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” It is the spirit and not the form of law, that keeps justice alive.” ~ Earl Warren

And the truth was never better written as in the quote above  – and so shall the people of BC find justice in this way, in the case of BC rail, in the case of Susan Heyes, and in the case of placing a new government in power.

I’ve worked, researched, and caught up on things around the house now that all the kids are over the flu, so you can look forward to a new post up this afternoon that will have you shaking your head yet again at the incestuous relationships between the Liberal government and big business.


  1. At what point during their political careers did their moral compass stop working?
    A former boss once negatively commented on the rules and regulations governing business and life.
    This coming from a man who steals from the company that employs him. This coming from a man who jeopardises the safety of the staff he supervises.
    At first glance you would think he is capable of running for a political party, but you’d be wrong. These traits run through all of us. That is why we need the rule of law. That is why we require a connection to a higher power because we are acutely aware that a human being’s moral compass is capable of pointing in the wrong direction.
    It takes one person to manipulate the rule of law and religion to lead a willing crowd. But it takes the fringe to point a finger and remain unheard.
    Business has but one goal. To make money and lots of it.
    Environmental, tax, worker safety and employment law reduces substantially a business owner’s ability to generate profit.
    Campbell told us he created the HST to offset the cost of a company doing business. The HST will create jobs. Companies are now making more money because there is less accounting expense. Has that reduction in expense been passed on to the customer?
    BC’s jobless rate is at 9.2.
    Run of River projects conducted little in the way of environmental study impacts. Political parties didn’t say a word.
    Hydro is being forced to build infrastructure to accommodate the Run of River private companies.
    Private access roads are being built at taxpayer’s expense so a private company can use it. And reduce their operating expense.
    Again those companies have increased their respective profits via the reduction of business expense.
    WAC Bennett saw into the future and built dams to accommodate growth. One dam built decades ago, the name escapes me, was built with two extra holes for future turbines.
    Currently and for the last handful of elections, Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments have in their hands migration, immigration, business creation numbers, and yet up to this point claim that Hydro can’t keep up to demand for power?
    But Mr. Bennett in all his simplicity and lack of technological know how had the vision and where with all to have extra turbine holes built for future expansion based on need. I have to ask,
    Are politicians dumb or under the influence of business?
    The answer isn’t both. It is one or the other.
    I believe we are fast approaching a cross road.
    Do we take a right and erase 50 years of social change? A change that brought out the good in the human spirit.
    Or do we take a left and continue down that road of and improved social change, justice, and personal accountability.
    My parent’s generation brought us many life enhancements.
    Personal Accountability
    Universal Health Care
    Good Education
    Infrastructure that has stood the test of time
    Unionism to keep businesses honest
    A foundation for technological advances
    Their generation is called the greatest generation. Their generation came back from a devastating economic depression, a world war, and without feeling sorry for themselves they went about to the build this country. To create opportunities for the next generation.
    This great generation is sitting in a cold darken room because their fixed pensions won’t allow for heat or light.
    All of their sacrifices will be for not if we make the wrong turn.
    Think not for a quick and just comment to my words, but rather sit quietly and contemplate them.
    Which left or right turn do you wish to make? Which left or right turn do you wish to teach your children? Which left or right turn do you want your government to make?


  2. Lynn’s Post should be mandatory reading for all British Columbians every 6 months from grade 10 upwards.


    With gratitude.



  3. Good post Lyn.

    Decent people have a code of ethics. Campbell and the BC Liberals don’t. It wasn’t beneath Campbell’s dignity to lie to, and deceive the people from his own province. Campbell and the Liberals, are proud of their deceit. Campbell’s corrupt sale of the BCR, is the most corrupt and underhanded plot, in Canadian history. And, also deceit to win his reelection, the BCR wasn’t for sale lie. The HST wasn’t on Campbell and Hansen’s radar, election lie. Decent people would never stoop that low, as to cheat to win. Believe you me, that was no win for him. Thousands of BC people will despise him, and the BC Liberals forever. Tearing up hospital contracts, throwing a tooney at the paramedics, making only $2.00 per hour on standby. What a winner Campbell was, for that disgraceful behavior. However, you get the gist. I could go on forever, and so could everyone else. He is forever, an abomination to this province.


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