Why IS Christy Clark wasting money changing ministry names? This and more on a Monday morning.

Ah, finally, a moment to blog… I have nearly forgotten what that means! I appreciate your letters and notes and yes, everything is fine, I have simply been so busy that finding even a small bit of time to write has been difficult.

First up this morning is a link to an editorial I read in the Surrey Now, by Harvinder Sandhu, titled  Why is the ministry wasting cash changing ministry names?


What’s in a name? Shakespeare’s iconic line is not what I have in mind here.

I’m talking about how the government of the day changes ministry names for what seems like no good reason at all.

Let’s look at this very recent name change. As of March 2011, the Ministry of Health Services is now the Ministry of Health. This name change is courtesy of Christy Clark, our newest, unelected premier.

I guess she felt there was no service associated with this ministry. So the descriptive word “service” had to be removed. I hear the public health nurses are not very excited about this snub.

Here’s another example, the ministry that contains the forest service has had its name changed three times in the last five months. In September 2010, it was known as the Ministry of Forests and Range, Forest Service. In October 2010, it became the Ministry of Forests, Mines and Lands, and in March 2011, it was rechristened the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. Quite a mouthful. Really?


It’s not cheap to change a name. Hence, printed vinyl signs rather than the lighted signs.

Besides signage on the offices of these ministries, there is also the cost of replacing all the printed material. We are talking business cards, letterheads, brochures, printed envelopes, applications and let’s not forget those freebie trinkets, such as pens or magnets that carry the old name. Replacing all this not because it’s broken, but because the government felt like changing the name.

Even if the cost is in the ball park of $100,000 for each ministry, we can safely say the overall cost of Christy Clark’s ministry name changes and or newly created ministries could be $1 million. Probably not a huge cost in the scheme of things, but if we take into account where else we can use these tax dollars, it becomes a wasted $1 million.


People need to pay attention and question the governing bodies and ask the politicians in charge why they are wasting our hard-earned tax dollars. People need to hold the politicians in charge accountable. This goes for all political parties.

Christy Clark comes in and changes ministry names – why spend the money when you are not an elected official yet?

This could have been done later after winning a seat in an election. At that time, any changes to ministries are ignored, as the public is high on new promises made that are not yet broken.

Wow. It really amazes me at what she can do considering she has not even been elected yet, nor does she even hold a seat in the legislature…


8 thoughts on “Why IS Christy Clark wasting money changing ministry names? This and more on a Monday morning.

  1. What a lovely tribute, to a wonderful teacher. Our teachers don’t get enough accolades, for what they do. If you think their days work is done, when classes are finished for the day, forget it. They still have hours to put in at home, for their student’s next classes, that have to be prepared. They have tests to grade. Many volunteer their time, for after school avtivities, weekend activities. Practises for students plays and concerts. In small communities, teachers at times, have to teach three or four different grades. Now, classrooms are so crowded, teachers feel so badly, because, they don’t get the time they need for that student, who really needs the extra time.

    However, that has never concerned Campbell and the BC Liberals. Christy Clark sends her son to private school, classes in private schools are never crowded. That’s why those schools, charge the earth for school fees. Campbell, never gave a damn, that he had over 121.000 children living in poverty. As long as he could stuff his wallet and his business friends wallets, all was right in his little, corrupt world.


  2. Do you think that the person who wrote a blurb on the BC Liberal Party website on behalf of the Party Executive would have had the brains, or brass, to include their name when they’ve written such a glowing commentary on the attributes of one Gordon Campbell, recently refusing to stand for his whole third term:….

    “Statement on Former Premier Gordon Campbell
    March 15, 2011


    “It has been a profoundly rewarding experience for me personally and the BC Liberal Party Executive to have worked with Gordon Campbell.”

    Source: http://www.bcliberals.com/our_party/president_s_corner/

    And the kicker is that the Party website under the heading or OUR PARTY there’s a sub heading titled “President’s Corner” which doesn’t include a name, just the title. DUH


  3. Best wishes for strength and health for your son’s lovely teacher, Laila (and to you and your son as well).

    Now Some Irony.
    Now that the BC Supreme Court has found Christy Clark and the BC Liberals to be wrong in denying teachers the right to negotiate class size and composition, what do you think the odds are that Christy Clark is thinking about changing the name of the Ministry of Education?


    1. SIG, Ha!

      First, thank you for your best wishes on her behalf. She is home recovering from her surgery at this time,and has hundreds of little ones and parents supporting her with prayers, cards, and everything else. Such a heartening display of community support and love for a valued member. She is in our thoughts constantly.

      Clearly, for Christy, karma is a bitch, since so many of her past discrepancies and inexperienced, callous actions during her time in the leg have come back to haunt her. http://www.cknw.com/Channels/Reg/NewsLocal/Story.aspx?ID=1401763

      Liberal members online are asking Liberal MLA’s to bust the union on facebook. I support the teachers in this point. As much as some would not like to hear this, composition in particular is a crucial aspect of the classroom functioning. In particular here in Surrey, where schools are busting through the walls and Clark still refuses to increase capital funding.


  4. I have got to say that what the government is doing – trampling on or denying union rights, is fundamentally wrong and illegal.

    The BC Liberal government (and the federal Conservatives for that matter) are trying to control and deny people their rights. – Orwell gone mad or what ???

    It might sound a bit far fetched, but turn your minds back for the last decade and see how this government has slowly eroded the rights of people – union or otherwise- to the point of having few rights. The justice system a joke for the most part.

    We must all remember that we enjoyed a high standard of living due to the century of fighting by all unions, for the rights of the workers to have a comfortable and respectable life. Safety, education and health care was not a benevolent move on the part of the governments past, but a result of many people protesting and going to jail over workers rights – pre union days.

    Let us all show the BC Liberal government the door, for they do nothing to improve the lot of British Columbians as a whole – but work to make the fat cats even fatter.

    What part of ” QUIT AND RESIGN” don’t the BC Liberals get. As Forest Gump said – “stupid is as stupid does” – and that sure applies to the BC Liberal party eh !

    The only good thing we can say is that we don’t have the disgraced former premier – the “9% Campbell DUI” to look at any more – just the puppet, non elected Cristy Clark.



  5. I think it’s time to put a strikethrough on Gordon Campbell’s name on the 100 reasons post at the top of the blog and add in Christy’s Name.

    Stupid is as stupid does also applies, sadly, to a significant portion of the electorate, the crew that thinks they’re on the side of the winners while Hochstein and crew are shearing them.


  6. Haha! I was just thinking it should be changed to the BC Liberals. Which I am going to do right now. She can take credit for a lot of the mess she left behind in the education and ministry of children and families, but the rest are accountable for the last decade as well!!


  7. through the Ministry s Forests for Tomorrow program..Western Canada s longest established independently owned brewery made the commitment at a planting ceremony at its Prince George brewery today along with Honourable Pat Bell BC Minister of Forests and Range Honourable Rich Coleman BC Minister of Housing and Social Development the minister responsible for the BC Liquor Distribution Branch customers representatives of the local community and brewery staff..We are very pleased to partner with the Ministry of Forests and Range to replace trees that have been lost to fires or pine beetle.


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