3 thoughts on “The protest that never happened- full story below.

  1. Brilliant! Reeks of desperation and that blind ambition you spoke of Laila. By the way, great job bringing us the ongoing Lumby story. Much appreciated that you care about so many.


  2. Well, the Lumby rally got some Mainstream press:
    MLA Eric Foster didn’t like our protest in Penticton. He said “It’s not fair to people in the village who voted for it,”


    Well it wasn’t fair for then Mayor Eric Foster to go looking for a prison in 2008 on behalf of a some “local residents” and then keep his study secret from the rest of the community for the next year.

    It wasn’t fair of Eric Foster to watch Mayor Acton pretend that the prison was just some new thing they thought up in 2010.

    It wasn’t fair to let people think there was some kind of debate going on! It was already arranged.

    It wasn’t fair and it was the height of arrogance to let people believe it was a fair process when Mayor and Council and their crony’s already had the whole thing planned behind closed doors – secret in-camera meetings just not so secret for the Yes group was it?

    Local residents asked then Mayor Eric Foster to look into a prison for Lumby in 2008 – he did that and Gordon Campbell asked Mayor Acton to “shop it round”. Deception leads to protest – the referendum was a sham – done to make Mr Foster and Mayor Acton look like they were playing fair – Well – they didn’t play fair – the No vote played fair – We got way more people voting NO even though you and your crony’s had 2 years to LINE up support.


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