An open letter to Christy Clark ( and one I welcome her to respond to via this site)

I received this from a dear man and reader, Ray Eagle, who so kindly shares with all of us this letter he recently sent to Christy Clark. Dare I say… it is hard to soar like an Eagle when governed by turkeys ?

Many thanks to Mr. Eagle for sending this to me.

Dear Premier Clark:

It was a shock to learn that despite your expressed intentions to make your Government different to that of Gordon Campbell’s you have selected Gwynn Morgan of SNC Lavalin as your transition advisor. Selecting him, of all people, hardly bodes well for change!.

Nevertheless, there are a number of issues that should be addressed though I can see already that convincing you of their importance will not be an easy task. The following are the ones that I consider to be important:

As a regular user of the Horseshoe Bay-Langdale ferry route I think the privatization of B.C. Ferries is a failed experiment and it should be returned directly to government control. This so-called privatization is, in any case, purely semantic and has not resulted in any meaningful efficiencies.

One of the first items on Mr. Campbell’ agenda was the mean-spirited act of removing the reduction on the first ten visits to chiropractors and physiotherapists, which took away the ability of many people to afford the cost of repeat visits in the first vital days of injury. To bring back the reduction would be a meaningful step towards your promise.

Mr. Campbell also cancelled a benefit to B.C. seniors, which was to pay only the dispensing fee on all prescribed medications. He immediately made them pay the full cost to a certain level under the so-called ‘Fair Pharmacare’ legislation. As an eighty year old senior (as of April 4) I think it was a reprehensible act and again I think that if you mean what you say this should be addressed. I take four medications for certain medical problems, none of which are lifestyle related. I wrote to the Government suggesting that in the case of people on permanent medication the previous rule of paying only the dispensing fee should be restored, as opposed to those who are prescribed a single course of medication for a temporary problem after which the need ceases. Despite taking the suggestion to my MLA, Ralph Sultan, nothing came of it. Fortunately my prescription costs are not prohibitive compared to some seniors, but a restoration to the original subsidy would be helpful, instead
of the pure ‘fluff ‘ handed out to seniors in lieu of real help.

Lastly, there is a great anomaly which needs addressing. When you were a talk-show host you strongly defended the Cambie Street merchants in their quest for compensation, especially Susan Heyes in her valiant fight against the construction companies and several levels of government. During that time I had several letter exchanges with the Hon. Kevin Falcon, who is now your Deputy Premier. He was vehemently opposed to any compensation for the merchants and I am sure he remains of that opinion. He must be absolutely gleeful that Ms. Heyes has been hung out to dry by the companies who built the Canada Line, abetted by the three cold, uncaring Appeal Judges who found in their favour. Now you have compounded this anomaly by bringing Gwynn Morgan onto your team, a man who represents a company that is responsible for Susan Heyes’ present predicament.

The arguments of the Appeal Judges make absolutely no sense, especially their assertion that a bored tunnel would cause as much disruption as cut and cover. In a letter addressed to them I pointed out that that they had obviously made up their minds to uphold the appeal and built their ‘shoddy’ arguments to fit that end.

If you have the conviction that you demonstrated before gaining the Premiership you should seek some means to help Susan Heyes stave off bankruptcy. You should also bear in mind the lasting consequences if the appeal decision goes unchallenged. The result will be that no small business owner or individual is safe from ruin or interference by any level of government or large corporation that wishes to construct a mega project, regardless of whether its impact is temporary or permanent.

I hope that you will give due consideration to these suggestions because their implementation will go a long way in proving that you mean it when you promise to do things differently, though with the appointment of Gwynn Morgan a large part of that promise has already been negated!


Ray Eagle.

12 thoughts on “An open letter to Christy Clark ( and one I welcome her to respond to via this site)

  1. Hoooray for Ray !
    There are many good people with integrity in this world, personified by the writer and poster of this missive to HypoChristy.
    I hope we all rise up – take a wide stance – and demand an end to the bullying by government supported massive corporations.
    And abuse of power.

    By the way – the bullies don’t get to win.
    Or as Laila said – let’s all be Egyptians.


  2. Unfortunately, Susan Heyes is just one of many, many people who have had their lives ruined by the greedy, money grabbing BC Liberal government. Thousands of families have suffered at the hands of Grabby Gordon “the liar” Campbell and the BC Liberals.

    Crusty Clark is no different than Gordon Campbell – both are liars and have no credibility or integrity – the same goes for Falcon, Coleman, Bond, Duh Jong and the rest of the theiving bunch.

    There are many things that the government could do to make life a bit easier for the elderly, the sick, the young, the handicapped, the homeless, the mentally ill – and the list just gets longer. Everyone of these groups have been hit hard with the cuts to spending by the government – badly needed they say, to service the record debts that Campbell has saddled this province with.

    There is a lot of anger in the public over many things – almost everything that has transpired over this last decade of Dishonesty, Deception and Deceit by the BC Liberal government.

    The “Crusty Clark” ad that is now circulating is just the tip of the iceberg – there will be much more to come. Sure looks like the PAB will have to work overtime to try and counter all the negativity the BC Liberals are going to experience in the coming months.

    Thank you.


  3. As one who recently joined the cohort labeled seniors it was interesting to read Ray’s letter. Since I fortunately need no prescription medications yet (knock wood) I wasn’t aware of some of the points he raised.

    As the grammar Nazi I am Laila I would recommend that you revise your headline on this post to say you “WOULD” welcome Crusty herself to respond to this letter as the wording you have used would imply that she has actually shown up (and we know she is too busy catching farts in bottles and watching Manswers to bother).


  4. I feel very badly for Susan. Because, the Judicial system in BC is so corrupt, I really didn’t doubt the outcome, wouldn’t be a kick in the face for Susan, I expected it.

    We don’t call the BC Liberals the crime family for nothing. Campbell’s election lie, the BCR wasn’t for sale. That was the sleaziest, most corrupt event in Canadian history. Campbell belongs in prison, for that crime. And, so does everyone involved. The trial was held in a corrupt court, presided over by a corrupt judge, who favored brain dead witnesses. It was getting too close to home for Campbell. The two patsies pleaded guilty. De Jong thieved tax payers dollars, to pay the two patsies court costs.

    BC is the most corrupt province in Canada. The media is just a propaganda scammer, for the BC Liberals, against the BC people. There is no agency or service in BC that isn’t corrupt. Campbell and the BC Liberals, dirtied absolutely everything, they laid their hands on. The good thing is, the BC Liberals will never get back in office in BC, ever again.


  5. A note: The Canada Line cut-and-cover metro, is the only cut-and-cover project in Europe and North America they did not, I repeat, did not have a compensation package for businesses affected by cut and cover construction. In Europe, new tramway’s also include compensation packages.

    It was the lack of compensation payments that made the Canada Line cut and cover cheaper than a bored tunnel.


  6. Dieter – that’s also why we need to be alarmed at the prospect of a Harper majority – Bilderberg likes him too. Enough to have invited him in 2003, when he was a mere leader of the opposition. They are known in some circles as the “kingmakers”…you attend a meeting, then not too long afterward you’re in power. In his case, it worked as it has for others. (Clinton and Bush)

    There’s little doubt in my mind that they, and he, are getting more than a little frustrated at the minority government he heads…their agenda isn’t being brought to the fore quickly enough. If he ever gains a majority government – Canada as we know it – will exist but for a very short period of time.

    Even more worrisome…why on earth would they invite Campbell to last years hole in the wall meeting? And when will he make his move to federal politics in preparation for the big chair?


  7. Although I am not a fan of Ms. Clark, I doubt very much that she had or will have any say in the appearance of the likes of Gwyn Morgan hovering over her shoulders.

    The heretofore inexplicable presence of Patrick Kinsella, who is long past his expiry date, and the mysterious background workings of the equally difficult to comprehend, David Emerson, deftly pulling the strings that open and close Ms. Clark’s mouth. (ever notice that her upper lip never moves?)

    As I have said before, Gwyn Morgan & Co. are to Christy Clark, what David McLean & Co. was to gordon Campbell.


  8. The bizarro state of affairs in BC was summed up by Clark’s appearance on Global news the other night appealing for donations to Childeren’s Hospital. It’s bad enough that they have to beg for funding but for the Premier to assist with this?


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