Update to ” Practical politics consists of ignoring facts.” ~ Henry Adams :

To update my earlier post : If you missed the live broadcast today, you can listen to the podcast at the following link: http://guygentner.ca/podcasts/p3s-partnership-bc-sea-sky-hwy-south-fraser-perimeter-road-railgate-and-more

The broadcast will begin  automatically on the above page -please ensure your speakers are ready.

Guy Gentner is the NDP MLA for Delta North, and you read more about his work in government and the community, HERE.

I invite you to listen in as I join Guy again next week to continue our intriguing discussions next week – Date and time to be posted as confirmed.

3 thoughts on “Update to ” Practical politics consists of ignoring facts.” ~ Henry Adams :

  1. Laila, listened to the broadcast and look forward to the piece you’re working on. I have to say that I agree with what you are saying about ALR land. It is slowly being taken out of the ALR piece by piece. Just reading the local papers and all the permits issued over the last few years and continue to to remove land is unbelievable. Just driving in the area you see what is happening. For instance, #10 hwy widening has now made land (ALR) pretty well useless that borders it. 99 and all the green houses and continuation of building those green houses on fertile land is absurd. You can build a green house anywhere, but they’ve now made that flat farmland useless for forever. 176 turned into subdivisons all along it starting at the border and head north. The clearcutting continues throughout Surrey. (And here I thought Mrs. Watts (Diane) was to change all that?) In talking with someone associated with the city, the fine for taking down trees is nothing to them when you look at what they get in the end. That’s the cost (a measely bylaw ticket) of business in the name of proft and in my opinion, it’s definitely worth it to them. People need to be aware of the destruction around them.
    I believe there is more to what is happening than we are being told i.e. movement of goods. I believe it is all about “real estate” and a little bit for the movement of goods.


  2. caught most of it live, very interesting stuff….and it got me wondering about a concept of Christy Clark’s on her website. She wants to do “Non-profit/Public partnerships” , and outlines how. As a new board member for a non profit, I find that cause for alarm.

    …Might be (yet another) story for you to look into?


  3. Destroying prime farmland, to me is a crime. There is a global shortage of food, that is going to get much, much worse. The site C dam, is also destroying the most valuable farmland, in all of Canada. The site C dam, will provide water for, the dirty Alberta tar sands. Man is the most destructive animal on earth. Man is the biggest fool on earth. Our oceans are dying. Our lakes, rivers, streams and land are being poisoned. Our air is polluted. Man is even polluting space with debris. However, greed and corruption always governs. To hell with the future generations, our own grandchildren. Pockets are stuffed with billions, and even that isn’t enough. Huge corporations, want more and more money. They are bottomless pits of greed.


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