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“Too bad ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent a bad reputation.” ~Henry Kissinger

Still working on that Gateway story,and when it is posted you will understand why it took so long. Well, that and I have a life beside this blog…

 I came across this video on Youtube, and I have already shared it with readers who have joined me on Facebook, but I thought I would bring it here for you and see if it reminds you of someone we have all known and loved to hate for far too long…


  1. Yes Billy, is it not remarkable, the same wide spread,arms open, palms embracing mannerisms? The same pattern of speech, the same affectations?If one was so inclined, one could superimpose Campbell’s head on Falcon’s body and no one could tell the difference.

    Seriously, this video gives me chills. That, and his list of corporate backers.


  2. Sounds an awful lot like one Gordon Campbell!I don’t care who wins this race because things are not going to change.More corruption,more incestous relationships among the corporate,media,and legal elites in BC and more poverty and hardship for the rest of us.




  4. and I am going to bed, but rest assured, there is more to come. I, not being with one mayor publication, have to watch my own back, I have no one watching it for me! This means sometimes things take long as I consult my own legal advisors.


  5. Hey Laila, I may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night! Yeh, I clicked on the arrow, and I get about two seconds of video. Checked with various others (David Berner) and get the whole scene. Maybe just paranoid that someone’s monitoring my space. No problem – like I said, its probably for the best that I don’t lose my breakfast over it.
    Hope you have a great rest, and look forward to your next posting. I still fret about your Inquiry Assessment. Please tell me BC Mary will pull the rabbit out of the hat. Oh, and thanks for getting my blog name straightened out. You are, without a doubt, absolutely amazing! Does that sound like a befuddled sot? Amazing!


  6. After reading Laila’s blog yesterday the implications of Falcon’s connection are truly frightening. Looking deeper it appears that Falcon’s connection to Campbell is deeper than just his idol worship but could easily include being associated with the Bilderberg line. (Why BC is so important to the Bilderberg group is not clear to me- the Gateway project may have special significance to them – possibly connected to the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America.) I expect the mainstream media (Bilderberg controlled media) to pull out all the stops and virtually actively support Falcon for leadership over the next few days.


  7. 4 minutes and 28 seconds of garbage…but why do I get the feeling people are going to fall one more time? I can’t believe I just said that! But, it is how I’m “sensing”. One thing is for sure, next election the scrutineers better be on their toes…it wouldn’t hurt to have double the number if possible. This is going to be the dirtiest tricks election EVER held in BC.


  8. The people of BC are living in a dictatorship. Sadly we will trade one dictator for another. We will still have the henchmen, the propaganda media, the police state, corrupt Elections BC, corrupt courts and judges. There is nothing left in our province, but a terrible evil. Harper’s constant harping of, Global governance, is his plan. Hitler had a plan. The thousand year Reich, would govern the world. They do say, the Bilderberg Group is behind, all of the evil going on. So of course, that’s why Campbell was invited. As much as I tried to laugh it off, the dots are connecting. Our Constitution is ignored. Our Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken away from us. Democracy and Freedom, stopped when Campbell came into office. Campbell has made BC, a little third world fascist country. It is said, Global governance has been worked on, since 1945. That’s why the saying, Hitler is alive and well.


  9. Falcon, is certainly Campbell’s clone. BC people can’t expect anything to be better. If we think, things are bad now, it’s going to get a hell of a lot worse. BC is at the bottom of the list, of all of the other provinces. BC had the most jobs lost in Dec. January it is said, there will be a huge number of job losses. It is very obvious, the HST is killing this province. BC is in total failure. Norm is right, there is something sinister going on. Only an idiot wouldn’t be able to see, the damage the HST has done to BC. The citizens are entirely alone. We have Campbell and all of the BC Liberals against us. The media, the police. We have, Craig James and Campbell, using every dirty tactic in the book, to keep the HST. It just doesn’t make sense. Why the destruction of BC?


  10. You are only as good as your track record – as the saying goes.

    It is just plain and simple – no one, I repeat no one in the BC Liberal party can be trusted to do things in a proper, honest, legal and open manner.

    The party lied with their platform to get elected and have lied continously since.

    Let’s hope the public finally vote in a real way instead of following for the BS and meaningless promises that Falcon, Duh Jong, Abbott and others spout.



  11. Sounds like Vince of Slapchop fame.
    Scamwow…haven`t heard oratory like this since a trip to the sideshow at the PNE many years ago…SEE! The headless woman! Seal Boy! Eeko and Eiko the sheepheaded men!
    Video worked fine for me though I could only stomach about 30 seconds.


  12. I see we are all in agreement over one thing these Falcon is a mini-me Campbell, right?

    Business friends, developers, investors, transportation industry and few glittery restauranteurs tossed in to hold business meetings at…the Keg in South Surrey is a veritable who’s who of movers and shakers every time I’ve been there.

    Ah yes…. stack the decks with MLA’s just desperately wanting to hold onto their posts just a bit longer… after all, Falcon has told his 20/20 supporters he won’t be holding a snap election if he is elected leader of the party, something that will appeal to those with agenda’s yet to be carried out, a strategic move on his part.

    And I know you are waiting for this great new post- and it is great- but I am still waiting on two items of importance that must be had to publish, and I hope to get them tomorrow!

    John, I am glad you were able to see it, as vomitous as it is. Thanks for the kind words Dan, I see no merit in slinging mud and insults when there is far more to be gained from rousing debate on the same issues. Sometimes I think I should have been a lawyer, since I generally love proving my case ( point) beyond a reasonable doubt, a la Sea to Sky shadow toll.

    Falcon is doing his best to distance himself, and while some Liberal members may be inclined to forgive and forget, Falcon would never, ever win in a general election.


  13. Vomitous! I love it. Does Webster’s approve? Its a much better choice than ‘voluble’.
    But I think the comparison to a carny show is most appropriate. I once entertained the idea of taking a ToastMaster course to enhance my communication skills, but if that’s the result, I’m glad I didn’t.

    BTW, how entrenched are you about your assessment of the likelihood of a BC Rail Inquiry? My days revolve about the certainty of its neccessity. I don’t want to book passage to Somalia until I’m convinced it won’t happen.


  14. You do good work Laila. Very, very good work. Your article of the sea to sky highway, was excellent. I guess the Liberal candidates running to replace Campbell, are the best they can do. I think many of us have the opinion, Falcon is just another Campbell clone. I wonder if, Campbell and Falcon, had the same speech writer? Christy Clark and De Jong’s part in, Campbell’s corrupt sale of the BCR, no faith in either one of them, another Campbell nightmare, is all we could expect. If Campbell’s corrupt sale of the BCR, isn’t cleared up, the BC citizen’s will hold the Liberals in contempt and derision. We do know how vindictive Campbell is, to everyone who opposes him. Even so, the BC ministers should have forced Campbell out years ago. However, they allowed Campbell to dirty the BC Liberal party name. They lied and covered up for him, so they lost the support of the citizens. The BC people are only angrier, because of the Liberals lying and deceit, and rightly so.


    • Thank you for the kind words Julie, sorry for this late reply but I have been chasing down one last detail needed for the story I have been sitting on this week, and damn if it is not frustrating to be so close and yet feel so far!!! Should be up shortly, if I can get what I need!


  15. June 5 , 2001 will mark 10 years of power for the Lieberals. I think we should have a provincial day of mourning. I think we should use this anniversary to highlight all of the promises they have broken, all of the public assets they have sold, and all of the assets currently on the chopping block (I just read ecojustice’s latest on the “modernization” of BC water). The privatization of our province has affected everyone – from increased ferry and bus fares and cuts in service, the bc rail sale and court travesty, health contracts gutted, gas and hydro costs up, education cuts, legal aid cuts, arts cuts, a gambling explosion, first nations still waiting for justice and compensation, I’m sure I’m missing a billion other things… could we not somehow get all of these unions and environmental and arts and social serving organizations together and have a massive day of mourning for the province we love which the liberals are destroying? A huge public protest and a show of force en masse to really drive home to citizens the lies and damage that have been done over the past 10 years? And demand a better future that includes a public inquiry into BC Rail and a moratorium on the selling of all public assets in our province; a moratorium on pab and using public money to advertise their partisan crap to citizens; restoration of arts funding, a cap on gambling venues, meaningful citizen engagement and electoral reform and elevation of debate, etc…

    June 5 is a Sunday. Black Sunday. Let’s make a plan. We can stop them. We have to.


  16. Laila, another story for us to latch onto – and make the Libs life a living hell until they back down – and we have a VERY short window of opportunity to do it! Check out Mary’s Legislature Raids. It’s enough to choke you in anger.


  17. A little off topic…
    I have been watching the events in Egypt unfold. It is amazing how a country is protesting an undemocratic rule where by the cannot excersise a basic human right a vote for an honest leader, and yet here on this side of globe most folks can’t tear themselves away from the latest show of Biggest Loser to go and vote.
    Go Egyptians go!


  18. OMG Lynn, so true!

    I was just reading an article on the protests in Jordan aned was struck with deja vu:

    “Protesters say the sale of state assets to foreign investors over the past decade has enriched the country’s business and political elite but has done little to help the poor.”

    “We want a special court that will put on trial all those who sold the property of the Jordanian people …,” Sunaid said.

    We could easily replace Jordanian with British Coumbian in that sentence.


  19. And Argentinia. It would seem the corrupt politicians are goose-stepping to the IMF playbook.
    Check out the doc by Naomi Klein and her hubby, Avri called “The Take”. It was on the Knowlege Network last week.
    All of their crown assets were sold off. Corporations received government bailouts, I mean welfare. Taxation went up. Sound familiar?
    The IMF it would seem, is trying to bankrupt countries, swoop in and steal crown assets all in exchange for loans. Borrow money from the IMF and you dance to the devil’s song.


  20. The IMF is the devil’s Strad so there’s no wonder the elite’s are dancing to his tune. They are stupid and vain enough to truly believe they’re the ones in control! Sadly, it’s only one of many in his arsenal…leading up to One World Government. That Canada finds itself in this position is no accident – one of the greatest proponents of OWG is Steven Harper, who has openly stated it must come to be.

    It won’t stop until EVERY resource needed by people just to survive is owned, and controlled, by private corporations. Think food; Monsanto. Think water; and pay close attention to what happens when our legislature resumes on February 14th, we’ll know more about the buyers then. One thing is certain, we are about to lose control of our own water systems. Thanks to Harper, then Campbell. He really can’t seem to tell his big brother “no”. It would be really interesting to know who owns Harper.

    Ultimately even the people themselves will be viewed as nothing more than fodder to make the elitist world go round. As long as we stay useful, we have nothing to worry about.


  21. Well said, Sister Leah. What I believe is happening is those currently holding office are aligning themselves in an effortto stay on.
    I must say I admire the tenacity and the creative manner in which the Egyptian people are doing to get word out. The new Dude wanting to take power is rumoured to be no different than the lout in there now.
    In any case I hope and pray the People of Egypt continue to mount pressure and stay engage regardless of the out come. Its the only way to manage corruption and keep it out of the public domain.


  22. It is unrealistically optimistic assessments of politicians, such as Henry Kissinger’s above, that have leave us unrealistically clinging to the hope that political parties can do us a whole lot of good. More like 99.9% of polticians giving the other .1% a bad reputation. One in a thousand. In my country I cannot even identify who that one politician might be.


  23. True Lynn! His quotes give us a better idea of who he is.

    The real distinction between those who adapt their purposes to reality, and those who seek to mold reality, is the light of their purposes. (The trouble is – most pols purposes never see the light of day – they’re hatched in darkness and remain there until enacted.)
    Henry Kissinger

    The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer. (What constitution?! It’s just a gdamned piece of paper in BC!)
    Henry Kissinger

    High office teaches decision making, not substance. It consumes intellectual capital; it does not create it. Most high officials leave office with the perceptions and insights with which they entered; they learn how to make decisions but not what decisions to make.(Gordo’s friends like his decisions, they’re about the only ones who do.)
    Henry A. Kissinger

    Leaders are responsible not for running public opinion polls, but for the consequences of their actions. (If only there WERE some consequences!)
    Henry A. Kissinger

    Power is the great aphrodisiac.(Is that why so many pols have affairs?)
    Henry A. Kissinger

    We cannot always assure the future of our friends; we have a better chance of assuring our future if we remember who our friends are. (Ohhhh yeah, and some lib futures are VERY secure indeed!)
    Henry A. Kissinger


  24. “We only cheat when we can’t win”

    Falcon 20/20 won’t have to disclose finances – from Sean Holman
    February 1, 2011
    The business community’s strong public backing for provincial Liberal leadership candidate Kevin Falcon is exposing what appears to be a gap in the province’s political campaign finance law. That law requires leadership campaigns to publicly disclose their contributions and expenses, filing a report with Elections British Columbia. But third party groups – such as Falcon 20/20, which is being led by real estate developer Ryan Beedie – have no such requirement during party leadership contests. Falcon 20/20 recently took out a full-page advertisement in The Vancouver Sun in support of Mr. Falcon. It has also rolled out the names of more than 100 business leaders who are backing the former health services minister’s leadership bid. The following is a complete copy of that advertisement:

    And in other dictatorships:
    Video from Egypt. Watch till the end.


  25. Almost makes ya wonder who starts these “conflagrations” doesn’t it? Nahhhhhhh…though they might benefit the most from it, the IMF wouldn’t encourage something like this.

    Honestly, I do have to wonder at times if North American governments biggest problem with Islam is their banking methods? The IMF wouldn’t agree with them for sure…imagine loaning money interest free!


  26. Hi Laila. I have been enjoying your numerous research articles on privatization, government partnerships (P3) with private industry etc. It has been very disturbing to read about such criminality in our home and native land.

    Thankfully our dear precious CBC has put it all in perspective for me……….no more worries. It’s all good! This fashionable trustworthy liberal woman from our CBC says that P3’s are good for Canada. 😉
    Goebbels would blush with envy if he saw our glorious CBC in action.

    Good luck commenting with contrary views on this story at CBC.
    Their censor brigade are vigilant protecting the homeland oligarchs. The people who censor our comments at CBC are not even CBC employees, and 2/3 of them are not even Canadians.
    ICUC Moderation group is a perception management (troll services for hire) company doing work for Chevron, big banks, CBC, and a who’s who of corporate big dogs. That our CBC hires them with my tax dollars to censor my comments against P3’s in a disinfo article kinda pisses me off.
    Maybe some of your readers not yet flagged tagged and bagged by CBC moderators would have some luck posting info about your site to that story?


  27. Thanks for that Mike. Ironically there are petitions floating around the internet regarding the CBC asking all to write their MP and requesting the govt doesn’t tear down the CBC.
    Could it be it is the ICUC(I see you see) lobby protecting their jobs?
    I fully understand that media outlets are either left or right and that their articles support their beliefs. Can they not vet comments on their own? Are editors and reporters dumb enough to not recognise a negative comment from a reader/viewer that they feel the need to hire a public relations firm to sift through all the comments?
    At what point are the insiders (who are being forced by these censors to tow the line) going to come out and expose this crap in the name of protecting Canada and go Egyptian?


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