8 new schools NOW! A rally for education in Surrey

Join Surrey students, teachers, parents, and concerned citizens ( and myself ) this Sunday to take a stand for quality education and demand Christy Clark’s government build 8 new schools now! At 1pm on Sunday, please come and support the students of Surrey in this rally organized by Surrey resident, Paul Hillsdon!With over 800 new residents a month, Surrey is one of the few districts in the province with increasing enrollment. Despite repeated requests, the provincial government has refused to provide Surrey with new capital funding since 2005. With many schools operating well above capacity, there are now 232 portables across the district, meaning over 7000 students will learn in a portable this year.

The Board of Education, seeking other temporary solutions to overcrowding, has recently pursued controversial extended day schedules, as well encouraged students to take classes online. The Board estimates that we need 8 new schools immediately to deal with the massive overcrowding – an estimate that doesn’t even consider growth in the coming years.

Where & When :

Holland Park near the fountains @ 13428 Old Yale Road, ( south from T&T in Central City Mall, across the street! Accessible easily by bus and Surrey Central/King George skytrain stations )

Christy Clark, premier designate, has declined to address this crisis situation at any time during her leadership campaign. Kevin Falcon told students who stormed his office recently, that he agreed Surrey needed more capital funding and would take this message to Victoria.

The question now is, did Falcon do as he promised, and will Christy Clark do the right thing?

Join us all on Saturday to show the government we are serious, we have had enough, and we need new schools now!


9 thoughts on “8 new schools NOW! A rally for education in Surrey

  1. I don’t know Laila.

    Campbell has no concern for the everyday BC people. He is only about, taking from the people, and giving our money to the wealthy. The HST is a disaster for the less fortunate citizens. The HST, is only good for big business, and Harper’s agenda. Where are the jobs Campbell and Hansen promised the HST would bring? BC has lost over 40,000 jobs in the last three months. Where is the money, Campbell and Hansen said we would save, because of the HST? Our cost of living has gone out into orbit. BC has the highest cost of living and the lowest wages.

    Campbell wants to force private schools. Only the wealthy can afford to send their kids to private schools. The less fortunate students, will be crammed into as few public schools, as possible. Health care will go the same way. It’s the same with, Campbell sea to sky highway scam. As you said Laila, that has also been shifted on to the tax payers. We will be paying 25 years, for a road, that thousands of us will never use. Campbell’s theft and sale of the BCR, who gained? Campbell’s theft and sale of our rivers, who gains? Same as the HST, who gains? If our children mattered to Campbell, there would not be over 121,000 children living in poverty. Children would not be dying. I feel badly for the parents, who want to have good schooling for their kids. Teachers are over burdened with, classes far too large. Children who need a bit more attention, can’t get it. Can you imagine, children going to school in shifts? BC has done the worst, of all the western provinces. I really doubt, Campbell is going anywhere. I think he will still be governing, from the back bench, as an adviser he said. Christy has already reneged, on her moving up the referendum date. She can also well afford to, send her son to private school. Portables, are good enough for the rest of the students.


    1. All good points Julie, but remember that Christy was instrumental in making a good majority of devastating cuts and changes to the education system here in BC while she was education minister long ago. And there is no reason to believe that having a kid changed her with that crappy families first rhetoric spewing forth from that mouth.

      What does it say that we have a government who will build a stupied roof that we are told can’t even close if it rains, at a cost that could build…. how many schools in Surrey?

      Priorities. Clearly sporting events are more important than education.


  2. We also subsidize Christy’s son’s PRIVATE SCHOOL…all private schools are subsidized by the good taxpayers for the criminals who stole from us to get very rich.

    I will be there on Sunday, Laila, and I was wondering about parking, if there is enough? The bus service from south Surrey is almost non-existent.

    Spread the word about the rally to all your friends and post on other political blogs you go to. The more people any rallies attract says more than anything else we could do right now towards working on the demise of all the B.C. Liberal mobsters.


    1. I am so glad you are coming Jean, and please, introduce yourself to me if you can!! Remember I don’t know what any of you look like, but I love meeting my readers! The park is right across from Central City Mall and there are several lots around there, so parking should not be an issue.

      I would like to ask you all to take a look at this press release issued by the Ministry of Education today. I believe it is in direct response to calls for assistance and nothing more than a way to deflect the non- stop calls for help from Surrey students, since it highlights the funding they have given over the years they have been in power:


      From that release, that talks incessently about how high the level of funding is, and how great the Liberals have done in this field:

      Quotes: Minister of Education Margaret MacDiarmid: ―In the coming school year, we’re increasing the basic allocation amount provided for every student by $44. This gives districts more money up front, allowing them to plan budgets more effectively and address cost pressures they’ve identified.‖ ―We’ve continually increased funding to school districts since 2000-01 and I’m delighted to say we are providing a further increase to make full-day kindergarten available for all students. The numbers speak for themselves, with 11 consecutive years of per-pupil funding increases and a new record high next year of $8,357. Our government is committed to providing sound, sustainable funding to strengthen our education system and adapt it to meet the evolving needs of

      I have this to say. Great job on giving all students what works out to about a less than 1 1/2 % increase in funding. Bad job on failing to even address the crisis in Surrey which is disproportionately lacking in school space to meet the student volume. Yes, the students need that $44 desperately, but they also need some bloody schools to study in!!!

      Two thumbs down to Christy Clark and the BC Liberals on bypassing the needs of Surrey students, all of whom will become our future voters and will likely remember this for years to come!

      John, thank you!! I am sorry for the late reply but it has been very busy here for the last couple weeks. My son has been going back and forth to hospital for assessments and there has been a lot of work to do in my down time. However, there are several stories brewing that you can look forward to!


  3. The stupid corrupt nearly billion dollar roof doesn’t work if it rains or is even windy, which of course is almost all the time and the B.C. Place building itself is antiquated. It reminds me of Dianne’s garden on the side of the south Surrey Library, almost a quarter of million for that little gem and I have no idea what it will cost us to upkeep it…..and it’s ugly. If Dianne wasn’t so busy being an active, card carrying B.C. Liberal member and partying with Falcon and the Liberal gang maybe she could go to bat for the people who pay mega money to her and her husband who I have read gets most of Surrey’s work. O but I forgot she IS one of them. Has anybody invited her to the rally, she needs to be there but I’m sure Campbell would have to OK her to go….the Premier in hiding and Christy the front.


  4. You are right Laila. Christy Clarks abuses of our education, did start with her.

    We see plenty of evidence, our tax dollars are being wasted on the most foolish ventures. The retractable roof. Ida Chong eating $6,000 for food. The trial of the BCR, a total farce and a huge waste of tax payers dollars. Campbell giving himself a $60.000 wage hike, what a waste of our money. Well, we all know the list can go on forever.

    However, we must fight for our childrens education, that is being downgraded by, Campbell and the BC Liberals, for quite some time now. It remains to be seen, whether Christy will improve the situation. But as you say, Christy was the first one to, destroy our kids future


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