A clear case of the pot calling the kettle black.

 “The NDP may be divided, they may be fighting amongst themselves, they may have dangerous ideas that would drag this province backwards, but, as I said, they are hungry – they are hungry for power and they are determined to beat us.”

 ~ Christy Clark, speaking to delegates in her keynote address at the BC Liberal convention in Penticton.

56 thoughts on “A clear case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  1. They have dangerous ideas: a miniscule increase in taxes for multinational companies, support for the poor and low-income seniors, saving us from the Libs’ destruction of our environment and food supply. those are dangerous alright – to Christy


  2. the very absolute worse under an NDP gov’t would be a province circulating in the socio-economic -environmental cesspool created by the BC Liberals…however, at least we would know how these criminals raped our dear province and perhaps send a few to prison.


  3. Reminds me of the old days when WAC Bennett campaigned on the fear of commies under our beds. Don’t think I will be able sleep tonight from worry so much that a nasty commie snuck under my bed since the last time I checked.


  4. “they are hungry for power and they are determined to beat us”

    Okay, there’s the point to target. A group of people running for office because they do not like the way it’s being run now – it’s not about power or being motivated to beat the opponent. The opposition has to identify how the above is false for them and look at the bigger picture and not just across the aisle.

    Thanks for bringing the quote out Laila!


  5. I happened to find the whole dang thing on YouTube. 16:50 of the link is the beginning of your quote.

    As a fan of the BCLibs, I just shake my head at some of these comments. I’ve heard the whole speech. I would very simply say that this speech, especially at was meant for the people who have read “Barbarians In the Garden City” crowd. As in the people who remember the BCNDP are NOT a solution, NOT unified like the BCLibs, and NOT running towards the middle.

    Polite reminder and I’ll stop at this: After the years of Thatcher & Major, Labor in the UK had to be New Labor and go to the centre. Adrian Dix is the left-wing anti-Tony Blair totally lacking in morality, guts and moxie. The BC Conservatives is led by a bigot.


    1. Josef, you and I both know the Liberals aren’t as unified as the present to the public, so don’t even go there. Yes, they will forge along under this mockery of a leader and yes they will do what they can to stay in power, but the Liberals have had ten years to show us they are the solution. In those ten years, they have only given us – British Columbians- a plethora of problems it may take an entire generation to mend.

      I recall a thread on my facebook profile where I attempted educate you about what effect the changes Christy brought in as Education minister, had on children with special needs, and the education system as a whole.
      I directed you to facts, not spin, on her cuts in the ministry for Children and Families. To no avail it appears. Families First is all about trying to lose the image she gained when she last made an appearance in government. She championed against bullies while on CKNW, but the sad fact is the last time she was in government, she was a huge bully to the childen and parents who suffered as a result of her careless choices, ask any parent whose child needs an SEA and doesn’t fit the ministry guidelines.

      My source at the Liberal convention says that the members want to clean house and are upset with over half the caucus. Word travels. They don’t like Christy and this is not one big happy party – no name change can fix what is wrong here.

      Spot on the BC conservative leader though. Take care Josef.


  6. My favourite quote of Ms. Clark’s of all time comes from the Fall of 2005.

    By that time her Premierness had quit provincial politics for reasons that the proMedia have never, to my satisfaction, chased down sufficiently. She had also been wacked up the side of the head by the NPA membership when she tried to parachute into 12th & Cambie from PoCo. It was also before she officially became one of PK’s High Flyers who would soon be installed, kill button-in-hand, as a screecher at CKNW.

    But that didn’t mean that Ms. Clark still couldn’t get gigs as one of those useless partisan barkers on things like the not-so Giant98’s coverage of Sam Sullivan’s James (notJim) Green-assisted mayoral victory in November of that year.

    And this is what she said, derisively, when Mike Smyth raised the spectre of the ‘Big Green Bus’:

    “You can’t steal an election in a democracy!”

    Now, just think about that statement for a moment.

    And then think of the bag lunches at the polling booth the other day.


    Does this mean that Ms. Clark actually thinks, deep in her soul, that anything goes and nothing is off-side as long as you win?

    And Laila….while you might be able lead a Troll to water, you can’t stop him from drinking the Kool-Aid and spewing it all over your readers if you engage him as occurred recently over at Sean Holman’s place



  7. Lalia, I know you’re an independent. We’ll see what happens. Hope for the best. Sad that you can either vote for two serious parties: Centre-of-Right coalition led by a leader w/ yes, a controversial past or far-left wing moonbats who are pro-crime, pro-drug legalization and can’t figure out where they stand on something as simple as free speech.

    Oh and RossK… be civil or the BC Liberal Green Man just might show up again on your blog. I already told the guy to knock it off today via PublicEyeOnline… for now. Go Canucks!


  8. Laila, I realize we live in a democracy and everyone is invited to submit a comment on your site. I have followed your articles since becoming aware of your blog over a year ago. Along with your comments I enjoy the comments by BC residents expressing how they really feel.
    However, now that a troll has infected your site, I must say honestly that I am disappointed. He will only take up space and offer BS over & over again. For me, it only destroys what I’ve always felt was an adult & informative blog.

    Good Luck Laila,

    Guy in Victoria


    1. I understand where you are coming from Guy, but have no fear. I know Josef understands the way I run my site and I am confident he won’t cross the line past civil discourse with me or my other readers. One always has the choice to ignore what they do not wish to read or see, and that I leave up to my readers. I only delete comments/language that is obscene, off-colour, contain libel or…. well you know how I operate and I think that speaks for itself . I believe free speech is not conditional – meaning liberal, ndp, or other, everyone is free to comment here. As long as they behave like the adults we all are.

      RossK, that certainly is a telling quote you have there! And Christy clearly believes she is in a league of her own, where only her rules apply. Smoke and mirrors.

      Watch out Norm, you might find an NDP’er under your bed tonight !! ; )


  9. Quote: “…..they may have dangerous ideas that would drag this province backwards….”

    Strange we have had over 9 years of dangerous ideas in this province, from selling provincial infrastructure, such as BC Rail to political friends at a fire-sale price to driving drunk, coz maybe my g/f is preggers?!

    Crusty Clark is an evil bit of work, who believes her manifest destiny is the rule BC, no Canada, no the world!


  10. Thanks Lalia. I really have seen this response lately by the BCNDP partisans to try to stifle linkspeak conversation from me. As long as the attacks are fair and not at moderators like say Sean Holman it’s just sadly par for the course by mean BCNDP. Frankly I was thinking of just bugging out for a while.

    I’ll save my Mary Polak Maneuver – hard hit with mega-bouquet of facts delivered with tactics not tact – for others. Ditto to the Alise Mills Playbook, the Kevin Falcon buzz, the Rich Coleman bodyslam, et al.


    1. Yes, well Josef, clearly you haven’t been hit by the Blonde Bomber. ; )
      And for the record, the only maneuvre Mary Polak has that could be classified a hard hit would likely involve a martini glass. Ba da Bing.

      Evil Eye, couldn’t say it better. Campbell sold us up the river – literally – and mortgaged the province – and our childrens future- to boot.

      This is a stepping stone to Ottawa for her and remember, she lived in that little bubble of reality while on the air at NW? Getting in touch with the people, hearing what people want? I mean, before they were screened for their views or she pushed the button to cut them off…


  11. Well Laila this is the same Mary Polak that can shake and bake w/ the best of ’em (2nd half) and did **wrongfully** cut the Avro Arrow for Autism called EIBI. When the evidence came in that EIBI removal was an “absolute, incredible disaster”* of PacifiCat-size proportions, this hard core libertarian didn’t turn around. Now she gets to play w/ the Natives which rather like her libertarianism hot. But please don’t get me started on Harry Bloy who is a Boy Scout sadly given too much responsibility. Even I as a fan have my limits.

    I do agree we will see Prime Minister Christy Clark, MP in our lifetime. But only if there’s a Fed Lib party left for her to lead. But then again, no Premier has became Prime Minister. Yet.

    *The famous phrase Gordon Campbell used to describe the PacifiCatastrophe. Yeah, I don’t hold back from time to time.


  12. Josef, I do not know if you were out of country this last Ten years. But if you agree with with the BC Rail sale and all the corruption that went with it,And Christy Clarks role in it. The violation of human rights code as far as the B.C. teachers right to bargin. Cost over run of the Convention Center, The hinted Cost over runs of the new roof. The Sale of the Fast Cats for pennies on the dollar to the Washington group, Who resold them for a profit of millions of dollars. I could go on but maybe you could answer me this, how did a Top secret document get in the hands of Bruce Clark when the only people who had access to them were Gordo and Christy Clark. I think she should be in jail not in the primers office. All flash and no substance is our Christy


  13. and what about billions of dollars spent on projects promoting fossil fuel dependency that will lead to net increases of greenhouse gases over the set target amounts in particular the South Fraser freeway that is supposed to be for relieving traffic congestion, when in fact in most of the areas it will be located there is no traffic now and there would never be any except for the fact that they are building the freeway.


  14. JK is clearly a pabster and has zero credibility with anyone who was unfortunate enough to give him any shrift at all. Is there any way to isolate his drivel so as not to contaminate yet another beyond excellent blog forum.

    Both he/she/it and CC have been living inside their rose coloured bubble for so long that they are actually starting to think their pervarications and obfuscations carry weight with the informed public.



    1. Josef is American- not canadian,and doesn’t even live here, so truly his views are irrelevent other than it is always interesting to see just how many American supporters the BC Liberals attract.


  15. Re: Josef

    And perhaps, how he/she manages to get his/her jollies – being of an indeterminate species and given his/her worship (ugh!!!) of Crusty Clark and Mary Polak !!!!



  16. Laila, besides this quote, my wish is the whole province reads your story on Christy and her love of Manswers. https://lailayuile.com/2011/02/27/christy-clark-new-premier-ex-talk-show-host-and-the-woman-who-loves-to-find-out-if-you-can-fart-in-a-bottle-and-save-it-for-later/

    Yes, this is the person who is steering the ship now, my friends, read and weep:

    Christy Clark doesn’t watch a lot of TV. But when she does, she wants quality. Which is why her favourite show at the moment is MANswers. ( http://www.spike.com/shows/manswers * warning explicit content on this site – LY)

    “You’ve never heard of it?” she said, somewhat astounded. “It’s on Spike TV.”

    The CKNW hotline radio host flips to a deep, manly man’s announcer voice.

    “‘How big do boobs have to be before they can crush a beer can? Stay tuned! MANswers, coming up next!’ Stuff like that.”

    She laughs, then switches back to the deep voice. “‘Can you fart in a bottle and save it later for your friends?’ ‘Can poo save your life?’ Then they’ll go to commercial break, and it’s always in that voice. It’s totally tantalizing, you can’t wait to find out.

    “Then they have some guy on who’s a gastroenterologist from Stanford or a physicist from Stanford, real people with real credentials and they’re on MANswers doing tests determining how large each breast would actually have to be in order to crush a beer can. And if it’s a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer can, does it crush quicker than something else?

    “And these are, like, real people. It’s fantastic.

    There you have it folks. Christy Clark loves Manswers and you know that is going to secure a lot of votes in the He-man, frat boy, beer bong demographic. Straight from the archives of the Sport Section. But you will have to click on the link to find out her other weird( ??) habit.

    Now scroll down for a real story.

    Hehehe. My apologies for putting it here again, but this is too good to not drag out again.


  17. Yalia, I’m not attacking YOU per se when I say this. But to most of the people down here… this is what I have to say to you:

    You ever wonder why the BCNDP posts most of the comments and yet loses even a by-election they should have statistically won & almost did… well then listen to yourselves talk. Go ahead, listen to yourselves talk. Mean, spiteful and oh BTW your candidate in Vancouver-Point Grey co-authored a guide on how to SUE the police while your party is under investigation by the Information & Privacy Commish for a dangerous request for social media passwords while your party is under a leader more derisive, divisive than Alise Mills + Mary Polak + Kevin Falcon in attack mode combined. Oh and after two general elections and one BCLib leadership campaign where BCRail was raised, those who raised the $1 Billion lease of all but the right-of-way haven’t won yet.

    Then you wonder why the BCNDP is NOT an election-winning alternative? There’s your answer. I am an Aspergian so I’ve had to learn the hard way to listen to me before I speak, not after. Perhaps the BCNDP could use some help in that area.

    Say, that said, my counsel isn’t that all welcome here. I have other things to do than be towed behind the SS Yalia and take target practice for the BCNDP team. But I hope I was relatively thoughtful against the incivility of BCNDP forces. If fired upon, I just might come back. Sad to see the left so intolerant…..


    1. Yalia?? SS Yalia? Josef….

      Clarification for readers : Aspergian = an individual who has Aspergers, a form of autism. I like the Aspergian title, Josef, much better than Aspie, as many refer to themselves as.

      Bottom line is that whatever the issues the NDP may or may not have, most of BC is so fed up with ten years of Campbell, the HST, Christy,and the environmental issues they brought forth, that a Liberal win in a general election is plausible, but IMO, highly unlikely. Christy is losing ground across BC, not gaining, and her second in command Falcon is likely one of the most hated people in BC besides Campbell.

      And honestly, Josef? Having an American championing the Liberal MLA’s people dislike most really doesn’t do much to endear them to anyone. In fact, it likely makes people reading dislike them even more!


  18. …… it is always interesting to see just how many American supporters the BC Liberals attract.

    What’s not to like about the Campbell/Christy Family for any patriotic American? With a few more years of BC liaR rule (or LINO representing corporate interests) Accenture (who also saw the value in a name change after engineering Enron), Maximus, GE in their Plutonic guise and the rest of the same corporate pigs currently destroying the failing nation to the south will own the deed to the ranch called British Columbia, lock, stock and barrel.

    It always makes me laugh to read or hear statements like the lead to this post by Crusty about the “Socialist Hordes” and the “Hell of the Nineties” etc. etc. ad infinitum. From my point of view the only centrist premier or even center right premier of BC since I’ve been in these parts was that Harcourt so-called Commie. VZ was a populist with radical outdated social/religious views and a inability to discern the difference between eithics and the appearance of ethics. Bennett the Lesser was an alcoholic, stock swindling white collar criminal. Glen Clark was a passionate motivated man who I find hard to even label since the Great Gord and his minions in the press managed to confuse the issue, and now he seems to fit well into the corporate world.

    The two greatest premiers in the time I’ve been in this province are first – Davy Barrett (the alleged Marxist-Leninist Commie) who in three short years managed to implement policy like the ALR that we benefit from to this day, in spite of the attacks by the Campbell crew in general and John Les in particular, in spite of a constant siege by the combined forces of Howe Street, Bay Street and Wall Street until he was gone.

    Then we come to the greatest SOCIALIST premier, the father of Bennett the Lesser, W.A.C. who despite his overblown rhetoric about the socialist hordes at the gate, spent twenty years nationalizing BC Rail, BC Hydro and BC Ferries and generally building infrastructure to benefit the entire province and help it grow. Admittedly there was inside baseball crap going on with those who made fortunes by knowing where new highways would be going and other such stuff that seems to happen in almost any government with a strong and long enough mandate (think Mulroney, adscam and all the way back to the great John A.).

    The entire last ten years under the so-called Liberals of Campbell and now Christy the vacuous can be summed up as an ongoing disassembly of all the W.A.C. built to benefit the few that are part of their group at the expense of the rest of us. Yet A*******s all over the province and even from the failing nation like Josef think our biggest fear should be that the NDP might get another kick at the can. Sometimes I feel like I live in a society of people(?) who were all home schooled by idiots.

    BTW, I wonder how Christy felt at Penticton when her coming out party was attended (and not as observers like Horgan) by the likes of Doris….ooops, I mean Stockwell Day and associates. As a life long Fed Lib that must make her a bit nervous. For me it just proves who the BC Libs REALLY are and represent. Maybe for their name change they should just go with Conservative, definitely without the Progressive (one of the most honest acts of the Harper evul coalition) as thanks to Cummins tactless ignorant statements, he has no use for it anymore. They may as well grab it while it is available before some other dingbat grabs it and hey Cons are popular these days didja hear? Yup Harper got his coveted MAJORITY, even though over sixty percent of those who voted still don’t like him and less than a quarter of eligible voters selected him or his local zombie.


  19. Campbell lied twice to be re-elected, for two different elections. The BCR wasn’t for sale. The HST wasn’t on his radar. Toss in the small provincial deficit regarding the recession, Campbell and Hansen swore to, while the rest of the globe crashed???

    I have lost count how many BC Liberal, ministers have been under investigation , during Campbell’s time in office. I have actually forgotten. The BC Liberals aren’t known as, the BC Liberal crime family for nothing.

    Campbell’s corrupt sale of the BCR trial, was a total farce. The theft case, was tried in a corrupt court. Presided over by a corrupt judge, who favored brain dead witnesses. The police are corrupt, Elections BC is corrupt. There is nothing in this province, that isn’t corrupt. The Liberals, even have a propaganda media machine working for them.

    The HST not being on Campbell and Hansen’s radar election lie. Well, turned out, the HST radar papers were sitting on Hansen’s desk, before the BC election. Hansen finally had to admit that. Those HST radar papers went to Harper, faster than the speed of light. P.M. Harper, Campbell and Hansen, colluded on the HST before the election. Campbell works for Harper, and all of the BC Liberals, backed Campbell up, including Christy.

    The BC Liberals have been a litany of, lies, deceit, corruption, criminal charges, thefts, arrogance, dirty tactics, full of, hate, spite, malice and so vindictive, their sanity is suspect. Decent people don’t behave as the BC Liberals do.

    Christy’s photo shoot right outside the election hall, campaigning the people going in to vote…I see that as underhanded, but, not surprising.


  20. “Christy’s photo shoot right outside the election hall, campaigning the people going in to vote…I see that as underhanded, but, not surprising.”

    Underhanded and against the law!
    Josef. No-one here has been unkind to you. Annoyed, but not abusive.
    “Sad to see the left so intolerant…..” Sad to see the arguement you put forth, really sad. As for the SS Yalia comment… you are not making sense. We all have read your comments at PublicEyeOnline, exactly why I don’t bother reading there anymore. You seem to be thinking with the wrong muscle…


  21. Does any one know if a formal complaint against Christy and her sandwiches has been filed. Not that anyone actually believes that Craig James at electionsBC will deal with the matter as required by law but, the violation is a serious one and should be on record.
    If Christy has such a desire to handout sandwiches she should stock up and take a walk through any city in BC and hand out sandwiches to the homeless (maybe Ida Chong has a few sandwich makings and could accompany her – Ida owes the people of BC some food in exchange for feeding her so well on expenses over the last year)


  22. Kim;

    As to the SS Yalia, I refer to internet sites as ships. Ships that sail to deliver a cargo to a desitination. Hope this explains.

    To the rest of ya;

    Had the BCNDP hired Farnworth, I think people would be tired of Miss Christy Happy and Miss Mary Happy very liquitedy quick. But now because of Dix’s War on Capitalism, people will rightfully vote BCLib. We know how this dance ends either way…

    Since so many scream about BCRail… sometime I would like to see a thoughtful, non-polemic explanation how $1 Billion from CN for BCRail to gov’t coffers was SUCH a bad thing. Did service go down? Why didn’t it cost a few Liberal MLAs their seats in 2005 & 2009? Isn’t it time to find other issues like say cost-of-living pressures or funding EIBI?


  23. Who in the hell is that Josef? There are places for people like him. Isn’t there enough crap going on in his own country?

    I know the Americans like the BC Liberals, they want our clean drinking water and our oil. No-one told the Americans, if they pollute their watersheds, well, they didn’t realized they couldn’t drink oil. Strangely, the Americans don’t have any use for Harper. They said, he was arrogant, petty, and impossible to work with. They even said, Harper’s election win was rigged. The Americans are dead set against the N.A.U. Like, they are blaming Canada for the N.A.U? Canadians want to keep our country, sovereign and free. Since when did we ever want the N.A.U?

    Harper is going ahead with the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty oil tankers from China. That has been approved. Campbell and Harper were working to force this through. Campbell and Harper were also working, to drill oil and gas wells off BC’s coast, that we can also expect. Harper also left the back door open for the expansion of Prosperity mine. That can be reapplied for. Rafe has said, blood will be spilled over the atrocities of the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty oil tankers in our beautiful coast.

    There are thousands of citizens, absolutely furious. We were aware, Harper is giving Canada to the giant wealthy corporations. Jack Layton said, these huge corporations, are given billions of our tax dollars. Harper just gave these big outfits, another tax reduction.

    There can be no doubt now, we are living in a fascist, dictatorship regime. Jack Layton is virtually powerless, to stop Harper’s insanity. I do have to admit, I doubt, Harper won the election, on the up and up either.


  24. GJW – you need to go back to the psycho ward. IMMEDIATELY. Spare us the conspiracy, nutter whacko talk. Thank you.

    P.J. – thanks but I think this needs to be said – especially in the wake of GJW’s nuttyness: “If we amplify everything we hear nothing. There are terrorists and racists and Stalinists and theocrats but those are titles that must be earned. You must have the resume.” (SOURCE or a bit after 4:11 of this YouTube.)

    Too many in the BCNDP amplify everything. I have spent 11 years studying them on & off, the past 2 years really, truly going after them after I saw how far they’d go after my role model Gordon Campbell. Yes, I’m that 12% that thinks the guy is totally cool, wicked geeky, was right to shift taxes to carbon, gets the BCLibabes, stopped those high polluting fast ferries BOTH the BCNDP & BCLibs couldn’t sell except at a fire sale, and said being liberal meant saving bucks while defending community. Yes, the BCLibs have made mistakes – would you like a list? – but overall they built infrastructure, capped education & health spending during the have-not days the BCNDP created.

    I will conclude with this thought: When we amplify hearing, we cannot hear the requests for genuine help. Help for those who truly need it, not government unions. Help for the environment, not for to give the next Alise Mills or Bill Tieleman talking points – and I gotta lotta gaga for both of ’em. Help for the cops, not the David Ebys who demonize them. I could go on but I am just going to cut through the Beyond Stupid for all the autistics up there who need an Excalibur, a last best hope… FOCUS ON WHAT YOU CAN FIX, GOVERNMENT IN WAITING.

    Thank you.


  25. Yes Priscilla, I think you are correct, but who pays him? Washington Marine Group? Seaspan? WaMu or CIBC World Markets?

    Norm has a good point. We all write Elections BC, Elections Canada and then what, the queen? I wrote my MLA and asked him. I will post a reply when I get one.


    1. Ok, ok, let’s not degenerate to name-calling – we come from all over the political spectrum and simply, we agree to disagree. Right and Left are on opposite sides for a reason. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The Liberals formerly known as old Socreds would be much better off returning to a true Liberal background. The NDP would do well to edge away from the hard left edge, IMO. It’s neither here nor there, because perception is everything and that is what attracts or repels voters at the polls. Which is why the Liberals are considering a name change- public perception.

      Right now in BC , it’s getting more and more embaressing every day Christy is leader, to admit to being a Liberal.


  26. Josef, I respect your right to your opinion, and I really didn’t want to get into it with you, but when you admit that “Yes, the BCLibs have made mistakes…” ask ” – would you like a list?” and then provide at least a partial list ” – but overall they built infrastructure, capped education & health spending….” well I am impressed, much as I was with Christy Clark’s definition of backwards. As for attributing the creation of have not days to the NDP – excuse me, but under who’s watch did these “tough economic times” occur? The BC Liberals’ watch that’s who. It is so easy for them to take credit when things are going well, but they are not so quick to accept responsibility when things go wrong – then the finger pointing starts and correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t it only now under the Liberals that our deficit is hitting new record highs or is that lows? Expenses for some of those infra-structure projects is going to put this province into debt for generations and after they build a toll bridge that people avoid like the plague so that debt repayment is stretching out even longer how do they respond… build another of those money losing ventures. The infrastructure project that is actually meeting or exceeding revenue projections, is Canada Line, a transit, transportation solution, but instead of running out and investing in more of those, the Liberals hamstring TransLink financially at every turn and frustrate all the Mayors, and citizens South of the Fraser who are crying for more transit by indulging in studies and making promises to deliver trains, which studies show would currently cost a fraction of the new bridge, and buses after the expensive bridge and Freeway projects are complete. Then of course transit and trains which will reduce the car traffic over the new Port Mann toll Bridge will make it even harder for that infrastructure to pay for itself.

    Next to make sure it is really easy for people to get away from tolls on the Port Mann to other free options like the Patullo , Alex Fraser and Massey tunnel the Liberals push through the South Fraser Freeway – a project that is supposedly being built for eliminating traffic, but wait is proposed for places where there often isn’t any traffic now. A project that will cost further billions of $$$’s, future generations will have to pay for; a project promoting fossil fuel dependency that will result in a net increase in Green house gases making that carbon tax look more and more like Liberal lip service to dealing with Climate change and finally a project that is extremely environmentally destructive.

    Which leads right into your next point. “When we amplify hearing, we cannot hear the requests for genuine help. Help for those who truly need it … Help for the environment…” That little list you provided is why the environment, along with many of our most vulnerable, citizens needs help.


  27. I can’t help but think, who got us into this mess in the first place? Joe average worker and his family? The waitress, the cop, the teacher, the nurse, and the list goes on? No, it was the global corporations who “manufactured” this whole financial mess, yet they still rake in billions and billions, pay huge bonuses to the “top elite” and we blame the frickin ndp? Wow! They haven’t been in power for 10 years, and never federally. Personally, my best years were in the 90’s.
    Oh and Josef, look what Bush x 2 have left behind? Subprime mortgages, trillions in debt. Talk about brainwashed by the elite right winged media, the IMF and those corporate entities.
    I feel sorry for Obama. Try and clean up the trillions left behind by these corpations, who by the way continue to make billions after the government (i.e. taxpayers bailed them out) and continue to rape the land, outsource everything to third world countries (cheap labour).. The Dems in the US have to try and clean up the mess left behind by the right winged elites.
    Back to BC, I don’t think the liberals track record is what I would call “good money managers.” We’re poorer now than we’ve ever been, young people can’t get decent paying, full-time employment, families are having a very rough time. In a province as rich as ours, this is shameful and reflects the priorities of this government, and it isn’t for the citizens of this province.


  28. Bernadette, then Curt.

    Bernadette: Remember 2000-2004 when BC slipped into have-not status because the BCNDP blew a big hole in the economy? That’s what I meant. The current economic recession is – as Curt wants to note – the Wall Street & Freddie Mae & Fannie Mac implosions. At least Premier Campbell and his team did what they could w/ the 2010 Olympics. If only the BCNDP had a leader who supported it 100%, said that Glen Clark started the application process and heck by mid-June 2011 Luongo will have 1 Olympic Gold & 1 Stanley ring…

    That said, sadly, most people aren’t going to give up their autos just yet (I never got one thanks to disability). But today, as if on cue, “Premier Christy Clark announced $870,000 in provincial funding for the development of the world’s first small-scale hydrogen liquefaction plant to be built in North Vancouver. Innovation like this by B.C. companies shows why the province is and will remain a world-centre for hydrogen and fuel cell technology,” said Premier Christy Clark. “We will continue to champion made-in-B.C. hydrogen, electricity, and natural gas as clean, green fuels of the future for B.C. families.”” That’s the 20-50 year long energy game my friends. Not petrol and hopefully while China takes Alberta oil to prevent future “blood for oil” fiascoes… BC & WA work together to fuel the future w/ algae for Boeing planes & fuel cells for cars (I did NOT make this up). So bravo zulu to Premier CC, who also is – and I think wrongfully since this fractures the BCLib Coalition – looking into diverting carbon tax offsets to mass transit. Yes, the environment needs help – but this Premier is on top of it. You can’t slap a tanker moratorium – it won’t work when you’ve got Alaska crude going down to Anacortes & Bellingham, Washington past you while you torque off Alberta & make enemies in the business community. You can’t just stop building roads. But you can change the debate to change the energy sources – as then-Governor Sarah Palin did in Alaska mandating Alaska go from 25% to 50% renewable by 2025, shift taxes onto carbon and invest in mass transit. Those are my kind of free-market ideas that will save the planet a heck of a lot more than a spiteful, mean tanker moratorium that won’t work or just stop building bridges.

    Curt, as to, “Oh and Josef, look what Bush x 2 have left behind? Subprime mortgages, trillions in debt. Talk about brainwashed by the elite right winged media, the IMF and those corporate entities.” No, I’m not brainwashed thank you very little. But I blame the subprimes (aka Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae) just as much on the corporate Republicans as I do the socialist Democrats. At least the Yanks took out ACORN which really helped the latter, now if only President Obama or a Republican nominee (not all of them are corporate like Romney or er, um, former candidate Trump) would stand up to the former.

    Feel free to ask for clarification. I am very sleepy and hopefully made sense.


  29. Joseph,

    You are full of BS – go peddle it somewhere else, like back in the USA.

    We, in British Columbia, neither need or want you erroneuous comments and obviously distorted view of what is happening here, since you don’t seem to understand Canadian english too well.

    Just be a good litlle boy and run off and do your meddling in your own country – OK. You are not appreciated at all and get no brownie points for being a real useless a**ehole.

    Thank you.


  30. Thank you Laila.
    Being a resource province, and the asian crisis of the 90’s which created huge problems for our economy, I don ‘t believe the ndp did such a poor job under the circumstances. You look at the economy from 01 to 09, supposedly good times, why has our provincial debt skyrocketed? And they can’t even tell us the truth there. Not on the books. (creative accounting) Olympics? We’ll be paying for them for years and years and years to come. Crown corporations being manipulated so they can privatize them, sell them out from under us. Tolls. And your good work on the “shadow tolls”. What are we payingfor those??? I hope and pray that people will think long and hard of what this government has done to this province, to the seniors, the kids, the families, the disabled, the poor, the workers. The increase in day to day, month to month living expenses. MSP, tolls, hydro, carbon tax, etc. I hope they remember the “not on the radar” HST. Seniors being separated. Government not allowing seniors to go home by appointing a govt trustee to force the family out of their parent’s life and decision making. I hope they remember all of it come election time. I hope under the next ndp government, and we should demand it, there is a full and complete forensic audit done of all government accounts/ministries. That to me, would be well worth the money. I hope, depending on that audit, charges are laid if criminal behaviour is found.
    This government has been the worst one in history, in my opinion. At least Bennett knew what resources we had and built on those for the “public” good.


  31. In the past, I have tried to reason with everyone, even those who constantly utter nonsense with utter conviction.

    Alas, I have come to the conclusion that there really is no point, especially when they spout demonstrable falsehoods willingly, and with malice aforethought, to, as Priscilla noted above, ‘muddy the waters’.


    Because it only makes things worse and gives these people a forum to utter even more gibberish.

    Thus, over at my place I now have a simple, straightforward policy of Troll removal.



  32. I am not surprised the BCNDP and its lapdogs like RossK are anti-free speech. In fact a real liberal of a man in Nick Simons had to see the Information & Privacy Commissoner’s protection from the BCNDP bureaucracy. Her investigation is currently ongoing and she has already warned the BCNDP a court order may be necessary.

    That said, Lalia as to the whole 10-part details of the BCNDP disaster of being a have-not province read this for yourself and note the criticism of the BCLibs for supply-side economics & tax cuts before spending cuts as well. This is not muddying the waters or codswallop, it’s just plain out and outright true and balanced. Only greedy BCNDP forces would say otherwise… I hope you read the whole thing as I have.

    Thank you.


  33. Josef, I’m really surprised that you would even suggest that some one should go to a “rubber room” considering that I’ve always assumed you are sitting at a keyboard located in one yourself……sorry Laila, but jeeeeeeezzzzzzzz.

    Anyway as to:

    Since so many scream about BCRail… sometime I would like to see a thoughtful, non-polemic explanation how $1 Billion from CN for BCRail to gov’t coffers was SUCH a bad thing. Did service go down? Why didn’t it cost a few Liberal MLAs their seats in 2005 & 2009

    Obviously you really aren;’t paying attention. Laila, BC Mary, myself and many others have been SCREAMING for years to see the oversize ONE BILLION DOLLAR CHEQUE photo op or see the details of the STILL SECRET deal that we hoped would finally be brought out in court, until the trial was basically bought off and shut down.

    Indeed Josef, due to some completely stupid contingency agreements based on transfer of tax liabilities and the BC Government, (in a stunning exhibition of business smarts right up there with signing binding IPP contracts to buy power nobody needs for up to ten times its value and then selling at a loss), agreeing to not only guarantee to cover the potential tax liabilities but actually pay interest on the outstanding balance to the point that in the end the taxpayers of BC may actually PAY CN to steal our railraod. You should actually check some facts before you pretend to be some kind of expert. Also your country is even more f**ked up than ours, though with Spiteful Steve running the show I’m confident we’ll catch up soon, so maybe you should be concentrating your “expertise” of saving the nation that might go into default any day now……..


  34. kootcoot, when you have a blog that compares a Conservative to a fascist demagogue, that makes debate impossible and unfeasabile. I clicked your link.



  35. Well Josef, I read the article you pointed us to. There was alot going on back then – Japan etc. Then I wondered who is David Bond? So I did a bit of research and found that David Bond is a senior fellow with the Canada West Foundation. So I wondered, who is this Canada West Foundation? http://cwf.ca/about-us/ and who belongs:
    http://cwf.ca/about-us/board-of-directors and then there is this link: http://cwf.ca/_product_16299/British_Columbia_Extraordinary_Future_Dinner_Featuring_BC_Premier_Christy_Clark

    Well, I guess that explains alot in my opinion.


  36. So Curt, you agree that David Bond is being truthful?

    Oh and there’s nothing wrong w/ a group whose mission is, “A leading source of strategic insight, conducting and communicating non-partisan economic and public policy research of importance to the four western provinces and all Canadians.

    Our mandate is to explore public policy issues of particular interest to western Canadians, to test national policies against regional aspirations and to ensure an effective regional voice in national policy discussions and the national political process.”

    Oh and they support a tax increase… really. Perhaps because you agree with the original report of BCNDP excess, you want to debate the source!!!


  37. I swear that Josef Must be a Tea Bagger (you know the American Political Movement that quote journalistic opinion pieces like they were facts) and realizes the closest political party to them in Canada are the BC Liberals. Josef, everyone who disagrees with you (and on just about every occasion proves you wrong) isn’t a member of the NDP “socialist horde” but you seem to be a mosquito troll (the type that is just annoying and never seems to go away) judging by how many blogs you frequent with your BS. Do you do this just to rattle everyone’s chains because there is no way you could believe in what you say unless you’re demented? They worry about Al Queda in the United States when they should also worry about people like you because if you believe in what you post you are a bigger threat to true democracy than any radical Muslim.


  38. Josef, I came across a response (which you would have seen) from a guy in Vic who had this in response to your CFW -David Bond link. Unfortunately he didn’t post a link. Hopefully he will.

    “Of the 52 years the NDP has formed governments in Canada since 1980, they’ve run balanced budgets for exactly half of those years and deficits the other half. This is a better record than both the Conservatives (balanced budgets 37% of years in government) and the Liberals (only 27%), as well as both Social Credit and PQ governments.
    It’s not just the number of years of balance that is relevant: it’s also the size of the deficits or surpluses that are important. For this, the most important figure is the size of deficits as a share of GDP.
    For this measure as well, NDP governments have the best record. The average balance (deficit) as a share of provincial GDP for the 52 years of NDP governments in Canada is -0.77%, compared to -1.82% for all Liberal governments and -0.82% for all Conservative governments over the past thirty years.”


  39. JonH, eyes roll.

    Curt, I just replied to GuyinVic. Notice he didn’t say BCNDP and he didn’t refute the report in any substantive way. A report written that had constructive criticism of the BCLibs, a report written in a nonpartisan way and a report whose facts aren’t being refuted. Sometimes less said is more so enuf said.


  40. This cartoon reminds me of the current BC Liberals. Unfortunately you don’t have the cartoon. The picture shows us a panda bear wandering about with its head turned to its rear so the markings look the same on its rear as on its head. Here is the text of the cartoon.

    The Meandering Panda

    From “Non Sequitur” Mar. 6, 2007

    Identifying Characteristics: The Markings on the unscrupulous beast make it difficult to tell which end you’re dealing with and whether it’s coming or going. This coupled with a lack of principles, allows it to take any position that will gain favor of any other group of political animals. It will then devour everything the group has to offer, and move on to adopt the agenda of another group.
    Habitat: Everywhere.
    Natural Enemy: Scrutiny.


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