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Movie of the Week feature: ” Boardroom Brainstorm: Hydro Heist”

Please share! A spoof of what goes on in the BC Hydro boardroom….


  1. Reactor #1 in Japan, the one that exploded, the one that is possibly melting down, guess who owes it?

    Uh huh yep you’re correct … GE… and we are letting them control our hydro.


  2. ‘Say hello to our big picture of our friend Gordon Campbell!……So they should and a big thank you to him for all the mega bribe bucks they will ‘receive’ for themselves.


  3. This is what happens when the ‘public’ regulators are appointed by the premier.
    We need a public process where these key people are voted for directly by the public at election time & they can only serve one term so they don’t become ‘careerists’.


    • Terminalcitygirl, thank you for this, and please, everyone should check this out!

      Voxpop, I agree there should be a set limit on terms for both appointments and elected positions. That would be big start to ensuring that the current ” careerists” ( wonderful term!!) don’t just move from ministry to ministry, crown corp. to crown corp.


  4. People should be aware that the corporate/government ‘careerists’ have taken over the major BC credit unions (which started out as the people’s banks). Check out the bios of the current CEOs of Van-City, Coast-Capital, Envision, etc.


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