, nor do I care one way or the other if I do

    While British Columbians dither over who the lapdog of the Power Elite (read The Power Elite by C Wright Mills)
    and then tell me how independent the politicians of this day are of can be in the face of the International Bankers and various other moneyed interest.

    Until the people of this province awaken to the greater reality they can expect more of the same.

    All Legislative Acts of the Australian, New Zealand or Canadian governments have absolutely no authority and are therefore imposed domestically by force upon the inhabitants of those lands and as a consequence of this revelation, those inhabitants are not bound by such laws.


  22. Like it or not, we have the party system to work with. If you don’t join a party you have no influence over who becomes leader. You cannot be a member of two parties at the same time, so have no influence over leadership choices of Libs if you’re NDP or vice-versa. This is not general election time, so if you want a particular person as a potential leader of BC then you have to join to have a vote. The only way to change this is to have more independents, and going it alone is a tough row to hoe and less likely to achieve success, so it doesn’t seem to catch on.

    I also became a member of the NDP so I can have my vote. I have never voted for a leader of a party before, but because of the messy state this province is in, it just doesn’t seem like enough to only vote in the general election. Now I can have my little say on whom I think has the most integrity and best intentions towards BC and not lie every time they open their mouth.


  23. island cynic.
    The two party game is fixed. You can spend all day rationalizing why the Banditos are better than the Hells Angels or visa versa. You can call it democracy too because they let you vote for one of their pre-approved candidates.
    You are correct about more independents being needed. Then you say because it is a difficult row to how, it is not going to catch on………..so it is not worth it???

    Attempting to do the right thing without a certain outcome, vs. taking a path ‘likely to achieve success’ is an interesting way to frame this debate. I guess it depends how you define success. The red team or the orange team will succeed in getting more seats, and the people of BC will be screwed. There is no success for the BC residents in this rigged game, and pardon us if we no longer get excited about these fake elections.
    PS, Perhaps you could ask one of your wonderful NDP members to wake up and raise some Hell over the Cameco ship leaking nuclear fuel, now docked in Vancouver? You know the ship I mean? The one China refused due to safety concerns returns to Vancouver, all the way from Midway Island near Hawaii, and we are just expected to shut up and take it.
    Not a peep from the NDP on this. Why?


  24. I’m more aligned to the NDP than anything Lieberal. Not for anything they’ve done really, more likely for what they haven’t, and that’s behave as the Lieberals (in my time at least)
    Our two main parties, being NDP and Lieberal, (sorry.. I can’t help myself with the Lib spelling, even with those wiggly red underlines signifying wrong spelling annoying me intensely) have much in common with each other in not wanting disclosure or transparency with their use of taxpayer money.

    Both parties are desperate to cover their tracks using FOI blocking options as often as they can, repealing public demand for transparency of how much we pay these people for doing the especially lousy jobs they are.
    They are actually fighting with the public over what the public wants and using taxpayer dollars to do it.

    The “pig at the trough” mentality needs repealing and new laws governing pay raises (no voting them in for yourself without prior public consultation) and an over-haul to the financial entitlements, allowances and, in most cases, life-time pay packages for usually just 4 years in government.
    Whether they did well or not seems irrelevant to them “earning” their pay, and ludicrous for the taxpayer to pay some loser for the rest of his or her life, for screwing us.
    I don’t know one job in the public or private sector, excepting these people above, who can get away with stealing, lying, extremely distasteful behaviors, not doing their jobs, telling their bosses (the public) that they don’t know what they want, don’t have any idea what their ministries are doing, all without getting fired for incompetence.
    So, why’s it any different because you work in politics? If anything, one should be more transparent because of their position and their ability to access the pocket-book of the country.
    And we shouldn’t have to wait years to remove a dictator who lied to take platform and run the province like his own piggy-bank, or MLA’s/MP’s who do the same. They should be as fire-able as anyone else, AND held accountable for their actions, or lack of.

    Sorry for the ramble, I love your dedication Laila, keep up the great work and don’t forget to breathe and take time for yourself and family.


  25. If I was Laila I would save my energy for her research and column writing which she does very well.
    To reply back or try to appease those who attack her personally is an effort in futility , a few days or weeks ahead when she writes another column to which they disagree with they will once again throw personals barbs. I have never known Laila to attack other bloggers as they of her. Piss on them ,disregard replying to them, it only fuels their ego and achieves nothing.


  26. Hi……Newby–Love your blog.
    Strange position though. You despise the Libs, but are loathe to support the only party capable of dethroning them.
    If your opinion of trying to elect independents is carried to fruition the result will surely be to return the Campbell clones to the drivers seat.

    A similar situation happened here in our little upper coastal community during our last Civic election. The Citizenary were so inscensed at Council that umpteen people put there names forth for all positions.
    Result: The Mayor was returned by the skin of his teeth, and with the few moneyed Lieberals being elected, They are shoveling money off to the biggest corporation in town!
    It’s bad enough the New Democrats have to suffer the loss of votes to the Greens for a single issue campaign, ( I love the environment—but there are other issues as well) and isn’t it better to fight from a position of power in government than to stand outside and holler in the wind.
    Please don’t encourage individuals to syphon votes from the only party that can save us from further pillage of our birthrights.
    For this reason I have just joined the NDP. I don’t like their policy of gender equilization, and I don’t like Sihota being payed by labor. (ethics?) As a member, I will let them know and will seek others of like mind to fight from within for change.
    Best of luck on your quest of fact-finding and publishing the results.
    PS I’m in Simons riding and we love the guy, but my vote for party leader at this point in time would go to Horgan.


  27. Hi everyone! Spent the day relaxing the body and brain on the Stanley Park seawall, picking treasure of the beach with my kids – treasure being seaglass, lovely shades of green and blue and lavender… this is the time of year to find it, when beaches are vacant for the most part. Anyways, I came home to find some trickery has been taking place on the internet, where certain blog posts of mine have been rendered invalid when searched and accessed through a Google, Yahoo, or Msn link. Imagine that! Specifically a certain Falcon post, and as soon as I get a reply from my host than I will post it and the links, and let you know what they think happened.

    Down to business.

    First, I want to address the incredibly hostile, vulger and downright idiotic comments being sent via email and the contact page.
    Think abou this. I am pretty sure John Horgan would want little to do with the kind of juvenile, locker-room street language used to defend his leadership abilities by his supporters. You do no credit to any politician by engaging in such hostility, so take it somewhere else. I won’t publish it, so deal with it somewhere else.

    Starting from the bottom up, with Beerouser:

    First of all, it is nice to see new readers commenting for the first time. I assure you, it gets easier to put in your two cents as time goes on! I am glad you enjoy the site.

    Let me address a couple of your concerns. First of all, no where in this post have I told people to NOT vote for the NDP. If you think I have, please point it out to me where this occurred.

    I have supported the NDP with my writing and actions for the last three years and I see things differently because of what I do, and my professional background. I have been privy to a lot of information over those three years and still have sources within both parties. Politics for the most part, in large parties of any leaning, is all about who uses who, for what purpose.Every party uses their supporters to their advantage, as Falcons recent Contact controversy shows, and the NDP have been no different.

    It is frustrating to see failure to act on the part of the politicians when those of us in the independent media set up perfect examples for them to pounce – only to hear and see nothing, over and over and over. I am a woman of action. I worked in the corporate world for some time and know there is often a small timeframe to act or it is lost.
    Sadly, I have seen the NDP lose those moments far too many times under Carole James.

    Now we have a leadership race and I see three men, Horgan, Dix and Farnworth, all of whom are well known among members of both parties as Carole supporters, and as part of her inner circle, running for her position.

    Why wouldn’t I ask questions as to what difference is this going to make in the direction of the party? Why wouldn’t I tell people to think carefully about where they put their leadership vote within the NDP?

    I don’t work for the NDP, Beerouser, I work for me – me, and the people of BC whose best interests I have and have always had. Syphoning votes has nothing to do with it.

    How long has the NDP been in opposition? Far too long if you ask me. And really, was it all Carole’s fault? No. Carole can take a certain amount of the blame, but you need to look at the bigger picture of what is going on behind the scenes as well.

    I’ll leave you with this. Truth has no party attached to it, it’s not conditional on political leaning. Vote for whomever you want as leader, but make damn sure it is an informed vote. Question everything, and everyone, even me. Don’t vote Horgan just because someone tells you he is the best,don’t vote Farnworth because I think he will likely be best at getting the party to work together.

    Bottom line, this post was about reminding everyone not to be complacent, even with the NDP.

    CanadianBud- great name..lol.. – thank you for your comment. Well said and thoughtful. I think we are at a time when so many have so much to consider and it can get overwhelming thinking about all of it. One rarely gets to choose a leader, so this is the time for due diligence, not after the vote as some would have you believe. Kind of akin to buying a vehicle without testing it first, only to find out it’s not quite what you thought it was. Same goes for people, and politicians in particular.

    Island Cynic/ Mike, in that order : I hear you and I agree we have to work with what we have. But change has to start somewhere, and even you, ” cynic” would have to agree with that, right? Look at BC First, growing away, slowly but surely, and the BC conservatives have attracted new members, and I can’t even count how many times I have heard someone say more independents are needed!

    Sticking with what one has because the other road is harder is a bunch of crap if you ask me. Like being in a loveless marriage, you get nothing from it, no one gets ahead and everyone is pissed at the end of the day because nothing changes.

    Mike, you have it. We need an alliance of lone sheep. An independent alliance. Work with what we have now to unseat the Liberals, but those strong movers and shakers who feel the call will come forward to meet the demand. There could even be people from both parties who would be inclined to become an independent if the alliance provided support in many forms.

    Would it be hard? Definately. Would it be worth it? Yes. without a doubt.

    Henri – missed you there. Thank you for the kind words and yes, I don’t indulge silly games of name calling and insults. There is far too much work on my plate to spend time rubbing someones nose into the dirt for offending someone elses ideals.

    Billy – lovely to see you here again after an absence, I hope you are over your cold!

    Yes, it is the nature of the business that when I write something everyone agrees with, I am loved, but when I write something just as truthful they do not like, I am the “enemy”. Nor do I care if someone likes it or not, I write what I believe is important, and what must be said. Take it or leave it.

    Kim, glad to hear you “get” what this is about. I absolutely love you,and your voice. Please keep sharing it with all of us!


  28. Thanks for your kind words Laila and yes, this name works quite well for me.. I was surprised it wasn’t taken.
    I too, would like to see independents take the field, if necessary, rather than being left to vote for the same-old-same-old. It’s like the recycling “craze” hit the political field and now we’re seeing the same old people year after decade after decade.

    New blood is needed. They may already be part of a party or political, educational or other system, but haven’t stepped up due to skepticism from colleagues and/or having to “toe the party line”, plus it’s a weighty job right now with the destructive path the Lieberals have left.


  29. Yeah, there is lots people dont know about Horgon like he and Ian Reid, that other blogger and Mary O Donohue all started the company called Ideaworks after the left gov’t way back. Horgan and Reid are good friends,so that should tell you something to that Grant g guy who was ragging on Reid for change, I guess he didnt know the history between the two. Horgan in his company worked as promoters to get slot machines into a casino in Vancouver, Vaughn Palmer kinda mentioned that recently.
    Also, Horgans first endorser was Maurine Kaurigianis, who used to be an aid to Moe Sihota and is both a humongous Moe/Carole supporter just like Horgan. Yeah, Sihota loves Horgan. Kauigianis has always been thick with Dix,Horgan, Carole and Moe. I ain’t saying anything everyone in the NDP doesn’t already know ! Some fun reading at rabble http://www.rabble.ca/babble/western-provinces/will-moe-sihota-become-next-premier-bc

    Yeah, funny to think Horgan is any different.Man, funny to read Grant blasting Ian when its pretty apparent he hasnt got a clue about how ties that bind them all!


  30. I’m just trying to work with the system we got. Sure, it would be great if there were more independents and no party system at all. But change can come from within and I don’t plan for one minute to let a Campbell clone and his crew take BC for any longer. This vote is about taking them out. No room for any other party in this next election as our FPTP votes won’t allow it.


  31. “islandcynic says:
    January 24, 2011 at 2:26 am

    I’m just trying to work with the system we got.”

    And there within resides the problem!
    Under their Law we have the Right to rebel


    I seriously doubt there are ten people in British Columbia that will take the time to learn and USE what is ours to use under law!

    Quite frankly I will be glad ti witness the carnage about to happen because fools
    want to play the system

    Use any gambling operation as a model!
    The House always wins
    and just enough suckers “win” to draw more suckers in


  32. I think your missing the point about the forced resignation of Carol James. What I heard time and time again on the front line during the HST initiative, is that there is nothing wrong with the policies, it was the way CJ presented the alternative. She never spoke directly about the issue it seemed to me, rather she generalized about it. There never seemed to be a alternative solution to the issue just rhetoric. I don’t care if the current bunch of leadership candidates support Carol or not, I just want someone to take on the LIbERalS head on. The last election was her chance and I believe she put too much trust into her advisors. I also believe she was moving to close to the center and losing touch with the people who will vote for her. It seemed the focus was to prove to everyone that the NDP can get big business support for policies. Of course the NDP is a pro small business, working people party on the left. The NDP will never attract big business. Big business have their party, the LIARS. The NDP had a golden opportunity to present a platform that laid out, in no uncertain terms, what it would do if elected. Instead they fudged around the edges of their policies hoping not to offened the center right voters.

    That’s where she and her advisors failed. If they had dynamically, clearly and forcefully presented a package that explained in laymans terms what they were going to do when elected, I believe they would have swept the LIARS out of government. (You can swap LIbERal for LIAR if you like. They’re are both one and the same in my opinion.)


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