The Yvette Wells factor

Yes, by now everyone knows that the RCMP cleared all elected officials of wrongdoing related to Railgate.

But here is something to think about. Written in 2009.

Kinda sorta really hard to believe it was just two criminals behind it all when you read that link. Kinds sorta really hard to imagine that when you see these notes.

I wonder where the lovely Ms. Wells  is these days anyways?

4 thoughts on “The Yvette Wells factor

  1. The Wells notes are a big deal. Context is everything, and that is why media work so hard to disconnect the dots and keep everyone in the dark.
    You had a good quote in that piece.

    “We all know the government employs spin doctors – those snake tongued, smooth talking agents of deceit that occasionally seem capable of turning water into wine.
    Or scandal into a “miscommunication”.
    Either way, I’m certain that the average joe has no idea just how many of our hard earned dollars are being wasted on monitoring all the media, and how much of it is spent on coming up with real and hypothetical responses to any given situation- in advance.
    But come back to the meat and potatoes with me….”

    I agree. And since our government is really a servant of corporatism, one designed to keep the masses passive, it makes sense to assume this contingency planning and hypothetical response efforts extend beyond the Liberal party of BC.
    Controlling the ‘opposition’ is also a time honoured tradition of the oligarchs who rule us. That is why anyone who opposed the HST was more or less forced to cozy up to uber Fascist Bill VanderZalm and his media approved ‘protest’ movement.

    Control of the NDP by the same forces who control the Liberals? Their perfectly timed inept plays, conspicuous silence and continual failures to listen to their grass roots people would suggest so. Why would the powerful globalists raising hell all over the world by using fake left parties (USA-democrats, UK-Labour Party) to do their bidding, suddenly stop at the BC border? They wouldn’t.


  2. Except, it really doesn’t – clear all those politicians – that is.

    In fact, we now know (from no less than Mark Hume himself – see p S1 of today’s Globe) that the Globe/CTV had the documents all to themselves BEFORE they were actually made public in Court earlier this week…and, as has been noted elsewhere, we now know the ‘background’ concerning the activities for which the Basi Boyz were charged.

    What we DO NOT know, explicitly, is the foundation of the case that Basi and Virk’s defence counsel would have mounted (and in fact did mount) in order to respond to those charges and – at the very least – succeed in getting what can only be called a sweetheart deal for their clients. There are a lot of very interesting questions (all unanswered) about how CN came to ride the ‘inside track’ and end up with BC Rail…

    Sadly, there’s a profound disconnect between what has been written about this in the media and what has not been acknowledged about how ‘selective’ the documents surrounding the Basi Boyz and their activities actually are.

    In point of fact, the main elephant in the room is still standing there: How did the ‘sale’ of BC Rail take place? Why did CN have the ‘inside’ track? How is it that other bidders, including OmniTrax, seem to have been given the impression that paying a little baksheesh to some political operatives was the way things were done here in BC.

    The one really interesting thing which has so far not been discussed by anyone, to my knowledge, is the fairly obvious fact that the Basi Boyz little bribery scheme would have gone unnoticed and unreported – and certainly they would not have been charged – if Dave Basi hadn’t been making so many phone calls to his cousin Jas. Bains. That’s how the RCMP became involved…otherwise, and it’s more or less inescapable to conclude this now, it would have been business as usual for the political aides and their lobbyist friends.

    I can’t help wondering what other conversations are contained in the balance of the discovery material that is still sitting quietly in boxes in the RCMP’s evidence room.


  3. Laila you’re not alone in the conspiracy theory, and a theory it isn’t. Just think, who benefits from this? CTV released the findings, who works or worked for CTV. Who has said time and time again that Christy is a very “good” friend? Then FOLLOW THE MONEY! Then and only then will the truth be known!


  4. Campbell’s sale of the BCR was corrupt and dirty. I mean you know the election lie, the BCR wasn’t for sale. Nothing will ever convince me, that Campbell sold the railway, and didn’t know the terms. Horsepucky, he steered his crime from start to finish. Do you really think, Campbell would allow Basi and Virk, to do that on their own. They may have taken bribes, on the side, but Campbell was the boss, and he is responsible and belongs in prison. Campbell exonerated, the hell he is, he will never be exonerated by the BC people.


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