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Busy being busy

It’s just one of those weeks where busy takes on another meaning entirely… I will post when I can,but until then please enjoy the ” Best of ” page. Go play outside. Or smell some spring flowers.  ;  )


  1. Play outside? Smell spring lowers? Geez Laila, we are still hovering between 0 and -25C here. The upswing is that ice fishing may last until June at this rate.
    Guess I’ll have to settle for some of your “best of”.


  2. Right on Gary. The snow plow has piled the snow so high in front of my living room window view, I can’t even see the street. By the sound of it, we are going to have, 2 more months of unseasonably cold weather. I am soooo sick of winter. Laila, tell your children, to smell a spring flower for me too. Or you Laila, put the scent in a bottle and send it to me. Only flower scent, mind.


    • sorry guys – I guess seeing the little witchhazel blossoms outside and the fragrant star forsythia’s got the best of me! I can’t even think winter!! I shall take a photo of them Julie, will that do?


  3. I have just spent an hour and a half shovelling my deck and outside side of snow. After lunch I need to clear the driveway again (600 yds) of snow – more seat time on the tractor 😦

    When you get tired of the warm weather and rain – send some of it up here to Prince George area – we badly need it !



  4. I wasn’t putting you down Laila. Just thought I’d inject a little humor here and let people (especially in the Balmy Lower Mainland) that we do have a diverse climate in BC. Sort of like the politics.


  5. I didn’t think you were Gary! But it is a good reminder of whence I came – not all the world has spring burgeoning on their doorstep!

    Here, even the birds are…the birdfeeder on my back window has nearly become XXX viewing with all the mating going on!


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