Gordon Campbell demonstrates – again – the value of being a good friend. To Phil Hochstein.

Yes, that Phil Hochstein.   President of the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of BC.

From the Journal of Commerce :

February 7, 2011

Philip Hochstein’s Port Metro Vancouver Authority board appointment stirs controversy


staff writer

The B.C. government’s appointment of the president of the provincial open shop contractors association to the Port Metro Vancouver Board is being viewed by some as political patronage.

Philip Hochstein was appointed to the board just prior to the departure of Premier Gordon Campbell.

“This is Campbell, on the way out the door, giving an appointment to a good friend,” said Tom Sigurdson, the executive director of the B.C. and Yukon Territory Building and Construction Trades Council.

“A Friday afternoon press release by the government is usually because they don’t want people to pay attention, which smacks of political patronage.”

No…. Really? Political patronage?  Geesh.

On that note, Norman Farrell has finally located a complete copy of the BC Liberals 2001 Platform document – A Era For British Columbia. As Norman states, ” it makes interesting reading,particularly parts that promise… ”  Well, you’ll have just have to go read the damn thing yourself. Frankly, I nearly split a gut laughing when I read it. No wonder Norman could only find a complete copy of it in the University of Laval, Quebec…. Check it out HERE.

Spread the news  and discuss while I get todays post ready.  See you in a bit!

8 thoughts on “Gordon Campbell demonstrates – again – the value of being a good friend. To Phil Hochstein.

  1. Enjoy? Really Laila! I appreciate all your posts, don’t get me wrong, but enjoy? My blood pressure can barely handle any of it anymore. After 10 years of Campbell and his Liberal puppets at the helm I have turned into a cynical grumpy middle aged bitch whenever anyone brings up politics in this province.

    May Phil Hochstein sleep with a thousand bed bugs tonight and wake up to 10,000 mosquitos each and everyday. He deserves no better.


  2. BC is the butt end the joke, in all of Canada. BC is known as a cesspool of corruption, there is nothing left in BC, that isn’t corrupt and destroyed. Does Campbell have a friend that isn’t corrupt? May the fleas of a thousand camels, infest Hochstein’s jock shorts. I shouldn’t insult the fleas. Campbell had better, watch out for maggots. Campbell has thieved BC beyond redemption. He lied, deceived, broke promises, is a criminal, corrupt, a thief and arrogant. Campbell is full of, hate, spite, malice and so vindictive, he isn’t sane. A terrible temper, calling a member of the Legislature a, stupid effing…Campbell needs a course in, anger management. BC is now, the worst place to live. I am very happy to be leaving this rot behind me.


  3. Philip certainly earned his reward, he used the resources of the independent contractors association to create difficulties in the Ida Chong recall campaign, Some members of his association were very surprised they were supporting the anti recall forces. In atleast one case Phil’s strong arm tactics chased a member out of his association.


  4. Since there is a pending strike on the waterfront, it is not surprising that Port Metro appointed this hard-ass, anti-union fanatic to the board. Compromising is a non-existing word in discussions with the longshore unions and the employers associations. Adversarial positions are the norm. This stance was recently emphasized when one of largest employers was cited for barganinig in bad faith.


  5. It will be very interesting to see what Hochstein does when the longshoremen go on strike. They usually don’t mess around and they are serious about their strikes.

    Hhhhhhhhhm – I wonder if this could be the catalyst that starts a province wide stoppage. It has been threatened enough and called for by a lot of people. I would not be surprised to see that Hochstein has to take on the responsibility for Cabpbell’s nefarious ways – another patsy set up ! Call Hochsteins appointement good – we shall see.



  6. They figure union buster big Phil is the guy to take down the I.L.W.U. .. smooth things for the gateway..get the inefficient union out of the way…import some cheap labour from..well anywhere..you know global governance ..how it all works.
    Hey Big Phil..You de Man!


  7. It also looks like Philip Hochstein is being rewarded for leading the business group that took the argument against the HST petition to court.
    Campbell said he wouldn’t question the petition, but just days later business guys led the charge – represented by no less than the insider lawyer, Geoff Plant. Another name that appears throughout the BC Rail story.
    These guys have a limited address book – you see the same names everywhere!


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