Two new posts coming.. but for now, take a moment for some rather tragic,comic relief

By now, you’ve heard it a million times… Obama killed Osama. But say it often enough and suddenly you’ve got Osama hot on the trail of Obama… : )  It’s funny  and embaressing enough when it happens to us regular folks, but what about when you are the one reading the news?

Sent to me last night by a friend in the biz, a national Global anchor, Carolyn Jarvis, repeatedly substitutes ‘Obama’ instead of ‘Osama’ while reading the news… and ends up the being the butt of jokes and  the target of wrath by our American neighbours on ” The View ”

Stay tuned for posts later, after I have both my sick children, napping!

4 thoughts on “Two new posts coming.. but for now, take a moment for some rather tragic,comic relief

  1. heh, heh, heh.

    It’s quite interesting how many people have made the comment to me since the killing of how they think Bin Laden has been dead for a LONG time and this announcement has been timed for some political purpose. Conspiracy theorists, or jaded by government being less than truthful in the past? You decide.

    Thanks, as always, Laila . . . .

  2. Oh dear – well people sit on the edge of their seats apparently every time I introduce myself as Bernadette No trucking Freeway Keenan, waiting for me to get that wrong, but I never have. I can also say “I don’t want a trucking freeway – I want an frucking treeway” with out mishap, but not more than once and I have to think about it.
    Thanks Laila – funny how there is humour – albeit black at times (no pun intended) in almost every situation.

  3. Ray Blessin

    You know what would have been really something?

    If the guys that executed Osama had instead “taken him into custody”.

    Now, THAT would have been something.

    1. Laila

      I agree Ray and West End Bob ( nice to see your name on the comments board again! Hope you are doing well downtown! )

      Considering how many times the US and others have allegedly killed or claimed Bin Laden was dead…. it makes it incredibly hard to beleive the US suddenly found and killed him conveniently when Obama has been coming under heat for a variety of issues. Yes, Osama in custody would have been something to see!

      Haha Bernadette and congratulations on running a good campaign! Sometimes we have to take a break a laugh a little( although I am sure Ms.Jarvis would prefer this to all go away -eek! All you can do is laugh and move on. It’s an honest error… what makes it exceptional is how many times she repeated said error! I just wonder if it was the teleprompter that was wrong, or her own error. )

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