“Practical politics consists of ignoring facts.” ~ Henry Adams

I am here, I am alive and no, I am not an undercover operative for a federal investigation…although that did give me a laugh.

The Gateway story is still very much the object of my attention, to the point where every free moment I have had over the past couple of weeks has been dedicated to that story and where it continues to lead me. New revelations have been uncovered and to tell the story incomplete is to do a great injustice to many people, considering recent events.

However, I will be joining  NDP MLA Guy Gentner and independent MLA Vicki Huntington this morning to talk about several issues, one of which includes the glaring connection of Kevin Falcon to Railgate that so many have paid surprisingly little attention to.  This conversation is available to be heard at  http://guygentner.ca/podcasts/p3s-partnership-bc-sea-sky-hwy-south-fraser-perimeter-road-railgate-and-more 

There will be an interim story on Falcon’s connection, and why it gives a totally different perspective to the SFPR, posted later today.

4 thoughts on ““Practical politics consists of ignoring facts.” ~ Henry Adams

  1. Leah

    That was a very fast and informative hour Laila! I’m SO looking forward to the next post…as I’m sure we all are. I’m just keeping a water bottle and wet towel handy for the hair burn…cuz I know it’s going to!

    Thanks for all you do.


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  3. Laila

    Hi Wayne, I posted the link right at the top in a new post for you. I will create a podcast section for easy reference as I do more shows in the future!

    Hi Leah, thanks. I wasn’t quite up to par, having a cold and a bum ankle, but it’s passable..lol.

    Should have the Falcon post up a bit later, but I can only sit at the desk for so long before I need to put my ankle back up.


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