Today I stand for Manjit Panghali. Join me and Ring the Bell.

It is with tears of relief and sorrow that I read the news that Mukhtiar Panghali is found guilty of second-degree murder and interfering with a dead body, in the horrific death of his wife Manjit.

It is with tears of anger that I decry still, the lack of action  perpetuated by our provincial government in addressing domestic violence. Far too many women are still being beaten, and even more still do not call for help because of the lack of resources in particular, for women in the south Asian and Indian community. The very lax penalties given to offenders do not act as deterrents to a repeat offence, often leaving the offender with no record at all.

The problem is that we have officials who fail us at every juncture, who fail the people they are deemed to protect.

We have good proposals that go no where on a large scale basis, because no one is charged with ensuring it happens.

So while we await this murderer’s fait, I beg you to think about what you would do if you heard your neighbour being beaten, or threatened, or verbally abused in way that makes you cringe.

Could you go over, ring the doorbell, and ask for a cup of milk? A bit of sugar?   Passed onto me by a friend:

Basically, the campaign’s aim is stop domestic violence on the spot. “The next time you hear your neighbour beating his wife, ring the doorbell and ask for a cup of milk.”
I believe this is a great way to help save many women and children who suffer from the plight of domestic violence, and it could be a good way to encourage people towards assuming more social responsibility and to encourage them to take more action.
Today you ring the bell, the next day you’re calling the police, and before you know it you may just have saved an innocent life from going to waste.
To learn more about Ring the Bell Campaign you can check out the campaign videos on Youtube

So, while we wait for government, for law enforcement, for the world to confront a tragic truth we would all rather not, please help me take matters into our own hands.

Ring a bell.

Save a life.

Share with your friends and loved ones in all communities.

For Sunny Park. For Manjit Panghali. For every woman in danger.

3 thoughts on “Today I stand for Manjit Panghali. Join me and Ring the Bell.

  1. theo

    Brilliant! I confess, that is a method of potentially alleviating violence that didn’t occur to me. I lived for quite a number of years in an apartment. I, thankfully, never had to deal with incidents of violence in that time. That is the way to go.


  2. Otis Weland

    Violence against women has to stop! ( I have knife scars – on 2 occasions / helped prevent rape/ held one for police…saw that both men were convicted – long time ago – at that time one of the women had gone for help to the police, who she said had advised her to move)
    Laila, we know community involvement is necessary [ as the police in BC (with notable exceptions) seem to work for corporations ].
    This means we should get to know our neighbours in all directions and build trust relationships – no longer a matter of mere courtesy – but survival.
    If the ‘ one cup of milk ‘ trick does not work… then a whole mob of neighbours can show up borrowing things… like the big burly neighbour wanting to borrow a ball for a base-ball bat :o)
    It is not any woman’s fate to be beaten.


  3. cherylb

    I have had several friends come and stay with me after being beaten by their significant others. Unfortunately, they always go home. “I love him. The kids need me. He just had a bit too much to drink. He’s stressed because he lost his job. I WAS flirting with that guy.” Lots of excuses. Women have to understand that very rarely is it a one-time deal and as hard as it is, they need to move on. Otherwise, it just keeps happening…..


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