” Canadians should not fear their Sovereignty is at risk.” ~ David Jacobsen, American ambassador to Canada

” OTTAWA — The American ambassador to Canada says both countries should “seize the moment” and move ahead with a historic border-security deal, adding that Canadians have no reason to fear that their sovereignty is at risk.


The message was delivered Thursday by David Jacobson, who appeared at an event alongside his Canadian counterpart, Gary Doer. Both men said it is crucial that plans for a “perimeter security” agreement become a reality.


The broad outlines of the border agreement were contained in a declaration released in February by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama.


Since then, officials from the two countries have been working behind the scenes on the details. The purpose of the negotiations is to establish an “action plan'” on border security aimed at tightening protection against terrorists and easing the flow of cross-border traffic.


That action plan likely will be released by the end of the summer, says Harper. But critics say the talks are being conducted in secret and are worried that Harper, eager to get concessions from Obama on cross-border trade, will make too many of his own concessions to the Americans on security-related issues such as immigration, policing and the privacy of Canadians. ”

Read more: http://www.canada.com/news/Canada+perimeter+security+agreement+crucial+Diplomats/4883019/story.html#ixzz1O9pxGhHN

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5 thoughts on “” Canadians should not fear their Sovereignty is at risk.” ~ David Jacobsen, American ambassador to Canada

  1. Of course we should no be concerned our sovereignty is at risk, Mulroney already gave it away. Harper is just cleaning out the vestiges that may have been left.


    1. This is one of the most serious issues out there right now, and that video link is a must see – I can’t stress that enough. This has largely been happening without the vast majority of Canadians being aware of it. Christy Clark is right into it and clearly look at where this is all headed.

      Christy Clark = corporate sellout = more of the same Campbell tactics the Liberals have been trying to distance themselves from. Good God. Is there not one in the bunch with enough integrity to speak up or are they all locked into the false image of solidarity which they are trying so hard to maintain? The party is bleeding members like no tomorrow.


  2. Yup, definitely a priority. After all, how many terrorists have crossed into the US from Canada or vice versa? Anyone?


  3. I said a long time ago, what was going to happen to this country. But, i was considered a crack pot. This has been Harper’s evil agenda all along. The dots all connect, it was in our faces obvious. There were only a few, who saw the danger. However, when you try to tell people, they totally ignored it. I even said, no-one will see this until it’s too late. And, now it’s too late.

    Harper and Campbell have worked hand in hand, to clean BC out. Do BC’s vast resources, take the terrible tax load off the people? No, they do not. Who’s wallets are stuffed, from our resources? Sure in the hell isn’t the BC citizens wallets.

    Harper wanted BC’s HST so badly, he practically drooled at the mouth. Layton even said, the HST was Harper’s baby. Do the BC citizens benefit from the HST? No we do not, that unfair tax only benefit the giant corporations, Harper and Campbell work for.

    Who benefits from the forced Enbridge pipeline and the dirty Chinese oil tankers coming into BC, we BC people? Not on your Nelly. All we get is an oil spill or a pipe burst. It has been said, the Americans will fill their tankers with the dirty crude as well.

    Harper and Campbell have also been working on, oil and gas wells, drilled off BC.s coast. Again, it is the giant corporations that benefit. What assets and resources Campbell has thieved, have done any good for the BC people? None have. Do people not find it strange. With BC’s wealth of natural resources, that we are taxed to death?

    Even Wikileaks has said, the N.A.U. is on the way. Canada will be, the largest state in the U.S. The American people are dead set against the N.A.U. They also despise Harper. They say, Harper’s election win was rigged. That i can believe. They say, there is a petition out from presscore, to try Harper and Peter MacKay for, war crimes and crimes against humanity. That i did find. The U.S. citizens saw this coming long ago, Canadians didn’t or did not want to see. They consider Canadians as wusses. The U.S. people intend to fight the N.A.U. until the last ditch.

    The Americans fear being overrun with Mexicans, the same could happen to Canada. Neither country’s citizens, can live on $3.00 per hour, i do see their point. We will be known as, Mexcanericans, our currency will be, the Amero dollar. The European Union, may have to close their borders. They fear being overrun with Africans, fleeing from the wars there.

    Harper is also for global governance, or the New World Order. Read his speech about this atrocity. Everyone present were shocked. Harper even said, Global Governance has been worked on, since 1945. Still Canadians didn’t wake up.

    The N.A.U. will be implemented in increments. We will see, many strange actions that will make no sense to us. But, will connect with the N.A.U.


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