Media Release: Possible Break Up of BC Hydro Being Kept Under Wraps

This just into my mailbox and I am passing it along in it’s entirety and original form for you due to the implications of this restructuring. I have been working on a project this last month, hence the lack of posting, but look for a couple new ones over the weekend. For now, share and spread this!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

BC Hydro Documents filed this week at the BC Utilities Commission fail to highlight major shake-up

A major restructuring may be underway BC Hydro that could result in the crown corporation being broken up into several different entities, according to information obtained by the Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union, Local 378 (COPE 378).

BC Hydro and its outsourced arm, Accenture, have told COPE 378 that a major restructuring is under way at Hydro that could result in further fracturing of BC Hydro through multiple outsourcing agreements. Under this restructuring, a new series of outsourcing contracts may be handed out and Accenture, which currently has the contract for about one third of BC Hydro’s privatized operations, could be gone.

However, details about the restructuring—called the Long Term Sourcing Strategy, or LTSS— are completely absent from Hydro’s Rate Increase Application, which was just filed with the BC Utilities Commission. Changes of this magnitude, which could significantly impact upon hydro rates, the number of people employed at BC Hydro and its contractors, and the number of jobs located in BC, are routinely documented in filings such as these at the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC).

“Accenture first told us about the big shake up at Hydro because they said they were fearful of losing the lucrative outsourcing contract they currently hold,” said COPE 378 Vice President, Gwenne Farrell. “Since then we’ve had confirmation directly from BC Hydro that this restructuring is indeed underway, and our next step was to look for details in the BCUC filings.”

Farrell noted that the anticipated restructuring is three times the scale of the 2003 Accenture outsourcing plan. Farrell further advocated that decisions which could so profoundly impact Hydro rates, or result in huge job losses, be brought under the scrutiny of the BCUC as a major change to the utility.

“The BC Liberal government has sought to neuter the BCUC and remove huge decisions like this from the public eye,” said Farrell. “But we may well see BC Hydro split into three or more pieces, customers could be severely impacted, rates could go even higher, and hundreds, maybe thousands of workers will certainly be affected.”

“It is unacceptable that BC Hydro even entertain these changes without engaging its customers who rely on BC Hydro every day, the BCUC, and their workers,” Farrell added.

As Intervenors at the BCUC, COPE 378 has written to the Commission requesting they compel BC Hydro to file additional information with details of its Long Term Sourcing Strategy (LTSS) and how it will impact Hydro operations. Click here for COPE 378’s letter to the BCUC.

Some of the details of the LTSS obtained by COPE 378 are in a BC Hydro discussion document. Click here for the discussion document.

The original outsourcing agreement with Accenture was the subject of a long hearing application at the BCUC to ensure minimum impact to customers and the workforce.

COPE 378 represents workers at BC Hydro, Accenture and throughout BCs energy industry.

 (Disturbing news indeed. )

37 thoughts on “Media Release: Possible Break Up of BC Hydro Being Kept Under Wraps

  1. Now the smart meter plan is starting to make sense.
    The cost savings and energy efficiencies could be achieved much easier than using a potentially health destroying technology. The smart meter plan will allow their chosen beneficiary of their largess to manipulate British Columbians better.
    It will help slow the privatization of BCHydro if a ground swell of public demand that before a meter is installed BCHydro be required to fully and in an unbiased manner inform the resident of the potential downside of the radiation their smart meters will give of – we have to demand the right of informed consent.
    The address of the BCHydro Board is
    BCHydro David Cobb, President and Chief Executive Officer.
    333 Dunsmuir Street
    Vancouver, B.C., V6B 5R3

    Address the letter to David Cobb Chief Executive Officer, board and executive team
    If the board gets enough letters expressing concern especially concern for the plight of the hyper electrosensitive maybe, they will listen and delay the programs


  2. All the various governments in North America sure seem in a hurry to sell everything off. What a wonderful world we are all going to be living in. Sort of a “If you can’t pay you die” philosophy.


  3. If the BC public remains uninformed or choses to be apathetic over this matter, then truly it is deserving of the slave status imposed upon it by the predatory global corporate world.
    If ordinary BC citizens give up the wealth of this province to private global interests without a fight then they deserve the evil, treacherous “BC Liberals” corporate/private lobbyists who are masquerading as a government – for the people.


  4. I was told to google: Harper delivers plan of, Global Governance for Canada. Everyone that was present were shocked. Harper said, Global Governance, has been worked on since 1945. This was right after, Hitlers plan for a thousand year Reich. It’s the Bilderberg Group, which are the huge corporations that will be the Global Governance. Campbell was invited to that meeting. Campbell out and out gave Harper our BC HST. Campbell has stripped BC right down to the bare bones. Campbell signed in favor of the dirty oil tankers from China, to come into our beautiful coastal seas. So, that means the Enbridge pipeline must go ahead to the Port of Kitimat. Harper and Campbell were also working, to have oil and gas wells drilled off BC’s coast. Seems a 6.1 earthquake in the Queen Charlotte’s, doesn’t even register with the pair of them. The expansion of Prosperity Mine that was vetoed, I read there was a back door left open the expansion could be reapplied for. I can’t remember where I read that, so that’s a wait and see. None of our assets thieved and sold by Campbell, have been any benefit to the BC people. Who gains? Huge corporations, same with the theft and sale of our rivers, again who gains, not the BC citizens. When the pipeline is finished so are the jobs. With all of our resources, why are we taxed to death? Does this really make any sense to the people? It doesn’t to me.

    However, when you try to tell people they just ignore it. No-one can see Harper’s evil agenda, and the fact that Campbell has worked hand in hand with Harper. What did Harper do? He gave the wealthiest outfits in the world, another corporate tax cut.

    I have said this many times before. On the House of Commons TV channel. I watched a motion pass by the entire House. They gave banks, mines, huge businesses, gas and oil company’s billions of out tax dollars. They got huge tax reductions, and as I said, Harper just gave them another reduction, this one comes off Canadians pay checks. Why?? This huge country is wealthy, filled with natural resources, and millions of people are forced to live in poverty. It is said, Canada is the bread basket of the world. You name it, we have farms, orchards, cattle ranches, market gardens, and children go hungry. It’s all bull shit.


  5. G.J.W. says:
    March 18, 2011 at 4:02 pm
    I agree with everything you say.
    BC Liberals = Corporate ownwership/control of BC Resources (BC Rail) etc.


  6. “If the BC public remains uninformed or choses to be apathetic over this matter, then truly it is deserving of the slave status imposed upon it by the predatory global corporate world.
    If ordinary BC citizens give up the wealth of this province to private global interests without a fight then they deserve the evil, treacherous “BC Liberals” corporate/private lobbyists who are masquerading as a government – for the people.”

    C’mon Otis, nobody deserves to be a slave. People shouldn’t have to fight for their elected representatives to actually do what they are sworn to do (act in the public’s interest for all those clued out politicians joining us). The opposition should be opposing, police should be investigating and arresting, the prosecutors should be prosecuting, the jailers should be jailing. The shame is on all of the people who choose everyday to not do the right thing.


  7. It is time for change an election will be coming an opposition needs to be ready and people need to wake up or they will be very very sorry.


  8. terminalcitygirl:

    Though I agree with you, I think you misunderstand Otis, I think he is pointing out that too many don’t care, don’t pay attention and as long as they still can afford a big screen TeeVee (made by slave labor elsewhere) and can accumulate debt for the other “essential” crap we fill our homes and garages with, they simply don’t believe they are being exploited.

    Of course the present economic model is unsustainable, and when enough people are cold and hungry, change is inevitable. Unfortunately these issues COULD be dealt with in an open democratic fashion, but currently democracy is being subverted by the HarperCons, the Campbell Crime Family and other governments who answer to the Corporate Elite rather than the people and the people, or enough of them (who personally aren’t suffering – yet) are bought off cheap. It’s like the old adage about “First them came for the (you name a group), but I wasn’t one of them etc…….”


  9. Thank you for raising this critical issue. Any action to undermine BC Hydro needs a huge public protest; however, I’m afraid most of our citizens are completely apathetic. It appears they need to hurt more before they realize what is happening, and by then it will be too late.

    This ongoing corporate welfare program involves giving away our public assets, along with the revenue streams that currently help fund social services. The objectives of these huge corporations is to manipulate our political puppets to, give them our public assets, provide grants and tax reduction concessions, eliminate public revenues and then tell the populace that they can no longer afford to pay for social services. They will then privatize schools, hospitals, universities, jails, and other public institutions because there will be no public resources to operate them.

    The folks in Wisconsin understand what is happening and I hope their conflict spreads exponentially. It is too bad that most BC’rs and other Canadians cannot see what is happening.


  10. I heard there is a rally in support of the people of Wisconsin so everyone who can, should try and get there. 2:30 p.m. April 2 at the Peace Arch Crossing.
    I believe it is time to stand up and be seen that we do not agree with the policies and the underhanded, arrogant and deceitful direction governments are undertaking against their citizens.


  11. @ G.J.W.
    You have spoken like an true Canadian and I applaud you!
    Our Government officials like Mr. Harper / Campbell have sold us out and I really do not understand why the good people of this Country are NOT responding to the danger we are in.
    I post many comments on many Sites about what is going on like your comment about the Bilderberg Group and all I get is blank stares or denials!
    WAKE UP CANADA … our country is in the midst of being destroyed Please open your eyes and vote those so called Conservatives out asap!!! They are all part of the elite Bilderberg family and have no qualms about giving them all our riches on an platter, rather then govern for the People !!!
    In the end we will all be just slaves or even worse DEAD!!!
    Educate yourself google Bilderberg“ and see what their agenda is.


  12. Karl Buchroeder I have also noticed that few grasp the part that the Bilderberg group plays in the things and how for some reason BC is one of the prime targets of the group.
    Not that I really believe that the top dog is the Bilderberg group – they are just the front for the real control.


  13. Most people are far too busy trying to make ends meet – pay the bills, put food on the table, pay the rent or mortagage. At the end of a long work day – say ten hours plus travel time, there isn’t a lot of spare time for interests. Once home the other work has to be done – mothers know only too well what that entails.

    Unfortunately, BC was blessed with a traitorous psychopathic narcissist in 2001 – who thought nothing of lying and deliberately misleading the province to get his way. From then on – we all know what he has done. He also managed to gather around him a team of people of similar elk – the BC Liberal MLA’s – all of which fully supported Campbell and his nefarious ways. Should anyone else lie and cheat to get what they wanted – chances are that would be a criminal offence and they would be prosecuted.

    Yes, we need to wake people up about what is going on in BC politics in particular and Canadian politics generally. The same theme seems to be running through both areas – screw the people- they are only good for the votes and nothiing else.

    Nothing short of a general strike or work stoppage or protests will get the government’s attention. Campbell especially, is very lucky that he doesn’t live in another country for I doubt that he would have lived long enough to quit when the going got tough.

    I wonder if Campbell even bothers to read what is said about him these days ? I’m sure he doesn’t – why should he, but being a narcissist he could well be concerned !!!

    Nothing short of a general election will stem what is happening. Are all politicians the same – I hope not, but we don’t hear very much from the BC NDP – and that gives pause for thought.

    Thank you


  14. Does anyone else not stop to think that this is simply the union and a company which holds a monopoly on services stirring up trouble? Seriously.. we don’t live in the movies people.. think about what you read and question whether you are really hearing ALL the facts! Gee, this has never happened in BC before.. the unions have never presented us with untrue facts.. they never have another motive.. they always have the average person’s interest at heart.. never JUST their members.


  15. Voice of reason implies that this BC Hydro scenario is a union/management process. There may very well be some posturing regarding contract negotiations; however, the major concerns are not that simple. The concerns for all British Columbians should be, NOT union versus management, or left versus right, but right versus wrong.

    By stating that unions never present true facts, you show a blatant bias. Management frequently distort their position when bargaining. This recently led to a major waterfront employer being cited for bargaining in bad faith.

    The problem is less labour/management negotiations, but the giving away of public assets. If you were really paying attention, you would be aware that current so-called Liberal government has hog-tied BC Hydro. They have done this by compelling BC Hydro to buy power from IPP’s at exorbitant rates, prohibiting them from undertaking a range of capital projects and forcing them to fund major transmission lines to service IPP’s.

    The objective of current extreme right-wing governments is to force publicly owned assets to be given to uber-rich corporations for naught. This is now happening in Ohio, New Jersey, Wisconsin and other tea-party states.

    The incumbant provincial government has proven many times that they can NOT be trusted. Amongst other things we have watched the BC Rail give-away, the HST fiasco and a BC budget that would not have a deficit. You should also read Laila’s 100 reasons why Gordon Campbell must go. Maybe she will change that to 100 resons why the BC Liberal government must go.

    A simple documented measure for examining the provincial government trustworthyness is to review BC Rail’s 2004 Consolidated Financial Statement (Note 2). The much touted $1 billion sale was considerably less. After deducting the provincial debt, the proceeds were $460 million and that is before considering very generous tax concessions granted to CN Rail, and the dividend transfer of $443 million. If a forensic accountant examined the sale, they would probably conclude that we, the citizens of BC, paid CN Rail to take over BC Rail.


  16. This pattern is not new.
    BC Ferries, BC Rail

    First you appoint corrupt or inept lackies to run the crown asset into the ground.
    Second, you get corrupt corporate media to overhype the problems and report on them nonstop.
    Third, you offer up the magic solution……….privatization.
    Fourth, you sell it to the corporate swine who call the shots.

    This will be the third round of massive thefts of BC assets by criminals in government and their corporate bosses.
    The first two involved the Liberals doing the dirty deed, while the NDP went silent and disappeared. Fake opposition or no opposition.
    Now on this biggest most severe theft yet, BC Hydro, once again the NDP is silent passive and absent.

    Many comments here have pointed out how this is happening all over the world. True.
    The globalists in every country ALWAYS control both political parties and get their way. Is BC the only place on planet earth where we have one dirty corrupt corporatist party and one wonderful party of the people to oppose them??? Or is BC like all the European nations and the US where both the right wing and left wing parties serve the corporatists?


  17. Mike, the NDP has not been silent about the sale of BC Rail and the “privatization” of BC Ferries. The problem is you never hear about them.
    On Mar. 20 I heard the most amazing comments on the radio. I believe it was M. Smyth (I missed the first part) who said that BC journalists were not covering any of the issues that the NDP leadership candidates were discussing. And they most likely would not in the future. And he wasn’t too concerned. They will just write some dribble in the future as that is their job. He was not concerned that they are incompetent.
    This is what we have to deal with in the MSM and I thank Laila Yuile for helping us be informed about the issues.


  18. Information is not one sided.. and no I am not biased one way or another but I DO know that what is called the facts here is not in fact the truth. There is no goal of privatizing BC Hydro nor is there a goal to do anything other than ensure we have a system that can support the growth of population that BC has encountered and the resulting demand on the electrical system.

    The Liberals are no better than the NDP but it was the NDP who were in power and put the restrictions in place. As a result, we know have a system which is aging and can no longer support the needs of the population. I am sure you will all be the first to post complaints when you don’t have electricity to run your laptops from which you voice your opinions. But wait, maybe you all are so green that you have someone riding a bike to produce your own electricity needs. My apologies if that is indeed the case and kudos to you for being so conscientious.

    Be sure you are not simply letting your dislike for the Liberals and Campbell taint your vision of what the truth is on the situation. I am a member of the working poor who has been on both sides of the union and non-union fence and uses logic to make decisions not my union’s opinion. It is likely I will feel the crunch of higher rates but at least I know I will have power to heat and light my home. During the election all kinds of promises will be made and few will be kept, regardless of which party is in power.


  19. What a lot of people forget is that BC is a net exporter of electricity to California mostly, where they get outrageous prices. To compensate, BC then imports some electricity from Alberta at much cheaper rates. This is purely an economical choice and does not in anyway, make BC a net importer of power – as Pinocchio Campbell and others in the BC Liberal party would have you believe.

    The IPP’s, ROR and the BCUC changes brought about by Campbell has almost brought BC Hydro to it’s knees – all done intentionally of course. Break the company then buy it out for cents on the dollar – good business acumen or out and out corruption and thieving !!!!



  20. Voice, do you really know what the precise facts are?
    Below are a couple of links that provide some current enlightenment. The authors of these articles have written several columns regarding BC Hydro, and if you really want to know what is going on you should examine some of their achived presentations.

    Will McMartin @ the Tyee:

    Rafe Mair @ The Common Sense Canadian


  21. Appropriate name, Astro.
    The media is scum, they serve the corporatists by lying and blocking the truth…..not exactly a newsflash.

    So the NDP have been fighting these corrupt criminal thefts of BC Ferries, BC Rail by the Liberals?? Sure, Astro, sure they have.
    Their web sites are devoid of any serious discussion of these thefts.
    Their webs sites and press releases also lack any serious discussion of the current willful destruction of BC Hydro by the Libs to prep it for privatization.
    The NDP is doing what fake opposition does best. Offering tepid ineffectual criticism of minor scandals while avoiding the significant crimes like BC Hydro, the Sea to Sky highway shadow tolls, and BC Ferries BC Rail.


  22. FYI Mike, I attended the NDP leaders debate in Kelowna last night (which incidentally, was/has not been covered by any media that I can locate), and they all brought the house (of about three hundred people standing room crowd) down with their very vehement and vocal intent to do everything in their collective powers to have a full BC Rail inquiry (almost wrote inquest) and have the railroad returned to the ctizens of BC. They intend to do the same for BC Ferries, BCUC and BC Hydro, IPP’s, P3’s and the judiciary.
    They are unanimous in these endeavours, as they were with a refusal to allow giant oil tankers on our coast, no Enbridge pipeline to Kitimat, no Prosperity mine and no more corporate control and influence of government at the expense of the people.
    They were also prepared to do what it takes to get the forests working again for us and by us and make BC affordable for everyone.
    I too thought they were oblivious to our concerns, but they’re not, and they’re just as mad as we are and they can’t wait to do something about it. It was music to my ears.

    I know if this were a Lieberal debate or a CC love in, every reporter from Global, CTV, the Sun ,the Province, NW, etc., etc., would have had their message all over the TV and the airwaves, online and in the paper by now, but because it was the dreaded NDP, not one word.

    Perhaps this might explain why you are not ‘hearing’ the NDP speaking up on the issues we are all gravely concerned about.


  23. Dangerously biased, dishonest and misleading after a decade of BC Liberal rule – mmmm sure makes ya think eh !

    I suspect for the MSM to write an honest critique would show the world just how irrelevant the media has made itself.



  24. Yesterday the federal NDP voted UNANIMOUSLY with the KKKonservatives and Liberals to make war on Libya in the name of peace.
    We are all right to be outraged at the theft of BC assets by the dirty Liberals. But if we are really concerned we need to hold the NDP to the same standard. IMO they fall way short of defending the Canadian or BC people on the serious matters of the day.
    I think a lot of people here are putting the fortunes of the BC NDP ahead of the people of this province who are not represented by either of these corporatist parties.


  25. Your correct Mike, the NDP did support military action in Libya, but the basic objective was to institute and maintain a No-Fly Zone. This action was driven by a UN initiative (one of the quickest in recent decades) designed to protect Libyan citizens who have legitimately objected to being forced into serfdom. The fact that the NDP supported this scenario was on humanitarian grounds…….NOT imperialism. Some strong action was required to curtail a madman who has been involved in a variety of terrorist activities for more than four decades, including the downing of the PanAm flight over Lockerbie.

    All of this action; however, has nothing to do with giving BC Hydro away to the corporate elite. You should also recognize the differences between federal political parties and provincial ones. For example the BC Liberals include some Liberals, but they are primarily Conservatives and Reform (aka NeoCons) members of the legislature.

    It is also important to recognize that the Mainstream Press (MSM) primarily represent corporate interests. Any consideration or concern for John Q Public on their part is miniscule. Most publications from MSM are designed to put the NDP in a negative light (eg. “representatives of the socialist hordes”). And for the record, I am not a member of any political party. I try to assess and evaluate issues from a non-partisan perspective.


  26. Mike, I think you’re somewhat missing the point when it comes to the NDP and what their stances are. As Ron Wilton said, and I’ve encounted the same issue here in Kamloops – it doesn’t matter what the NDP say, there is a concerted effort by ALL mainstream media to avoid printing it…or to print something out of context throwing the entire message out of balance.

    John Horgan for instance, has not only stated what he sees as needing to be done immediately – he has also stated how he would go about fixing things. Very clear, very concise. His statements have not found the light of day, because media is not doing their job.

    Simple really, it doesn’t matter what you say, or do…if it’s not reported, it doesn’t exist. Try going to an all-candidates meeting to hear them…they’re worthy of it, and it’s the ONLY way you’re going to find out what they really have to say.


  27. Sadly if people are looking towards the federal Liberal Party to protect us from the “Evil Empire,” as former Finance Minister under Pierre Trudeau, Paul Helyer referred to multinational corporations. Today’s Liberal Party are every bit as much under the thumb of these same corporations, as they rely on these same corporate entities for their party funding.

    Only the NDP at this point seems to be standing up for the working people and the poor in this country, while both Liberals and Conservatives are selling off the country, and OUR assets to the highest bidders, in order to feather their own nest in the corporate world. Maybe we all need to wake up in this country, and show these corporately owned politicians in both the Liberal and the Conservative Parties, the “OUT DOOR, before it is too late!” As itler’s goal was world domination and our soldier fought to preserve our freedoms, now we have our own corrupt politicians giving away our freedoms to their corporate masters. Not much difference than being dictated to by a Hitler, as the multinational corporate goal is to dominate the world!


  28. My Dad once explained all I needed to know about politics.
    “There are only 2 parties, 1 is the Ins and the other is the Outs. The Ins want to stay in and the Outs want to get in.”
    I have watched politics for many years and noticed that despite the words there is little action from the NDP and parties like the greens are to far off to believe they will be any different once the make it close to the brass ring. They all make a big noise on little issues but are mysteriously absent when the big issue they need to be heard on – barely above a whisper is heard from them.
    In the next elections if there is a mildly acceptable independent I will be voting independent.


  29. Hitching our respective waggons to a ‘political’ party may unfairly encumber our ability to deviate from the sometimes too fixed and uncomfortable ‘party’ line.

    While ‘Independant’ is perhaps the ideal, I doubt that we would all be able to channel our collective energies and desires enough to stay focused on the particular goal or purpose, because our priorities may not align in order of importance.

    One thing we all have as humans, unless we are sociopaths, is an understanding of the difference between Right and Wrong.

    Rafe Mair is spot on when his wisdom of the ages tells us that the issues here in BC are not the differences between Left and Right or this party or that party; they are the fundamental differences between Right and Wrong.

    We all know that we must vote to initiate the changes we know must happen, and we ought in good conscience vote for the person who we believe will always do what is Right.

    They don’t have to be told, they all know the difference.

    Those who do, or are doing, or have done Wrong, must be held accountable.

    Don’t vote for anyone who is not doing, or has not done, or will not do what is the Right thing to do.

    Sociopaths are dangerous and certainly worth ‘Googling”, but we have learned that already from recent past experiences.

    Sadly, Ms. Clark still has some learning to do.


  30. A very professional response Maharg.
    Nice work disconnecting the dots on federal NDP cooperation with corporatist war mongers and their BC cousins on BC Hydro. My point being that on big issues the NDP always roll over and do the bidding of the globalists.

    Your support of dropping depleted uranium bombs on Libyan civilians is duly noted, but rather than meekly accept the narrative of the war mongers that this is a simple UN mandated no fly mission, I choose to look at how events are unfolding. They are unfolding as they did in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    One more time Leah. I AGREE that corporate media are pigs who never give space to people first environmental causes or efforts. However, that does not change what the NDP do. The NDP went silent on BC Rail and BC Ferries and now they are silent on this BC Hydro mess. All of their media releases AVOID this topic, their web sites and official positions on ‘the issues’ avoid this topic…….just like they did on the Sea to Sky highway mess.

    Sorry for caring more about BC and its people than I do about your precious NDP party. If I thought they gave a flying fcuk about me or the people of this province I would give them much energy and support……as I have in the past.
    For now we are in an abusive two party relationship. Many people here seem to prefer the kinder gentler abuse of the NDP as opposed to what we get from the disgusting thugs in the Liberal party. I make no distinction over style when the substance is so similar and contrary to the interests of the BC people.


  31. I guess we see similar dots Mike, but not the identical connections. I believe Harper is a war monger who wants to be the King of Canada. Since most countries on this globe are either fiefdoms, kingdoms or dictatorships, he wants the same elitism. The so-called free world is getting smaller as western democracies cut corporate taxes and give their public assets to mega businesses, ergo BC Hydro.

    As for the Libyan situation, do you have any proof that uranium depleted bombs are being used? Although these demonic weapons were reported used by the US in Iraq as well as by the Israeilis with their own ethnic cleansing strategy, it does not prove they are being deployed in Libya. A significant challenge for those that care about the well-being of our fellowman is when to intervene in a humaitarian conflict. The UN was extremely slow to take action in the old Yugoslavia, and maybe ask Romeo Dallaire about ethnic cleansing in Rwanda.

    All this discission is off topic in reference to the BC Hydro give-away, unless from a corporist perpective.


  32. Fortunately there are blobs like this that get the truth out. unfortunately not enough read them.
    Interesting if one post any comment in the comments section of Black Press -the company that runs most of the community newspapers in BC.
    Could not understand why they had so few comments on their articles and every other comment section in other papers had many comments, until I posted a few comments that did not express undieing gratitude and adoration of the BCLibs and FedCons. The posting would published in with in minutes would be removed. The media in this province in particular does all it can to promote the right wing agenda as news and do all they can to trample on any dissenting opinion.
    It is getting so bad that the only reason to read a mainstream newspaper is to see who is advertising in them and to then advise the business I will not deal with them if they advertise in a radical paper like Black Press. Only when the papers start to see their revenues dry up will they return to being newspapers instead of political propaganda papers


  33. Proof that DU is being used. What are you, FoxNews?
    DU is being used against Libyan tanks for certain. FU for your colonialist superior attitude. For someone as smart as you it would take about 90 seconds to find proof of DU being used in Libya.
    On topic to the BC Hydro criminal theft, the NDP is not calling it like it is. It is a deliberate destruction of a public asset in order to create a crisis to ‘necessitate’ the sale to private interests. As I said in the first comment you took exception with, the NDP is offering tepid weak opposition.
    I am sure if I wanted to come here and mindlessly bash KKKonservatives or BC Lieberals all day, you and I would get along fine………….But I dare to cross the line and apply the same standards to the NDP party, so that necessitates this ‘debate’.

    In the mean time the globlalists/corporatists keep on looting BC as both our parties enable them. Same as Labour and Cons in the UK, same as Republicans and Democrats in the US, same as Libs and KKKonservatives federally in Canada.


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