Falcon added $2billion debt as transportation minister – and that doesn’t include the Shadow tolls

Will McMartin did an outstanding job on his piece about Falcon in the Tyee today.   Fact, not fiction and cuts right through the Falcon leadership rhetoric. Highlights include:

:  Kevin Falcon added close to $2.6 billion in infrastructure debt during his tenure as transportation minister, all the while rejecting “the old NDP way,” and promoting a “pay as you go” philosophy.

:B.C.’s transportation debt by the end of 2012-2013 will have skyrocketed to an all-time high of $10.1 billion — or nearly two-and-a-half times higher than it was when the New Democratic Party government was defeated in 2001.   ( note- this figure does not include shadow tolls and P3 payments which are considered contractual obligations, as Will goes on to mention is $16 billion + … LY )

: Business men and women across the province no doubt raised a glass to toast Falcon’s determination and vigor as he eliminated such hindrances to investment as the Dogwood, Rhododendron and Trillium Protection Act, the Premier’s Advisory Council for Persons with Disabilities Act, and unproclaimed sections of the Motor Vehicle Act. ( during his time as minister of deregulation, when he made it easier for business to rape and pillage… and thus part of the reason he has so much business support -LY )

Go on, grab your coffee. And remember, it’s not so bad if he becomes leader of the Liberals, because I can guarantee this province will never, ever vote for him as Premier. Who wants to see another list of 100 on my site- this time titled ‘ Falcon’s Follies?’

( This just has a Gerry Hummel cartoon written all over it… )

6 thoughts on “Falcon added $2billion debt as transportation minister – and that doesn’t include the Shadow tolls

  1. Gee, we can all dream about how many more buses that 10 billion can buy while we watch packed buses drive us at bus stop. We can all dream while waiting in a health care que. We can all dream about the school closures. We can all dream as we hear about the ferry increases coming.
    He can dream about being bilderberg’s latest boy toy.


  2. Harper, just gave big business another tax reduction. To make up the loss, Harper is deducting his tax expense from, the working Canadians pay checks. Campbell thieved the HST from the BC citizens, which also goes to Harper. We can expect Harper to raise our Federal taxes too. Some say by 3% more, I suspect even higher. Then BC people, can rely on more taxes from, our provincial budget. The HST has killed this province, so we can look forward to paying higher taxes, to make up for BC’s HST losses, which is in the billions. Harper is setting Canada up for Global governance, which is the Bilderberg Group, who in turn, are huge wealthy corporations. I wouldn’t be the least surprised to hear, Campbell going to work with them. He was invited to their meeting in Spain. Campbell has caused financial ruin of BC. Harper is giving Canada away, as we speak.


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